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Monday, April 20, 2015

And So The Destruction Of America Begins


Dr. William Mount
Sat Apr 18, 2015 17:10

While most of America is nestled down in front of the Television bringing these Perverted Movie Stars into their homes the SS (Homeland Security) is busy destroying the Land of the free.

(Please pray the living GOD protect you and your family)

Seventy Years ago the forced of America stomped on the Third Reich - and the remember this so on the 70th anniversary of their defeat they have launched a the destruction of the United States.

Today we see:

1) Huge fish die off on the California Coast caused by the SS (DHS) allowing the dumping of millions of barrels of Toxic Waste just off the coast and turning on the cables under the coast line in to fry their brains. These chemicals are created in the manufacturing of Nylon and other plastic found in YOUR house.

2) The sky is filled with all sorts of parasites, heavy metals (Including Uranium), viruses, bacteias, and fungi meant to make your day very special.

3) You eat GMO foods designed to kill you. Primarily: Wheat, Soy Bean Oil, Canola Oil, Beet Sugar and corn.

Take Canola Oil - it comes form the Rape Seed Plant and this is toxic to cattle - and you eat it - really?

4) WE have published the video: THE CURE FOR CANCER and yet you go to the doctor for cancer treatment because the average doctor lives to the age of 56?

5) Fracking pollutes the ground water and kills Americans.

6) A few days ago there was material form a dirty bomb stolen from Mexico and the NAZI SS (DHS) is has allowed this to be transported into the US - it his headed to the North East for a US Dirty Bomb Drill to start Marshal Law.

7) The FBI is currently counterfeiting $20 bills to destroy the currency within the United States by order of the White House Fascist Pigs.

8) The droughts in the South West being created by Evergreen Aviation are being done to not only kill Americans but to allow the Rothchilds to simply create more money on their computers and buy the parched land so that when the killing ends they will own large tracts of prime farmland and no one is Man enough to stop them.

9) Finally - for this segment - the US "SS" (DHS) in conjunction with the Langley Fudge Boys and Girls (CIA) have just released a virus meant to cripple you r dog and kill American Poultry.

If you watch THE CURE FOR CANCER you will have the cure for this new US SS Created Virus.

Remember - you, the Armed American Public - are the worst enemy the SS (Department of Homeland Security) has.

Do not expect any help form outside the United States. Apparently the leaders of China, Russia and the rest of the world are scared little pups afraid to tackle these Fascist Pigs swarming all over America today.

Even the Famed Red Dragon Family appears to be cowards when faced with the SS. Oh - they have HIT MEN, but their leaders are down right cowardly. Why else would they not pay what they owe?

The Red Dragons appear to hide behind their skirts just like the Russia General Staff.

Prove me wrong Red Dragons and Russian Staff - Prove your selves as Men! GOD challenges you, I challenge you.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) FBI - You stopped the Obama Assassination 14 April despite the rumble in the White House that night.

2) Hope like heck you get 17 May correct and maybe -well - we shall see about June of July but know this: Fascist Pigs in London never rest.

3) As a side note - the reason the US Military is seizing Walmarts is because they use the same computer logistics programs the US Army does. You can actually order a Nuclear Weapon or a Helicopter through the Walmart Ordering System.

You can expect more Walmarts to be seized in the near future as the Obama Handlers move to destroy more and more of America.

Home Depots may also be seized as well very soon. If you work there you will be fired with NO unemployment - you are so screwed.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

NESARA- Restore America - Galactic News

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