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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jade Helm 15 The Northrup Grumman Walmart Underground Tunnels & CDC Link!

Minister Paul’s message about Jade Helm: “I have been talking with my dad for 2 days about this Jade Helm. He shared with me some vital info and I have researched it. There will be more to come on this I am just now getting started. My dad was in Army Intelligence for 10 years part of that being with the NSA at Fort Meade. Please help me to share this info, dig for more and get this word out that this is not a Drill they are going to start WWIII and Martial Law that’s the goal!”



Minister Paul


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Blood Moons: Startling New Information! Just When We Thought We Knew It All, It Gets Even More Intense! Wait Until You See What They Just Discovered! (Video)

Most of us have seen so many videos and news reports about the Blood Moons, the Tetrads, and more that it all begins to sound the same. However, startling new information regarding the Blood Moons has just been released, and it is even more intense than ever before! Quite startling is the fact that it is all backed up by the Bible as well as the words of many prophets---some who are dead, and some who are still alive!  

Get ready, because things are about to take a massive turn for the worst.  Don't believe it? Just look around at all the signs that are quickly coming to pass before our eyes! Compare them against the very Word of God.


Blood Moons-Startling New Information! Just When We Heard It All, It Gets Even More Intense!

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Pyramids and Alien Structures on the Moon: A Cover Up Like No Other!

Pyramids and Alien Structures on the Moon: A Cover Up Like No Other!

Pyramids and Alien Structures on the Moon: A Cover Up Like No Other!


When man first set foot on the Moon, a new age dawned. We were no longer confined on our planet and at the same time, our world never felt smaller. But there are many who insist this iconic event never even happened.

So, has man really set foot on our nearest cosmic neighbor or have we been duped by a hoax of lunar proportions? According to this theory, both these claims are correct.

The Moon landing conspiracy is one of the richest and most controversial topic, with numerous zealots on both sides of the fence. The accepted view is that the landings are real and there are hundreds of hours of footage to prove it. On the other side, many conspiracy theorists are pretty adamant about the fact that the landings were staged. There is evidence to support both views. What if both are true?

Could the surface of the Moon be home to more than just craters and rocks?


Finding lunar structures that clearly aren’t man-made would be a solid reason not to disclose their existence to the public. If information about alien constructions on our planetary doorstep ever became an established fact, it would forever change the status quo. Now, we can’t have that, can we?

Proponents of the staged Moon landings assure us that the general public has seen very little genuine color footage from the lunar surface. Most of the videos that are available have been filmed in a studio and the ones that are genuine almost never portray any of the unusual structures on Earth’s satellite.

Many photos are edited, airbrushed or blurred in order to hide sensitive information. Likewise, the famous case of the Apollo 11 missing tapes does little to quell the storm of criticism. An investigation conducted nearly 20 years ago discovered that NASA had erased and reused the tapes containing the raw unprocessed Apollo 11 video signal. Conspiracy theorists believe NASA would never show such signs of negligence and that they deliberately ‘misplaced’ them.

The lunar missions audio feed, though heavily edited, is original. An interesting piece of dialogue occurs towards the end of the first extravehicular activity of the Apollo 17 mission, the last official mission to the moon. On his return trip to the Lunar Module, astronaut Eugen Cernan saw something that most of us never will. His reaction was:

“Hey, what are those things going over? What is that, Jack? Hey! Something just hit here!”


The image above shows one of the most famous photos, taken in the Taurus-Littrow Valley, during Apollo 17. It’s called the Geophone rock and it looks overexposed.

For 30 years, NASA classified the image as a blank frame from the Apollo 17 film magazine 136-Hotel. NASA made no mention of this image and did not include it in the online Apollo Image Atlas. After applying noise reduction and increasing contrast, here’s what the image looks like:


What could this pyramid-shaped anomaly be? Is it just an image artifact or something more?

This image is just one of the many strange objects allegedly photographed on the Moon:

Blurred Towers



Blurred Building Mysterious structures on the dark side of the Moon:









Another debate subject is the Apollo 17 mission insignia. It was designed by conceptual artist Robert McCall and shows the Greek god Apollo backdropped by a depiction of an American eagle.


What most people don’t know is that this design wasn’t the first one submitted for NASA approval. In fact, the first two were designed by Apollo 17 Lunar Module pilot Harrison H. Schmitt. Due to their suggestive graphics, NASA rejected them.


Many believe the Apollo 17 crew members knew about the existence of megalithic structures on the Moon. It’s an established fact that quite a number of astronauts firmly believe in the existence of intelligent alien life. Do these astronauts know something we don’t? What made them believe in aliens?

Of course, this conspiracy theory relies heavily on speculation but it ultimately brings up some important issues. There are gaps and inconsistencies within the information provided by the Space Agency. And while filling these gaps with outlandish theories is risky, one thing is for sure: there are things on the Moon that NASA doesn’t want us to see.

