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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Happens When the Dollar is Abandoned? — James Wesley Rawles

[Ed. Note: JWR joins the show at 8:25]

from The Liberty Brothers:

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Islamic State Releases This Photo of Canadian Shooter Michael Zehaf Bibeau

Michael Zehaf Bibeau is Canadianborn in 1982. He is 32 years old. Shortly after his name was released, this picture was circulated on Twitter: (hat tip Heavy)

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.43.49 PM

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The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Did Dorothy Kilgallen, a well-known celebrity reporter, die because she knew who killed John F. Kennedy?

This information was previously posted about four years ago...but I thought it needed to be rehashed. In early 2010, I received an email that referenced the JFK assassination and the conspiracy theories that have developed since. The email came from a person who I have corresponded with previously on paranormal related subjects. I 'sat' on the email, not knowing if I should post because of the gravity of the content. I decided to redact any reference to the writer and names of certain individuals as well as specific comments.

Hi Lon:

Your item of the JFK and 9/11 conspiracies brought back a burning memory: I am not now nor have I ever been a "conspiracy buff", but there are some things I became aware of re the JFK assassination that I would like to share before I pass on to my next life:

In 1963, I was working as an agency supervisor for (REDACT) Life Insurance Co. of Dallas. I was in Dallas for a conference and, while there, stopped at a local magic shop (I worked my way through college as a magician and a hypnotist). I met and became friends with a lovely lady named (REDACT) who owned the shop. For a "chance" meeting, we became very close. She took me to a club in Dallas called the Carousel Club which was owned by a man named Jack Ruby. (REDACT reference to conversation at the club). Suffice it to say that Jack Ruby and (Lady) were very good friends.

The next time I went back to Dallas, it was after Ruby had shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald. (Lady) told me that the morning Ruby shot Oswald, she had received three "urgent" calls from unidentified people in Chicago desperately trying to reach Ruby. She was told to make every effort to contact Ruby and tell him that "The contract is canceled." No further details were given to her. Of course, Oswald was shot and killed before the "contract" could be canceled. (Lady) also told me that Ruby had been deeply involved with the underworld in Chicago who had given him the money to buy the Carousel Club.

Now let's fast-forward a bit: My father was noted NY attorney, (REDACTED). If not the best-known lawyer in the country, (attorney) was certainly in the top two or three. Among his clients was an investigative newspaper columnist named Dorothy Kilgallen. She confided in (attorney) several times about stories she was about to break. The night before she died, she called (attorney) and told him she had "busted" the JFK assassination. She was going to New Orleans in the morning to confirm a couple of things, but she felt it was going to be the biggest story in American history. That night, without further explanation, she died of a massive heart attack (???). No autopsy.

Neither event is conclusive of and by itself...but they certainly are elements to support a conspiracy theory.



If you believe what the conspiracy books tell you, and know little else about the case, then the death of Dorothy Kilgallen, like many deaths of people tangentially connected to the case, seems "mysterious." Kilgallen, a gossip columnist for the New York Journal-American and a panelist on the popular game show "What's My Line" was found dead in her New York City apartment on November 8, 1965.

How was she connected to the Kennedy assassination, and why was her death "mysterious?" Conspiracy author Jim Marrs explains:

Whatever information Kilgallen learned and from whatever source, many researchers believe it brought about her strange death. She told attorney Mark Lane: "They've killed the President, [and] the government is not prepared to tell us the truth . . . " and that she planned to "break the case." To other friends she said: "This has to be a conspiracy! . . . I'm going to break the real story and have the biggest scoop of the century." And in her last column item regarding the assassination, published on September 3, 1965, Kilgallen wrote: "This story isn't going to die as long as there's a real reporter alove — and there are a lot of them."

But on November 8, 1965, there was one less reporter. That day Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her home. It was initially reported that she died of a heart attack, but quickly this was changed to an overdose of alcohol and pills.

How much of this is true, and how much of what's true is "mysterious?"

Let's start with the story as reported in Kilgallen's own paper, the Journal-American.

Dorothy Kilgallen, famed columnist of the Journal-American, died today at her home, 45 E. 68th St. She was 52.

Miss Kilgallen died in her sleep. She was found by a maid and a hairdresser who came to the home to keep a 12:15 p.m. appointment. Alongside her bed was a book which she apparently had been reading before falling asleep.

She had written her last column, which appears in today's editions, early in the morning and had sent it to The Journal-American offices by messenger at 2:30 am.

. . .

