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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Military Purge Continues As Another General Is Ousted From Pentagon


The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency is being pushed out of the job after a series of clashes over his leadership at an agency that is under pressure to shift focus following more than a decade of war, current and former U.S. officials said.

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is expected to announce Wednesday that he is leaving his job as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency more than a year before he was scheduled to depart, according to officials who said that Flynn faced mounting pressure from Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. and others in recent months.

The Pentagon did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

The move comes at a time when the DIA is in the midst of a series of major changes, including an effort by senior Pentagon officials to expand the agency’s network of spies overseas and work more closely with the CIA. Flynn, who served as a top intelligence adviser to Gen. Stanley McChrystal in Iraq and Afghanistan, arrived in July 2012 with an ambitious agenda to accelerate the agency’s transformation. But critics said his management style also sowed chaos, setting aggressive plans for changes without adequate follow-through.

“His vision in DIA was seen as disruptive; he’s not a guy to take the agency forward in a coordinated and comprehensive manner,” said a former Pentagon official who worked closely with Flynn.

Flynn wanted to push DIA analysts and operators “up and out of their cubicles into the field to support war fighters or high-intensity operations,” the former official said. “I’m not sure DIA sees itself as that.”

Flynn clashed with other high-ranking officials, including Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael G. Vickers, a former CIA operative who has pushed to model the DIA’s training and overseas presence more closely on its civilian counterpart.

Flynn’s departure, which has been rumored for weeks, was set in motion earlier this year when Clapper informed him that the administration had concluded a leadership change was necessary. Flynn is expected to be replaced by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Mary A. Legere, who would be the first female DIA director if she is nominated and confirmed.

Flynn was a key player in U.S. military efforts to dismantle insurgent networks in Iraq and Afghanistan, an approach that relied heavily on combining U.S. Special Operations forces with intelligence operatives and analysts. With McChrystal, Flynn helped to compress a cycle of carrying out raids and then exploiting the intelligence from the operation to find another target.

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UFO video captured in Alberta, Canada

A man in Alberta was driving with a co-worker when they spotted some strange lights in the sky. They caught it on video and took some pictures before it made a strange sound, causing them to retreat to the car where they found the radio was not working and most of their pictures were gone.

This sightings was reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and was posted on the Huffington Post by MUFON’s Communications Director Roger Marsh. The witnesses were driving From Hinton east to Edson, about 150 miles east of Edmonton. It was about 1:45 am when the driver noticed some green and red blinking lights just above the tree line in the distance.

UFO photo captured by witness. (Credit: MUFON)

UFO photo captured by witness. (Credit: MUFON)

They didn’t take notice at first. They assumed it was just a low flying airplane. However, as they got closer they noticed the object was not moving and it appeared to be very large. When they got near the grove of trees the object hovered over they saw that the lights were many different colors, blue, purple, red, green, and pulsated quickly. They also noticed a dome on the bottom of the craft that emitted a “white/yellow” light that illuminated the trees beneath it.

They stopped the truck to take pictures with their phones. They estimated the object was only about 400 feet away at this point, and they said it appeared to be the size of six cars wide. Unfortunately, they had a hard time seeing the object in the screen of their phones. However, the witness took a minute of video and several pictures. The other witness also got some pictures.

Close-up of UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

Close-up of UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

The witness decided to try and use the flash on the phone’s camera to see if the object would respond. The first flash didn’t seem to cause any reaction. However, when they witness flashed again, the object emitted a “high pitch 2 tone sound lasting for maybe 7 seconds.”

This scared the two, so they got back in the car. They had been listening to a Hinton radio station. However, the radio was now just static. They assumed this had to do with the UFO. They felt it was about time they got out of there, so they got back on the road.

UFO close-up enhanced by the witness. (Credit: MUFON)

UFO close-up enhanced by the witness. (Credit: MUFON)

Later, they noticed that their phones also must have been affected. Although they had taken several pictures, only one remained. The video was also supposed to be a minute long, but it was only 8 seconds.

The witness says, “This by far was the weirdest and most interesting experience I have ever had.”