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NEW finding on 9/11/01 discovered 04/20/15 - STRANGE.


Believe it or not - NEW information on 9/11/01 discovered on 04/21/15 by Houston Skywatch.  I never thought there would be any stone left unturned on 9/11 research, and while doing my typical astronomical research which is mostly unrelated, I stumbled upon this.  I have seen it all on the web but have never seen this information anywhere else before.  It is a small bit of information but its point is VERY telling to the supression of the truth we are told.


Specific part in the clip about 9/11/01, coincidentally (and I'm not kidding) is at 9 minutes and 11 seconds into the clip:

I should mention as this has now been pointed out to me - I edited this video in the order of my findings in a specific format that I follow for all of my videos, with no time guidelines in place - and I assure you I did not at all control the fact that part 3, where the 9/11 discrepancy was, is 9:11 into the video.  This is a stunning coincidence in itself and I have no idea how this happened.  If you can't tell I presented quite a bit of information before even getting into the 9/11 info.  I have total control over it but do not keep track of my seconds and only go off of general minutes of time to keep the clips of reasonable size.  I do not place anything at certain time frames.  I only edit for reasonable length clips.

This is not the sort of typical work we do, rather, we stumbled upon this by happenstance.  It was only discovered in the past day or two and is very bizarre info.  There is no logical explanation why is blank on all news sites leading up to 9/11.  The only reason I searched news sites was to illustrate how the site works, and I was shocked to see that all of the records are missing.  I also figured, there is a rumor that Donald Rumsfeld, at the time, said the day before that trillions of dollars went missing - so I was naturally curious to see if I could find a news report on it.  It is apparently extremely difficult to get anything removed from and you can only do so with a legitimate court order.  They treat their information like the Library of Congress and an official record of history.  

I'm not sure what you would call the fact that it just so happens to be at 9:11 into the clip, info about 9/11, perhaps, premonition?  Sheer chance?  I do not believe in coincidence and so I am honestly not sure.  Please do not let that take away from the evidence.  This is not the sort of work we usually do.   

Again, the fact that the relevant 9/11 portion is 9:11 into the video - being that I created this video from scratch - is beyond what I can put into words.  Houston Skywatch does not typically do this type of work, and so, it's very bizarre to me to say the least. 


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X22Report The U.S. Economy Is Collapsing And The IMF Is Moving To Plan B - Episode 647

The U.S. Economy Is Collapsing And The IMF Is Moving To Plan B - Episode 647 - YouTube


Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit
More news visit
Report date: 4.21.2015

getting prepared for the Greece Exit. White House showing signs of
nervousness about the Greek exit. Meanwhile Greece is ready to sign a
deal with Russia. Major layoffs in the US continue. IBM revenue way
down, huge layoffs could be on the horizon. IMF sees countries pivoting
to the BRIC and AIIB banks, the US left it no choice but to use Plan B.
Americans support owning a gun rather than removing weapons from the
people. Saudi Arabia ends Decisive Storm getting ready for ground
invasion in Yemen. Assad lets the world know the coalition forces are
not fighting IS but supporting them.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.

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WHAT! California Woman Has Phone Snatched, Then It Is Smashed By Cop Carrying An Assault Rifle (Video) Out Of Control Cops!


WHAT! Woman Has Phone Snatched, Then It Is Smashed By Cop Carrying An Assault Rifle


21 Apr 15


WTH! Californians you need to watch yourselves and neighbors, ban together. Keep those caught-on-video testimonials coming.

Just because nothing is being done YET, we are NOT to turn our heads and sigh, Gee these cops are out of control" and go back to our lives.

U.S. Marshals in South Gate Attack Cop Watcher. Destroying Her Phone


SOUTH GATE ( — Federal officials said Tuesday they are investigating the actions of a U.S. Marshals Service employee who was caught on video grabbing a woman’s cellphone in South Gate, throwing it to the ground and kicking it away.

The video, which was filmed by another woman across the street from the police activity, was posted on YouTube and shows a woman using her cellphone to record a law enforcement operation. In the video, a Marshals Service employee approaches her, grabs the phone and slams it on the ground.

“On (Sunday), a YouTube video entitled ‘South Gate Police Attack Cop Watcher: Destroys Cellphone’ surfaced online that appears to show a law enforcement officer removing an object from a woman’s hand,” South Gate police Capt. Darren Arakawa said.

“The South Gate Police Department confirmed none of the individuals shown in the video involve South Gate police personnel,” Arakawa said. “The caption on the video suggesting that the officer is a member of the South Gate Police Department is erroneous.

“South Gate police determined that the officer involved is employed by the United States Marshals (Service), and their staff is aware of the incident,” Arakawa said.