Miss Kilgallen's husband, actor and producer Richard Kollmar, and their youngest child, Kerry, were sleeping in other rooms when she died.

The article notes that Kilgallen's father said that Kilgallen "apparently suffered a heart attack." Marrs makes this out to be a sinister "story," but it clearly was the speculation of a grieving father who knew his daughter had been found dead with no evidence of foul play.

A week later, in the Nov. 15, 1965 number, the Journal-American quoted Assistant Medical Examiner James Luke on what happened:

The death of Dorothy Kilgallen, Journal-American columnist and famed TV personality, was contributed to by a combination of moderate quantities of alcohol and barbiturates, a medical examiner's report stated today.

. . .

As many personalities whose multiple duties and responsibilities demand unceasing attention, Miss Kilgallen experienced recurring tensions in meeting her deadlines for performances — both as a newspaperwoman and TV performer.

In his report today, Dr. James Luke, Assistant Medical Examiner, said that although Miss Kilgallen had only "moderate amounts of each," the effect of the combination had caused depression of the central nervous system "which in turn caused her heart to stop."

The details of Kilgallen's death are recorded in documents produced by the office of the Medical Examiner. These are National Archives Record Number 180-10071-10433 — Agency File number 007250 from the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

This set of documents includes the "Report of Death" form from the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, the "Autopsy Report" (with the autopsy being performed by Junior Medical Examiner James Luke with doctors Sturner and Baden present), a handwritten addendum to the "Autopsy Report" that gave the microscopic and chemical findings, and "Notice of Death" of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of the City of New York.

Key points include:

1. Her husband was with her in her New York east side apartment, although not in the same bedroom.

2. Her husband said she returned from "What's My Line" feeling chipper. She went to her bedroom. The next day he found her dead.

3. The examination of the body at the scene found "no trauma" and "no signs violence" [sic].

4. The autopsy found no injuries whatsoever that could account for her death, nor any evidence of a struggle nor (say) pills being forced down her throat.

5. The cause of death in the autopsy says "PENDING FURTHER STUDY." A handwritten note below that says "Acute ethanol and barbiturate intoxication. Circumstances undetermined." This handwritten note was apparently based on the chemical findings, which were appended to the report. She had a blood alcohol level of 0.15, and barbiturate level that says "UV - 2.4 [illegible]" in the liver.

Conclusion? It's really impossible to believe some Oliver Stone scenario of hoods coming into her apartment and forcing a bunch of pills down her throat. Neither the alcohol nor the barbiturate level was absurdly high, as it would be with an intentional overdose. I suppose it's possible she committed suicide by mixing both alcohol and barbiturates intentionally, but this really looks like an accident.

And she seemed to be in good spirits the night she died. Quoting the Journal-American:

A member for years of the panel on the nationwide CBS TV show "What's My Line," Miss Kilgallen appeared with the panel last night.

She was at her usual best, asking probing questions and guessing the occupation of two of the five persons who appeared on the show.

"She was in excellent spirits and, as usual, right on the ball," said John Daly, moderator of the show.

Of course, the Journal-American would have a vested interest in presenting their columnist in the best light. But it's also true that the "Report of Death" quoted her husband saying she was "chipper" after appearing on "What's My Line."

Interestingly, she was working on a book to be titled Murder One. It was to be a compilation and study of all the trials she had covered — including the Sam Sheppard trial, the Wayne Lonegan trial, the Dr. Bernard Finch trial, as well as the trial of Bruno Hauptman. There is no mention in the article that the book would include the Jack Ruby trial, although it's very logical to assume it would have done so, since she had covered it and it was even more celebrated than the others (Journal-American, Nov. 8, 1965).

In fact, in the November 15, 1965 article, it is claimed that she was particularly happy that she had completed the preface to her book and submitted it to Bennet Cerf, fellow panelist on "What's My Line" and "a book publisher."

Still, if she had "broken open" the JFK assassination case, it's very hard to see why she would have relegated her earth-shaking information to a chapter in a book that covered a half-dozen or so murder cases, rather than writing a book on the assassination, or using her column to reveal the nature of the plot. In fact, she had written numerous columns on the assassination. None of the columns, however, contained any earth shaking information. Rather, they just repeated conspiracy factoids that had been, or soon would be, all over the JFK assassination literature.

Her claim that she was going to "break the case" appears to be nothing beyond professional bravado. She never claimed to "have broken" the case, or said "I know who the conspirators were." Whatever her high hopes, there is no evidence that she had any information dangerous to any conspiracy, nor that she would have been able to do what no reporter has done since.