Photoshop image created by witness of the UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

Photoshop image created by witness of the UFO. (Credit: MUFON)

Here is the full unedited report by the witness:

We were coming back from late night work coming from Hinton AB on HWY 16 coming towards Edson, AB where it happened about 4 kilometers before town of Marlobo heading east.

While driving I noticed on the north side of the highway green and red lights low with in treeline, it was 1:45 am and it was very dark, the trees are bare no leaves as this is early spring here so I thought it was low flying airplane as they carry the Green and Red light, I thought I’ve seen an airplane flying low on the horizon through the trees.

As I was getting closer I noticed these lights were not moving and they appeared bigger, it was nothing of significance to us as we thought it was perhaps some sort of tower…

Finally we passed the small grove of trees and were able to have the direct visual on these lights, we’ve seen red, green, blue / purple light blinking sort of pulsating around quite fast, there was also a light at the bottom like a dome light rotating a beam of white/ yellow light illuminating ground and trees.

We stopped the truck and parked on the shoulder looking at this thing and wondering what are we seeing, we got out of the truck to snap some photos with our cell phones, the truck was put on park idling with radio playing – local Hinton music radio station, we were in front of that thing with in 400 ft distance as it was just above the trees across the highway right in front of us, it was very dark and the lights it was projecting were very bright sort of blinding us, we tried to catch this object on the camera but you could not see it in the lcd display.

I snapped 2 pictures without flash to see if I could capture something as I was looking through the pics my friend yelled that the object moved to the right abruptly, I set up my cell phone on vide record mode and recorded the event, I finally could see the object if I zoomed on it all the way although this object was 300-400 ft in front of us fairly large maybe 6 cars wide, I could hardly see it on my cell phone cam. I recorded about a minute of video, and we honestly got a bit freaked out , but I wanted to see it move, so we stayed a bit longer and I noticed that the object drifted slowly to the left, I then thought that maybe that thing is projecting the lights maybe I should use cell cam flash to signal a couple flashes as a form of communication , I got my phone again I snapped once and nothing happened, but when I sent the next flash that thing suddenly made a high pitch 2 tone sound lasting for maybe 7 seconds, we got afraid a bit so we jumped back in the truck and decided it was time to go…, what we noticed inside the cab was a static noise of the radio, where we pulled over to investigate the object, we were listening to Hinton music station , now there was nothing but static noise, upon that we realized we just seen UFO wich interacted with the truck’s radio, we took off rather fast leaving that thing behind , it did not attempt to follow us or either left, it just sat there over the trees.

We were quite disturbed, it was mine and my co-workers first time witnessing ufo event especially that close , we talked about that all the way to Edmonton, we stopped in Edson to have a look at the photos and to our surprise we hardly had any photos on the phones…, I shot 4 pictures in total made about a minute long video all I have on my phone is one picture and 8 seconds video, my friend shot over 6 photos, his phone did not record a single photo.

This by far was the weirdest and most interesting experience I have ever had.

Marsh says that MUFON Canada is investigating the case. The UFO video can be seen here.

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Pissed Off Monkey Punches TV Host Live On-Air

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10 Yellowstone Sensors Turned Off!!! Shutdown!!! Why???

Why have 10 Yellowstone sensors suddenly been taken off line as asked in this brand new video report from Tom Lupshu? Is Yellowstone under HAARP attack by Russia as suggested in this previously released story? We just published hours ago facts proving Yellowstone seismic charts were going crazy. With that information now public, why have the Yellowstone earthquake sensors suddenly been taken offline? You can check out more of these seismic charts from Yellowstone here.

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After A 30 Year Silence, Sheriff Tells all about Cattle Mutilations

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BREAKING!!!!! Justice John Roberts Signed Off On Obama's Removal For Treason


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**Fukushima Bombshell** — Radioactive Release 500 Times Larger Than Thought

from MissingSky101:

Japanese TV: Radioactive release was up to 500 times larger than thought for Fukushima reactor — Surprising surge in radiation levels before explosions — Our understanding of what happened at plant is ‘very limited’.

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Panicking US Government Targeting Alternative Media


For at least the past 50 years, the American people have been fed a steady diet of lies.