The woman in the video, Beatriz Paez, was apparently out for a walk when she came upon what appeared to be a massive federal operation in her neighborhood involving local bikers.

The video shows Paez standing away from the law enforcement officers, wearing tactical vests emblazoned with the word “POLICE,” holding her phone up as she records the scene and occasionally speaking to the officers.

At one point, a bald man in a tactical vest, safety glasses and a large gun slung over one shoulder runs up to the woman and grabs for her phone, wrestles it away from her, throws it on the ground and kicks it at her.

Paez is then seen backing away, then coming back for what’s left of her phone as the officers walk away.

The ACLU of Southern California released a statement Tuesday, saying they were “deeply disturbed” by the video.

“There is no situation in which an officer can intentionally grab and destroy a camera being used to lawfully record law enforcement. The officer’s conduct is a blatant and deliberate violation of the Constitution and his duties as an officer to abide by the law. Members of the public, on a public street, unquestionably have a First Amendment right to record law enforcement officers, acting in the course of their duties. Indeed, as recent events have shown, video recording of law enforcement activity plays a crucial role in holding police accountable for misconduct — particularly in California, where public access to information about officer misconduct is limited by state law,” the statement said.

The U.S. Marshals Service employee remains on the job.




Believers do not fear what’s coming and the non-believer should! Your personal “believer invitation” is below the videos.


Will you hear “well done, good and faithful follower” from Jesus? Share this while we still have the freedoms to do so:

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LOCK AND LOAD - Another update on Jade Helm operation AGAINST AMERICA

LOCK AND LOAD – Thousands of Body Bags Delivered Jade Helm Disarming America and Picking up Local Militants In the Homeland!Monday, April 20, 2015 8:17

These clips below have lots of information, this type of take over can only be funded by bankers. They fund both sides of war.  As the federal reserve cabal may be running out of gold because they never have had gold, the economy may go bad if they stop their fiat money. 

Bank failures have been planned for a very long time. They made laws now that if you take your money out in large sums, you are an enemy of the state….Learn as much as you can as fast as you can. Be on alert.

Who are the 'useless eaters'?  The 'elite' that create military buildups like this, put gmos in our food and chemtrails in our air?  Or us 94 million people that live in the USA that now must fight the biggest war in history of the planet?


REMEMBER, putting out electricity in designated sectors of land mass are part of this drill, so at any time be prepared for that.

At one time I really wanted to be a comedy script writer in Burbank and now its come to this. Who knew. God has bigger plans then sometimes we know.  Follow your bliss.  Be strong AMERICA!!!!!!

This first clip below was created a while back, so ignore dates but KNOW FEMA camps have ovens in them just like NAZI GERMANY, so the data and film edits in the clip are quite powerful and priceless and sad beyond measure.

That’s why the gov’t wanted FEMA camps (tax dollars to kill us) so secret while they made huge profits in building them.  How these cruel people live with themselves is beyond me, for anyone that participates in killing is such horrible karma – Jade Helm is TREASON and a horrible evil plan from satans hell on earth.  

Prison-labor-is-industrys-best-kept-secret-in-outsourcing-and-what-has-killed-your-job.  These 'elites' OWN the major networks and will NEVER tell you the truth.  Throw out your television.

 Reassuring? Sheriff's deputies say they will ensure residents living near where aircraft were slated to create disturbances and drop soldiers, civilian and military vehicles will barrel through and where blank rounds would be fired [FILE PHOTO]

Urgent Information Regarding Jade Helm 15 - Body Bags, Trains and The Potential Killing Of Americans

Jade Helm is happening and all the information is dire. According to sources recently a small town in Tennessee received a “gift” from DHS. This gift which was given to a town of 10,000 included 14,000 body bags, an MRAP, endless ammunition, guns, etc…

This info is very alarming because who and where else has received such “gifts.” The potential killing of 14,000 people is why we do what we do. This information has to get out before its too late.

Body Bags being delivered confirmed by Marine The Marine agrees Jade Helm is very real…
Not only are the body bags alarming, but so is the railroad cars that are also mentioned.

The war is drawing nearer and nearer, and this Jade Helm 15 'drill' is looking to go live. Only time tells.

This is Urgent Information Regarding Jade Helm
15 Body Bags, Trains and The Potential Killing Of Americans.

I am from Rhea County TN, a very small town north east of Chattanooga. My father joined HS post 09/11 and is currently a officer. He told me 2 weeks ago that they had been approached by DHS and the city will be receiving a Mrap and endless ammunition, guns, etc … Mid April. This is a town of like 10,000 – very small. My father is concerned with the free gifts.

Cover act ... Is an upcoming large-scale military special forces training exercise really

NESARA- Restore America - Galactic News

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