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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Horrifying Prophetic Dream About America? We Must Choose Between A Mass Awakening And The Destruction Of America

The time is now for a mass awakening. Paul McGuire tells how Islamic terrorists have been coming across the southern border into America's heartland. Their intentions are to kill as many Americans as they can, possibly setting nukes off in our cities. He reveals a very disturbing, horrifying dream someone has sent to him. It seems a lot of people are having prophetic dreams about the destruction of America, and this one was no picnic.  US citizens were being thrown into internment camps. Just remember, when your local TV news tells you Jade Helm 15 is necessary, and that there is nothing to worry your pretty little heads about, remember this, because they'll lead the sheep right into the slaughterhouse, as they smile, insisting there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Bull, and if there were ever a time to do the unthinkable, it would be through Jade Helm 15, just tell the sheep, nothing to see here, just move on, as everything needed for the holocaust is put into position.

According to News With Views: Recently, ISIS released a video threatening to strike America in a manner far worse than 9/11. Despite statements that the existence of ISIS training camps located just eight miles from Texas, near Juarez, Mexico are “unfounded,” reports from social media analysts state that ISIS is coming through our Southern borders with the intention of striking the heartland of America. In addition, reports from before 2005 tell us that the Iranian-funded terrorist organization Hezbollah, along with Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other militant Islamic groups have been moving up from the “Dangerous Triangle” area of South America and have sent their operatives through America’s porous southern borders. What is the purpose of these terrorist groups? To do the “unthinkable,” which is to kill, hurt, and destroy as many Americans as possible through every available means, including nukes going off in American cities and other forms of mass slaughter.

However, before I continue to document what many Americans, the media, and our politicians believe is the “unthinkable,” I want to tell you about a dream that was presented to me recently. After you hear about this dream I will let you decide whether it was simply the product of suppressed anxieties from watching the television news, a tapping into what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious,” scientific predictive programming, or what theologians might call a prophetic dream.

First, this was not an ordinary dream and the person who shared it with me has never had dreams of this nature before. This person is rational and logical and not easily given over to flights of the imagination. On a personal level, I believe that this dream was prophetic…but, again I will allow you to decide.

In this dream, this person found himself in an America that was destroyed in some kind of brutal war. He saw men and women all over America being inducted into internment camps run by militant Islamic terrorists for the purpose of “re-education,” “brainwashing,” and mass killings.

The American men and women who were in these camps were psychologically and physically broken. One internment camp located somewhere in rural California looked something like a huge house-like compound. The militant Islamic terrorists held their heads high in arrogance and pride as the new slave masters of the American people they had captured. The American women were not allowed to look into their eyes, but had to look down and behave in total submission to their masters who would beat them, rape them, and kill them. In order to survive if their spirits were not already completely broken they had to act as if they were totally and mindlessly obedient, with absolutely no will of their own. The American men were also completely subjugated and broken. They had lost all will to survive or even resist; they were completely without hope. They were regularly being beaten, tortured, starved, and killed.

In this dream one of the individuals who was captured suddenly found himself escaping on a winding dirt road up in the mountains and as he continued on towards a town he saw everything around him looked as if it had been destroyed and burned in a horrible war. As he looked through the rubble of ashes, dirt, and bodies he saw the body of an American eagle with its skull smashed and its body and wings mixed in with the rubble. He realized that the eagle represented the death and destruction of America.

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