Her death was thus yet another tragedy trivialized by conspiracist "researchers." -


Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen to Hit Book, Screen

Variety - from 10/2008 - Producer John Davis has optioned "Good Night, Dorothy Kilgallen," a proposal for an expose book by Paul Alexander that ties the syndicated columnist’s death to her investigation of the JFK assassination. Book sold to St. Martin's Press.

Davis will produce through his Davis Entertainment banner and will bring the project to Fox through his first-look deal.

Alexander, whose previous books include "Boulevard of Broken Dreams: The Life of James Dean," will script a fictionalized conspiracy film supervised by screenwriter Shane Salerno.

Salerno and Derek Dauchy will be exec producers.

In her syndicated column Kilgallencovered subjects ranging from Hollywood to Sam Sheppard’s murder trial. After the death of President John F. Kennedy, whom she considered a friend, Kilgallen became obsessed with proving a conspiracy and landed the only interview with Jack Ruby, the killer of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, for a book called "Murder One." Alexander’s tome asserts that Kilgallen died mysteriously after turning in her book, with the chapters about JFK disappearing.

"The striking thing about Paul’s book proposal was that Dorothy wasn’t reporting on the death of a president as much as she was investigating the murder of a friend," Salerno said. Salerno recently set up the spec "Reckless" with Davis and Fox and preemptively sold Fox his spec "The Doomsday Protocol."

NOTE: the following link is to a terrific article about Dorothy Kilgallen - WHO KILLED DOROTHY KILGALLEN? The email writer is a highly respected individual. I truly appreciate his confidence...Lon


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Gerald Celente: Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – "Ebolaczar Buy It Now!" – (10/17/14)

Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal:

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

“Our first ever Trends In The News with a live audience, the richest 1% control half of the world’s global wealth & President Obama appoints an “ebola czar” to battle the deadly virus.”

Original release: 10/17/14.

Filmed & edited by: Ryan Lennox.

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Marine Debris Evidence Of Massive Hawaiian Tsunami

Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online

The massive tsunami that struck Japan in 2011 was a wake-up call for Honolulu officials, who began working on updating the island's evacuation plans and procedures immediately after the wall of water struck. Hawaii’s renewed attention on tsunamis also led to the unlocking of a scientific mystery surrounding a massive sediment deposit on the island of Kauai.

According to a new study from Hawaiian researchers – the sinkhole, which is nearly 330 feet from shore and guarded by 23-foot-high walls, was filled by marine debris from another massive tsunami, which struck roughly 500 years ago.

Published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, the new study concluded that the older tsunami was probably caused by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake near the Aleutian Islands and measured around 30 feet high.

Hawaiian folk lore is full of tales about gigantic waves swamping the islands, but scientific evidence of these events was only first discovered in the 1990s, in the form of the Makauwahi sinkhole, a collapsed cave on the island of Kauai.

Over six feet below the ground, paleoecologist David Burney – who made the discovery – came across a stratum of sediment denoted by coral bits, mollusk shells and coarse beachfront sand that could only have originated from the sea. He suspected that a massive wave could have brought the debris there, but the distance from shore and natural levees of the surrounding area meant this wave would have to be an extremely rare and epic event.

After the 2011 earthquake caused the water to rise roughly 128 feet above normal sea level in Japan, scientists began reevaluate the sizes of waves that could hit the Hawaiian islands. Current evacuation maps are based mostly on a 1946 tsunami, which was brought on by an 8.6-magnitude quake which caused water to rise only about 8 feet.

“(The 2011 earthquake) was bigger than almost any seismologist thought possible,” said Rhett Butler, a geophysicist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and author of the new study. “Seeing (on live TV) the devastation it caused, I began to wonder, did we get it right in Hawaii? Are our evacuation zones the correct size?”

In the new study, researchers used a simulation to calculate how a tsunami would flood the Kauai shoreline. The team modeled earthquakes with magnitudes between 9.0 and 9.6 coming from several places along the Aleutian-Alaska subduction zone - a 2,100-mile ocean trench extending down the southern coast of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands where the Pacific tectonic plate is plummeting beneath the North American plate.

The scientists discovered that the distinctive geometry of the eastern Aleutians would steer the largest post-earthquake tsunami energy straight at the Hawaiian Islands. Models also revealed that an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 9.0 in the right location could generate water levels that would reach up to 30 feet high, easily passing over the Makauwahi sinkhole levee.

Using radiocarbon dating, the researchers also found that the Makauwahi deposit matched several other similar deposits found along the western coasts of Canada and the United States. The analysis indicated that an epic tsunami or multiple large tsunamis probably occurred between 350 and 575 years ago.

