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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

White House Bathroom Accommodations for the Psychosexually Abnormal

They say fish rot from the head, so appalled witnesses to the nation’s decay should be unsurprised that male perverts are officially encouraged to use the ladies restroom at the White House. The Washington Compost is ecstatic:

The White House now offers a gender-neutral restroom, for use by men, women and anyone whose gender is less than certain. …

The White House restroom policy is that anyone can use the facility that fits his or her needs. It added the gender-neutral option, in the Old Executive Office Building, to accommodate anyone who might not feel comfortable — or who might worry that others feel uncomfortable — in a single-sex restroom.

How thoughtful regarding the delicate sensibilities of guys who visit the White House dressed in women’s clothes. If you are a normal person and don’t feel “comfortable” in a public restroom that is being used by members of the opposite sex, tough luck. Normal people don’t count in a country run by moonbats.

The author is equally delighted by a list of other examples of the Obama Regime promoting the radical homosexual agenda by obsequiously granting special privileges gussied up as “rights” to those who insist on making a public pageant out of their psychosexual disorders, including this gem:

The Justice Department went to court to argue that Georgia prison officials violated the constitutional rights of a transgender inmate to be free from cruel and unusual punishment when they refused to provide [him] with hormone treatments.

No one in the Injustice Department is likely to find a Fourth Amendment violation regarding the unreasonable seizure of the money confiscated to pay for this sick lunacy.

cross-dressing freak

All animals are equal, but transvestites are more equal.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

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