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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More Proof That Jade Helm Will Be Used Against American Citizens! Communications Were Cut In February As A Trial Run!

I have been doing some investigations into the Walmart closings that have taken place within boundaries of the Jade Helm military exercises.  I was in law enforcement years ago, and I am using my training to sort out the facts that are publicly known.  When doing an investigation, you need to put all the details on the same piece of paper and draw your lines connecting facts. As I was doing this, something jumped out at me that no one has brought up yet.

At first, I looked at the reasons why The government would even be running an operation like “Jade Helm”.  Everything the military is doing doesn't make sense.  Why would they be training to subdue our citizens while Russia is currently testing the defenses of NATO, Europe and the USA?  Why train in US communities when our current tour of duty is based in the Middle East?  Why waste man hours and funds (which we don't have right now) on such a huge undertaking?  Isn’t a joint exercise normally associated with a full scale war abroad where we will be using Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to invade a foreign land?  It doesn't add up.  Why put all our forces on the southern side of the USA?    Logic shows you don't keep all your supplies and man power in the same place unless there is a serious need to.  So we have several options:

1) They know something will happen in the north (nuclear, environmental, invasion, etc.) and they are moving all their men south in unused areas (Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, etc.) to keep them safe and to make a tighter more powerful force.

2) They are moving all our troops to one location so they can get rid of them all at once (we’ve seen too many high ranking officers fired from duty who are going against Obama).  A simulated nuke detonation could easily go live and we lose all our men.  It would make us defenseless and easy to conquer.

3) They are getting the ball rolling in instituting martial law in this country.  Now that they signed the Arms treaty with the U.N., they may be forcing us to move forward with it.

Now, let’s look at the 5 Walmart stores that have closed.  They are all located where the military training drill "Jade Helm" will be conducted.    Walmart claims these stores all have plumbing problems and declared that they will be closed for 6 months (this just happens to coincide with the training exercise).  No permits have been pulled and they stores windows have been blacked out to prevent people from seeing the “plumbing” work. 

Let’s be logical about this.  It does not take 6 months to fix plumbing issues.  You could build an entire store in close to that time.  How about the financial spectrum of these closures?  There is no way Walmart would lose that much money over a plumbing issue.  Could you imagine the revenue lost from 5 stores over a 6 month period?  Besides the long term monetary losses, how about the short term losses?  Think about all the perishables (dairy, meat, bread, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables) that they normally have on hand at any given time.  All of that food will go to waste.  As an example, think about the meat department.  Most of the meat has a sell by date of about 5 days from when you pick it up.  If they closed the stores, how long would it take to have their employees that they just laid off, take everything off the shelves, pack it in refrigerated trucks, re-locate it to another Walmart and then unpack the trucks?  There is not enough time before the meat would all spoil.  In fact, most Walmarts are normally stocked full of meat, so I could not image taking the entire meat department from one store and trying to fit it into the already filled meat department of a nearby store.  Since no one has reported seeing any trucks taking products out of the stores, we will safely assume that it is all still on the shelves.  Besides the huge amounts of money that would be lost due to spoilage, will they let everything rot and stink up the stores?  Forget plumbing issues, you would never get the smell out of the store!  How about all the non-perishable food on the shelves...  What is the sell by dates on those items?  Would you like to buy cereal that has been sitting on the shelves for 6 months? 

Imagine laying off close to 2500 employees overnight with no warning.  There would be backlash from a move such as this and it would be very public.  Walmart doesn’t seem to care.  Obviously, Walmart cares about their profits because two days before the closings (4/12/15) they sold off 6% of their holdings.  I wonder exactly how much 6% of their entire holdings comes to?  It’s probably a staggering amount of money.  It is not enough to cause alarm and just enough to ride out the storm.  They knew this was coming and they are getting everything in order.

Walmart would never make a decision like this over plumbing.  They would be throwing away millions of dollars.  If food and money are not the issue, then the buildings are the issue. 

So what exactly does Walmart executives know?  Were they asked to cooperate or were they forced by the government?  If Walmart is willing to lose millions upon millions of dollars, they must have a good reason to do so.  Here are some options:

1) The government needs the buildings for the housing of their military during the drills.  The problem with that is, the government is always prepared with tents and arrangements for housings for their soldiers during war time.

2) The government needs the food in those stores for a disaster that is about to hit us.  The problem with that scenario is, there are allowing the food to rot in the stores.  Also, they do not have to lock the stores down days before an event as Walmarts get their shipments day and night.

3) The government needs makeshift prisons.  Think about a Walmart building; they are huge, they have bathrooms, kitchens, water, no windows, and a few simple exits to guard.  It would be the perfect place to “house” citizens.

As I was writing this,  I suddenly remembered an article I saw on Dave Hodges website back in February.  Supposedly "vandals" cut the internet cables in Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma interrupting all the following services:

- 911/first responders service

- debit/credit card transactions

- ATM’s

- Banks

- Cell phone providers

- Live Streaming services for cable and radio

All of these locations are exactly where they will be holding the Jade Helm exercises.  Instantly, I realized this was a dry run to see how easy it would be to cut services to the people there.  Without communications, people will be lost.  For some reason, they need us in the dark and their test shows that this is exactly what they intend on doing. 

As I put my thoughts together on this, I am leaning more and more towards a martial law scenario that will be taking place in the south.  Let’s look at our key pieces of the puzzle:

1) All military units and hardware along the southern border

2) Large stores being taken control of with no regards to the contents

3) Preparation to cut communications in the area to keep people from knowing what is going on, or from telling people what is going on

4) Purchases would not be possible, nor would you be able to withdraw your money

5) Local law enforcement would be kept in the dark

6) With all our military units located in the south, it would be easy to start their push northwards in a straight line across our country

The more I think about this, the more nervous I am becoming.  They seem to be focused on a small group or people for now.  Why?  Who knows.  Since this is not happening all across the nation, I am ruling out natural disaster and foreign invasion.  This could be a financial crisis and this will help lock down a decent portion of the country, but if that were the case, they would be planning this in every major city in the US, not just the sparsely habituated southern most states.  All I can say is, we need to be alert and prepared to act quickly if we want if this is what I think it is. 

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