Coups, false flags, political assassinations, mind control, government corruption, Orwellian surveillance, psychopaths in power, bankster dictatorship, military-industrial complex dominance and the rise of the New World Order – all of these realities have been carefully hidden from the American people and the other citizens of the West.

But during the past decade, a significant fraction of the public has begun to wake up, thanks to the rise of the internet-based alternative media. Outlets like Press TV, Veterans Today, Russia Today, WhatReallyHappened, Rense, Infowars, WhoWhatWhy, GlobalResearch, and Counterpunch provide facts and perspectives that are taboo in the corporate mainstream.

Now the US government is trying to stymie the spread of truth – by abolishing net neutrality in order to literally "slow down" the alternative media.

Last Wednesday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that it would kill net neutrality by allowing big media to buy up internet "fast lanes" – leaving the alternative media, nonprofits, and ordinary users stuck on the internet equivalent of a dirt road. In a post-net-neutrality brave new world, the presstitutes of the lamestream media could hypnotize the public with vast amounts of high-speed data; while ordinary internet users and the alternative media could only respond through slower, clunkier channels.

The net neutrality debate raises a philosophical question: Should we allow big money to control mass consciousness?

In today's USA, the mainstream media is a tool of big money. So are the universities, foundations, and the other "manufacturers of consent," as Noam Chomsky calls them. These institutions lie incessantly. The world-view they peddle is a mythic delusion at best, a psychotic fantasy at worst.

The internet is different. There, thanks to net neutrality, ordinary citizens and incorruptible journalists can challenge the official version of events – and chip away at the mind-control "matrix" that imprisons the masses in a dungeon of false consciousness.

The shadow-masters who control Plato's cave are terrified by the viral spread of truth. The people chained to the floor of the cave watching the play of shadows on the wall, and mistaking it for reality, are gradually waking up. More and more of them are breaking their chains and stepping out of the cave into the sunlight.

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Watch: This Is What Happens When the Good Guy Has a Gun

As anti-gun lawmakers the country over work towards achieving a Utopic society without the Second Amendment, the fact is that those who would do harm to innocent people will not go away. Not only will they never give up their guns should they become illegal, but they’ll happily commit their crimes with knives, blunt weapons or even cars if that’s what it takes to get what they want.

The great equalizer since its invention in the 14th century has been the gun and as shown in the video report below, it still is.

A Houston, Texas woman was recently leaving a retail store with her children when she was jumped by two individuals who intended to snatch her purse. They dragged her with their vehicle and were just about to get away.

But before they had a chance to flee the Concealed/Carry version of a Good Samaritan stepped in to save the day.

This is what happens when the good guy has a gun and takes a stand against crime.

A man in another car nearby heard the screams, pulled out his pistol and rushed to the victim’s aid. He stopped the would-be robbers, holding them at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Police identified the suspects as Shamarion Daina Brooks, 34, and 48-year-old Jesse Leroy Grace. They were both taken into custody and charged with robbery by threat, police said. Police said Brooks also was charged with possession of a controlled substance while Grace was also charged with driving a stolen vehicle. (Chron)

Video provided by Black & Right via Steve Quayle:

The six bystanders shot at a FedEx facility in Georgia on Tuesday weren’t lucky enough to have an equalizer on hand.

In Kennesaw, where the shooting occurred, the town has a an ordinance stipulating the mandatory ownership of guns for every household in the city. This prompted New York Times writer Timothy Noah to suggest that the debate over gun ownership should be renewed.

There’s a sad twist to the shooting Tuesday morning at a FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Ga., where an employee injured six co-workers before turning the gun on himself. Kennesaw is one of several U.S. cities and towns that have an ordinance requiring every household to own a gun.

What’s most amusing about Noah’s attempt to highlight the fact that every household in Kennesaw has a gun, yet the FedEx shooter still managed to wound six people, is the picture included in the article.

Can you spot the problem?


Here is a zoom on the relevant portion, in case you missed it:


There is not one, but two signs warning potential FedEx customers that firearms were prohibited on the premises.

And where did the teenage shooter go when he decided to open fire on a bunch of people? The question is rhetorical, but follows the same sequence of events as the Virginia Tech and Aurora, Colorado shootings.