“(The study authors) stitched together geological evidence, anthropological information as well as geophysical modeling to put together this story that is tantalizing for a geologist but it’s frightening for people in Hawaii,” said Robert Witter, a geologist at the US Geological Survey was not involved in the study.

Image 2 (below): The researchers simulated earthquakes with magnitudes between 9.0 and 9.6 originating at different locations along the Aleutian-Alaska subduction zone, and found that the unique geometry of the eastern Aleutians would direct the largest post-earthquake tsunami energy directly toward the Hawaiian Islands. The red circles are centered on Kaua‘i and encircle the Big Island. Credit: Rhett Butler

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This Tiny Machine Can Make A Legal, Untraceable And (Relatively) Inexpensive AR-15 In Your Home

Image Source:

Image Source:

A new 3D printing device could make many gun control laws unenforceable by allowing anyone to manufacture his or her own AR-15 semiautomatic rifle at home – at a relatively affordable price.

The Ghost Gunner Computer Controlled (CNC) milling machine sells for $1,300 and can make rifle components from aluminum.

The manufacturer, a non-profit libertarian organization called Defense Distributed, has already sold more than 200 of the milling machines, Wired reported. Defense Distributed leader Cody Wilson claims a person can use the machine to create an AR-15 body with no expertise and no serial numbers – in other words, a gun that is untraceable.

“People want this machine,” Wilson told Wired. “People want the battle rifle and the comfort of replicability, and the privacy component. They want it, and they’re buying it.”

How the Ghost Gunner Works

The Ghost Gunner is actually a general purpose CNC mill which can automatically carve metal in three dimensions. A person puts a block of metal into the machine, and then it carves it out following a pattern programmed into a computer.

How To Defend Yourself And Your Family Against The New Breed Of Lowlife Criminal Scum

Currently, the Gunner carves the lower receiver of an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle (the civilian version of the M-16) out of aluminum. Wilson specifically designed the device to get around gun control laws. The user would still have to order the others parts, but those are easily found online or in gun shops.

The Ghost Gunner is unlike Wilson’s last 3D printing effort in which he made the plans for a plastic gun called the Liberator printer available online. The plans were downloaded 100,000 times before they were taken down by the US State Department. The machine he made for that one cost around $8,000.

Cheaper and More Accessible

It is also far cheaper than Solid Concepts’ 3D printed Colt 45 pistol, the first 3D printed metal gun. That weapon was made with a Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) machine the size of a small car. Solid Concepts’ spokeswoman Alyssa Parkinson noted that her company’s DMLS device cost more than her college tuition. DMLS works by using a laser to melt and fuse metal powder into a specific shape.

Story continues below video

In contrast, the Ghost Gunner is only one foot in diameter and one foot tall – about the size of a microwave oven. Unlike the DMLS, the Ghost Gunner can only work with solid materials.

Wilson had planned to sell 110 printers but he’s received orders for more than 200 and he’s expanding. Defense Distributed has hired another employee to ramp up production.

Designed to Beat Gun Control

Wilson is outspoken and unapologetic about the Ghost Gunner’s purpose: to get around gun control laws. In particular, it seems to be designed to get around restrictions on the magazine capacity of rifles and laws against so-called assault weapons.

“I’ve never felt more optimistic about the ability of Defense Distributed to become an installed part of the future, and to help create an expansion of the Second Amendment,” Wilson told Wired. “There’s hope that Defense Distributed can become a significant civil liberties organization. … That’s the ambition, the wildest dream of this entity, to have a marked material effect like that.”

California Already Tried to Register 3D Guns

Making your own AR-15 at home is currently legal in the United States. There is no law against owning a 3D printer, even one capable of manufacturing firearms.

Not surprisingly, gun-control advocates are out to change that. On October 1, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a proposed state law called Senate Bill (SB) 808 which was designed to restrict “ghost guns.”

“SB808 would require individuals who build guns at home to first obtain a serial number and register the weapon with the Department of Justice,” Brown, a Democrat, wrote of the law in his veto letter. “I appreciate the author’s concerns about gun violence, but I can’t see how adding a serial number to a homemade gun would significantly advance public safety.”

Among other things, SB 808, sponsored by Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) would have required persons making 3D guns to register them with the US Justice Department.

Do you believe gun-making machines should be legal or illegal? Leave your reply in the section below:

Get $600 Worth Of Survival Blueprints … Absolutely Free!

Ammunition report

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