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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Actually Real? (Video)

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Actually Real? (Video)

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The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?



One of the more alluring and consistent beliefs in rock lore contends that “ Paul is dead”-that Paul McCartney was killed in a 1966 car accident and was covertly exchanged with a lookalike.


There are numerous websites and rambling YouTube videos trying to help support this claim-based not just on the well-known middle-school misconceptions about the cover of Abbey Road but on arcane proof surfaced from the depths of pop-culture obscurity.


Delve even deeper into the rabbit hole, and you’ll stumble upon an even wilder subject:



What if the Beatles never really existed at all?



This is the specific claim made by the authors of The Beatles Never Existed: That the most successful, powerful and well-documented band in the history of recorded music was really a rotating team of actors churning out records and live shows to feed the public’s infinite appetite.



There are several rivaling (and sometimes different) concepts and a bounty of “facts.” But first, a bit of framework.



Beatlemania, Laddish behavior and the Artista of Boy Bands


The Sixties were a outrageous time to be a teenager, and even crazier if you were one of (presumably) four certain Liverpudlians.



The Beatles made One Direction fandom look like the audience at a Norah Jones show. We’ve all seen the newsreel assemblage: Early performances included fainting, bewildered police, crushed barricades and so, so, so much screaming. Their historic appearance on Ed Sullivan drew an calculated 73 million viewers, almost 40 % of America’s population back then. Their Shea Stadium appearance actually created arena rock.



As Beatlemania attained stratospheric proportionality, so did the cash flow. Capitol Records fought to get “I Want To Hold Your Hand” 45s pressed rapidly enough – they distributed millions within days. During their two-week “invasion” of the States, businesses were promoting novelties, posters, newspapers, Beatles wigs and clothing by the metric shit ton. This looks passé in the hyper-accelerated truth of One Directioners, but this type of pandemonium had not occurred before.



In Washington, their operations employed wig-wearing decoy Beatles (!!) just so they could hit the stage without being devoured. One teenage girl been able to slip up behind Ringo and snip a lock of his hair. On a train back to New York City, they were transferred to a different platform to juke the horde of whaling girls.



Demand was so plentiful that they inspired the creation of an whole cottage industry. “Boy Bands” like the Monkees and the Osmonds were bands as much as they were collectors’ items salesmen.



The very idea of the Boy Band is artesano. A handpicked team of handsome, skilled young men work tightly with managers, producers and marketers to produce a weaponized force that siphons money from teenage girls. You have archetypes- the Baby, the Wild Card, the Weirdly Older One, etc. You have the band’s approaching (if not planned) disruption and at least one member’s move to a solo career. Menudo gave us Ricky Martin. N*SYNC presented us Justin Timberlake. One Direction will certainly give us Harry Styles, if not Zayn Malik (too soon?)



It’s a method that has barely altered in the last 50 years and it works like a magickal charm.



So…Why Multiples?



One explanation presented by a forum poster:



If there was ever a case for multiples; it’s The Beatles.

There are a number of very likely reasons for the use of multiples in regards to celebrities, world leaders, etc.

One is so that the prominent figure or group can keep up with the demands of their grueling schedules. How else could one person do all the touring, performing, interviews, photo shoots, recording, filming, public speaking, writing, etc. that they do without taking any time off for sickness or fatigue?



It’s legitimate that the Beatles managed a rapacious routine of touring and recording. Their discography demonstrates a unbelievable 27 studio albums launched in a period of 8 years. Naturally, these weren’t 27 individual album sessions-these songs were often reused into numerous bundles for various countries. But even today, that’s impressive output. I think even Gucci Mane would appreciate it.



So could it be that the Beatles -signifying the intermixture of managers, record executives, producers, engineers and the Multiple Beatles -necessary body doubles? It would sure help with hellish schedules-as well as safety. Even Saddam Hussein was believed to utilize body doubles:



Intelligence officials have long suspected that the Iraqi president makes ample use of body-doubles — an idea reinforced two weeks ago when a German television news program asked a forensic pathologist to examine hundreds of archived photographs and video stills of the Iraqi leader. [He] determined that there are at least three Saddam Hussein lookalikes in rotation, making public appearances, firing rifles, smoking cigars, waving and strutting. (The doubles rarely speak, it was suggested, because Mr. Hussein has an inimitable lisp.)






The (Honestly) Actual Proof.