How would the events at these locations have played out had the signs looked more like one of these?





The solution is simple.


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Vids Show Why America Is Doomed And Russia Would Annihilate Us

In America, school children are being expelled from school for such trivial things as making 'guns' out of breakfast sandwiches, while in Russia, schools are teaching AK-47 assembly and safety classes as shared in the first video below. The 2nd video shares the recent story of a 7th grader in the US who was kicked out of school for twirling a pencil. These two videos clearly show why America is doomed as our politicians seek to indoctrinate a generation into their gun-grabbing agenda of mass surrender.

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The Secret World of Gold

A fascinating doco on how Gold has changed the history of the World and how it still is critical in the current financial system. Easily digestible, even for those who think gold is just a lump of metal.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some Shocking Events Taking Place Around The World

from King World News

On the heels of continued global turmoil, today an acclaimed money manager spoke with King World News about shocking events taking place around the world. He covered everything from Russian sanctions, to gold entering the monetary system and a Russo-German currency alliance. Below is what Stephen Leeb had to say.

Leeb: “Yesterday the news came out of Europe that the European Union joined the United States in widening sanctions against Russia over actions in Ukraine. I keep listening to the news, Eric, and I have no idea what it means to sanction individual people. What does that mean?….

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X22Report Central Bankers Are Running Out Of Time As The Economic Collapse Accelerates -- Episode 353

Central Bankers Are Running Out Of Time As The Economic Collapse Accelerates -- Episode 353 - YouTube

Published on Apr 29, 2014

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Report date: 4.29.2014


unemployment has skyrocketed to 26%. Consumer confidence implodes,

people are not optimistic about the future. Case-Shiller reports that

this is the longest home price decline since 2012. The supreme court

denied the appeal and the NDAA stands. People can be put into jail

without due process if deemed a domestic terrorist. The Government is

implementing an ID system on the internet to control, track and censor

everyone. The Senate agrees, the people of the US do not need to know

the reason and who was killed via drones strikes, it is to complicated

and the people will not understand it. The people in the middle east and

waging war against the puppet governments. The US cancels bio-weapons

censors funding. Be prepared for a false flag.

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Erectile dysfunction drugs increase the risk of cancer

Erectile Dysfunction Drug Warning(NaturalHealth365) Viagra, along with other erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, have been found to increase the risk of melanoma by 84%. This is according to a new study that found men who regularly use ‘performance enhancing’ drugs, like Viagra, are much more likely to develop melanoma.

Why risk your life? Especially when there are so many alternatives to Viagra . The most startling news of the study showed than men who only took Viagra once doubled their risk of this type skin cancer.

The deadly risks of male enhancement drugs

A large study in JAMA Internal Medicine – that followed nearly 26,000 men who had used Viagra at least once since the study began in 2000 – showed it increased their risk of melanoma.

One of the new study’s co-authors, Dr. Abrar Qureshi, who chairs the Dermatology Department at Brown Alpert Medical School, stated that Viagra may increase the risks of melanoma because it affects the same genetic pathway that allows the skin cancer to become more invasive.

It found that those men who used Viagra a number of times had about an 84 percent greater risk of developing melanoma than men who had not used the medication. Viagra was the only drug studied because at the time research began, it was the only approved erectile dysfunction medication.

Other erectile dysfunction drugs, such as Cialis and Levitra, work on the same biochemistry and may pose an even greater risk for melanoma because they last longer in the body.

How could any conscious, well-educated physician prescribe this lethal drug?

This study was initiated after prior studies showed that Viagra promoted melanin synthesis, which itself can promote melanoma development. In addition, published research has linked this drug and other like ones to promoting melanoma cell invasion.

That would make Viagra-related melanoma cancers even more dangerous. In fact, in the lab, Viagra can actually make melanoma more aggressive.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications increases the risk for erectile dysfunction. The most common ones are high blood pressure medication, diuretics, beta-blockers and calcium-channel blockers.

The list also includes heart and cholesterol medications , benign prostatic hyperplasia drugs, Propedia – which is used to treat male pattern baldness, antidepressants, antipsychotic medication, GERD medications – used to reduce stomach acid such as Zantac and Tagamet plus hormone drugs such as estrogens and corticosteroids.

Obviously, underlying emotional problems – which can lead to hormonal imbalances and a poor diet can be contributing factors as well.

Chronic health problems can cause ED

As just stated, depression and other mental health problems are a common cause of ED. In fact, many of the medications that treat depression will decrease libido even more and actually cause a greater sense of depression.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes damages the arteries that supply the penis with oxygen and nutrients.. Many of the medications that treat these chronic conditions also cause erectile dysfunction. It’s just a shame that uneducated, misinformed physicians don’t advise their patients about highly-effective, lifestyle decisions to replace toxic drug therapies.

A good nervous system is important for normal erections. The nervous system includes the nerves that travel throughout the body, especially to the penis. Naturally, chronic stress and a lack of essential nutrients can affect all branches of the nervous system.

How are you feeling? Hormones play an important role in erectile dysfunction. Balanced hormones levels are required for normal erections. Testosterone, estrogen and thyroid hormones play a key role in sexual function.

Obviously, obesity plays a role in ED as well. The extra fat cells in the abdomen of men convert testosterone to estrogen upsetting the normal balance of testosterone and estrogen. Moving away from processed (junk) food and increasing your consumption of superfoods like, cacoa, maca plus herbs like rhodiola and ashwagandha can dramatically improve your overall health and performance.

Diabetes, tobacco use, and alcohol can increase your risk of ED. A study done in 2007 found that persistent alcohol use induced ED. Seventy-two percent of men diagnosed with alcohol dependency syndrome were also diagnosed with sexual dysfunction – which included erectile dysfunction.

Natural remedies that won’t threaten your life

Lifestyle factors are nonetheless ignored even when it is scientifically known than erectile dysfunction is usually a byproduct of lifestyle. Anything from weight management to exercise can influence sexual performance. Let’s get real – a physically active male will usually have better blood flow – throughout their body.

What about vitamins and minerals?

Vitamin A is needed so the body can produce sex hormones. Vitamin C boosts testosterone, lowers cholesterol, and works to lower high blood pressure, Vitamin E increases circulation and B complex increases the levels of testosterone. In addition, The B vitamins keep the thyroid and nervous system functioning properly.

In terms of minerals, zinc is essential for the production of testosterone. In fact, a zinc deficiency is a known cause of impotency.

Selenium increases male potency and sex drive. Selenium deficiency can cause testis atrophy and decreases the glutathione peroxidase needed by the gland.

Calcium, but not in excess, is also an important nutrient for sexual functions. It keeps the link between the brain, hormonal glands, and their mechanical processes active. And, finally, magnesium acts as a calcium channel blocker and counteracts the negative effects of calcium in sustaining an erection.

How do amino acids improve sexual function?

An amino acid naturally present in the body, L-arginine helps make nitric oxide – which relaxes blood vessels to support a successful erection.

In 1999, researchers studied men with ED. Thirty-one percent of those taking 5 grams a day of L-arginine experienced significant improvements in sexual function.

A second study, published in 2003, showed that L-arginine (1.7 grams/day) combined with pycnogenol – a plant product from tree bark (40 mg, 2 to 3 times a day) – restored sexual ability to 80 percent of participants after two months, and to 92.5 percent after three months.

Let’s be honest. The surge of ED drugs is a result of treating erectile dysfunction as an ‘isolated’ condition. But, the mechanistic approach of modern medicine doesn’t address the true cause of any chronic health problem. A comprehensive intervention that involves hormone testing, dietary intervention and weight management will be the most effective path toward optimal health and vitality.

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Bundy Ranch: BLM Has Authority to Auction Public Lands – Harry Reid Has Power To Be First In Line

New Study: Glucosamine May Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Glucosamine Reverses Autoimmune Disease(NaturalHealth365) Glucosamine, a popular supplement currently used to treat joint pain, may hold the key to prolonging human life . Just-published research supports this simple amino sugar’s ability to increase lifespan by as much as 10 percent – roughly eight years of human life.