The Beatles Never Existed is at this time hamstrung (probably due to layoffs at Geocities HQ), but the forum is loaded with content. Pretty much all the facts depends on fully unscientific facial analysis from old and poorly-reproduced images. But this is wild supposition! We’re having a good time, are we not?



There are practically 100s of these woodshed image analyses, so here are a selected few for each member. First up is Paul, who is most likely dead and certainly not making accredited bangers with Rihanna and Kanye.





And also how pictures of any pre-67 Paul can be put together with a post-66 Paul that doesn’t match, and come out strangely — again, as we’ve seen in videos and on blogs — such as these I’ve put together myself.

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?


The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?


The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?


The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

Italian WIRED

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?



In August 2009, the Italian version of WIRED ran a item about facial examination in the Multiple Paul Hypothesis.You can find scans here. Here’s some fascinating but unsubstantiated analysis:



One of the first noted differences was the frontal jaw curvature . . . The differences found in the mandibular curve between the two sets of photos showed a stark discrepancy of over six per cent, well beyond the margin of error. I n photos of the real Paul taken before late 1966, each side of Paul’s jaw was composed of two curves, whereas photos of the replacement Paul taken since 1967 demonstrated his face to be comprised of only a single curve. Carlesi pointed out that the width of the line that separated the original Paul’s lips was much different than that of the replacement Paul. The identifiable point at which the nose protruded from the face was also different. The dental features of the original Paul McCartney were also quite notably different compared to those of the replacement Paul.

The analysis also found wildly bizarre characteristics of the ears — this consistent with the well-known phenomenon of photographic tampering carried out on many of the photos dated before late 1966, which were found to have been altered to make the facial features of the replacement Paul appear more like those of the original Paul.Doctor Carlesi was most amazed with the differences in the shape of the hard palate, which is unalterable without significant plastic surgery. Any surgery that would alter the hard palate shape would have necessitated approximately a year or more of recovery time.



Heather Mills Knows Something…



In 2007, Heather Mills presented an interview in the course of her continuing separation from “Paul” McCartney to Access Hollywood. Here’s that video with lots of pointless effects:





Some selective keynotes:



“When I left Paul I said, ‘ I don’t want a penny. Just protect me because people think you’re perfect but you’re not, you’re human like everybody else. You know why I’ve left you. Protect me and I will say nothing.’”

“I have a box of evidence that is going to a certain person should anything happen to me”

“This evidence is against a certain party that behaved in a terrible way and I don’t ever want the evidence to have to go out but if I’m going to be portrayed as this horrific person for my daughter to grow up…”

“This evidence is there for her to make up her mind when she’s older.”

“Knowing what you know now about Paul, would you have married him in the first place?” Billy asked.

“Never,” Heather said firmly.






In a meet with with Larry King:



MILLS: [I] Married a legend and there’s a machine behind [him]. I can’t really go into it. But, you know, you have to read between the lines. You know, there’s a whole machine going on to create this negativity in Britain toward me.

KING: Caused by Paul?

MILLS: Well, I can’t go into it. It’s like, you know — I just don’t want to speak badly about Paul, you know?

I still love him and he’s the father of my child. And, you know, there’s things go on. Things are not what you see…



So possibly Heather Mills is speaking about an established PR system regarding a very wealthy man, or a astonishing cover-up. Perhaps Mills found out that the man she married is not who she believed he was. That this man has also many ‘’doubles’’ and that she lived with these doubles, intimately and unintentionally, for a certain period of time. Could you Imagine that!!!



So Where Does This Leave Us?



The rabbit hole goes deeper, people. I preferred to write this in a few hours and spent several days researching about mind control, genuine CLONES, something insane called Tavistock (positioned just across from Abbey Road studios!) and, unavoidably, the Illuminati.



It’s not unexpected that one of the most powerful, well-photographed, written-about and obsessed-over bands would breed a loosened universe of conspiracies and varied backgrounds.



But perhaps, scattered in all those hundreds of millions of records and dollars, folks in the Beatles’ camp discovered a way to increase profits and meet all recording, performance and press responsibilities without burning out 4 confused fellas. Perhaps they taken advantage of America’s pre-Internet purity. Social media and high-definition video would make this stunt improbable today. But McCartney solely is stated to be worth $660 million. You can almost certainly keep a lot of people quiet with that kind of bread. (Paul – I can get this report to cease to exist. Let’s talk.)



Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, we are informed, are the only Beatles members still breathing. But how can we be 100 % certain? I can’t make this stuff up.




The Rabbit Hole Goes Real Deep, Find Out HowDeep… HERE

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