What can we learn from mice and roundworms? In the study, published in the April 2014 issue of Nature Communications, researchers reported that glucosamine functioned to increase the lifespan of elderly mice by mimicking the effects of a low carbohydrate diet – without carbohydrate intake actually being reduced – and induced alternate fuel use, in the form of amino acid oxidation. It also had the effect of impairing glucose metabolism, thereby reducing blood glucose levels and the risk of diabetes.

In the first part of the study, glucosamine caused a 5 percent increase in the longevity of roundworms. Nematodes – although unlikely-seeming research subjects at first glance – are often used for longevity studies as 80 percent of their proteins, and many of their biological processes, are closely related to those of humans.

With glucosamine extending the lifespan of both species, the team concluded that the supplement “may be a versatile approach to delay aging in humans.”

What exactly is glucosamine?

Glucosamine – a molecule derived from glucose – is endogenous, meaning it occurs naturally in the body. It is found in the fluid surrounding the joints, where it helps to build cartilage. Glucosamine supplements, however, are derived from chitin, found in the hard exterior shells of crustaceans.

Now researchers are finding that, in addition to prolonging life, glucosamine may have the ability to correct malfunctioning cells that contribute to autoimmune disease.

Researchers have been aware for close to five decades that glucosamine reduces the metabolism of nutritive sugars. But, it wasn’t until recently that glucosamine’s ability to reduce sugar metabolism was explored in relation to preventing and treating disease.

What does sugar metabolism have to do with autoimmune disease?

It is changes in sugar molecules that cause T-cells to become hyperactive and trigger autoimmune disease – including multiple sclerosis . In this condition, the abnormal T-cells direct the immune system to attack and destroy the myelin – the tissue that insulates the nerves – causing symptoms of numbness, fatigue and even paralysis.

Several studies have shown that glucosamine and glucosamine derivatives increased sugar modifications to the proteins on the outsides of T-cells, suppressing their hyperactivity and reversing the development of paralysis.

In an animal study published in 2005 in Journal of Immunology, neurologists at Jefferson Medical College found that glucosamine suppressed the T-cells that cause brain inflammation, dramatically delaying the onset of multiple sclerosis symptoms and substantially increasing motor abilities. The mice given glucosamine had less inflammation in their spinal cords and less damage to myelin than mice in the control group.

In a study published in 2011 in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, n-acetylglucosamine inhibited the growth and function of abnormal T-cells and suppressed autoimmune response, leading researchers to conclude that glucosamine could have applications in treating multiple sclerosis. Beta-interferon, a mainstream medical treatment for MS, must be given by injection; the team noted that glucosamine, by contrast, is convenient, painless to administer, and inexpensive.

Has glucosamine been studied in other autoimmune conditions?

In a small clinical study published in 2000 in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, two thirds of a study group of children with treatment-resistant inflammatory bowel disease improved substantially after two years of treatment with n-acetylglucosamine. Studies to explore glucosamine’s potential for treating IBD, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are ongoing.

No significant side effects were reported in the studies, giving rise to hopes that glucosamine could be a safe, natural, inexpensive and effective way to treat autoimmune disorders.

How can I get glucosamine into my daily diet?

Since food is not a major source of glucosamine, it must be taken in the form of a supplement. Three types are available: glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, and n-acetylglucosamine. Glucosamine sulfate has been more widely studied than glucosamine hydrochloride, but University of Maryland Medical Center notes that the latter may be better absorbed by the body.

Whichever type you choose, make sure to obtain it from a trusted, reputable supplier. According to the National Institutes of Health, some samples of a product marketed as glucosamine were found to contain only trace amounts. In addition, since most of the world’s supply is produced in China, you may want to do your research – before making your purchase.

Don’t use glucosamine to treat autoimmune disorders, unless you are under the guidance of a medical professional. Glucosamine can interact with other supplements and medications; consult a trusted, knowledgeable doctor before using it, especially if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or a shellfish allergy.

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Brand New Update On Arpaio Criminal Investigation Into Obama’s Birth Certificate

Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service (Flickr)

"The evidence is so overwhelming, something legal will have to happen

Western Journalism

Carl Gallups recently appeared on Bill Martinez’s radio program to discuss the latest developments in this important investigation. His source? The head of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, Mike Zullo.

Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service (Flickr)

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Time Traveler - The Philadelphia Experiment - With Full Military Interview

"Survivor Interview, He claims to have spent 2 Years in the Future as part of the Philadelphia Experiments"

Allegedly, in the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia, in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Records in the Operational Archives Branch of the Naval Historical Center have been repeatedly searched, but no documents have been located which confirm the event, or any interest by the Navy in attempting such an achievement.

The ship involved in the experiment was supposedly the USS Eldridge. Operational Archives has reviewed the deck log and war diary from Eldridge's commissioning on 27 August 1943 at the New York Navy Yard through December 1943. The following description of Eldridge's activities are summarized from the ship's war diary. After commissioning, Eldridge remained in New York and in the Long Island Sound until 16 September when it sailed to Bermuda. From 18 September, the ship was in the vicinity of Bermuda undergoing training and sea trials until 15 October when Eldridge left in a convoy for New York where the convoy entered on 18 October. Eldridge remained in New York harbor until 1 November when it was part of the escort for Convoy UGS-23 (New York Section). On 2 November the convoy entered Naval Operating Base, Norfolk. On 3 November, Eldridge and Convoy UGS-23 left for Casablanca where it arrived on 22 November. On 29 November, Eldridge left as one of escorts for Convoy GUS-22 and arrived with the convoy on 17 December at New York harbor. Eldridge remained in New York on availability training and in Block Island Sound until 31 December when it steamed to Norfolk with four other ships. During this time frame, Eldridge was never in Philadelphia.

Supposedly, the crew of the civilian merchant ship SS Andrew Furuseth observed the arrival via teleportation of the Eldridge into the Norfolk area. Andrew Furuseth's movement report cards are in the Tenth Fleet records in the custody of the Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Admnistration, (8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001), which also has custody of the action reports, war diaries and deck logs of all World War II Navy ships, including Eldridge. The movement report cards list the merchant ship's ports of call, the dates of the visit, and convoy designation, if any. The movement report card shows that Andrew Furuseth left Norfolk with Convoy UGS-15 on 16 August 1943 and arrived at Casablanca on 2 September. The ship left Casablanca on 19 September and arrived off Cape Henry on 4 October. Andrew Furuseth left Norfolk with Convoy UGS-22 on 25 October and arrived at Oran on 12 November. The ship remained in the Mediterranean until it returned with Convoy GUS-25 to Hampton Roads on 17 January 1944. The Archives has a letter from Lieutenant Junior Grade William S. Dodge, USNR, (Ret.), the Master of Andrew Furuseth in 1943, categorically denying that he or his crew observed any unusual event while in Norfolk. Eldridge and Andrew Furuseth were not even in Norfolk at the same time.

The Philadelphia Experiment is an alleged military experiment that is said to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania some time around October 28, 1943. The U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was claimed to be rendered invisible (or "cloaked") to enemy devices.

The story is thought to be a hoax. The U.S. Navy maintains that no such experiment was ever conducted, and details of the story contradict well-established facts about the Eldridge itself, as well as commonly accepted physics.

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has stated that the use of force fields to make a ship and her crew invisible does not conform to known physical laws. ONR also claims that Dr. Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory was never completed. During 1943-1944, Einstein was a part-time consultant with the Navy's Bureau of Ordnance, undertaking theoretical research on explosives and explosions. There is no indication that Einstein was involved in research relevant to invisibility or to teleportation. ONR's information sheet on the Philadelphia Experiment is attached.

The Philadelphia Experiment has also been called "Project Rainbow." A comprehensive search of the Archives has failed to identify records of a Project Rainbow relating to teleportation or making a ship disappear. In the 1940s, the code name RAINBOW was used to refer to the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis. The RAINBOW plans were the war plans to defeat Italy, Germany and Japan. RAINBOW V, the plan in effect on 7 December 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, was the plan the U.S. used to fight the Axis powers.

Some researchers have erroneously concluded that degaussing has a connection with making an object invisible. Degaussing is a process in which a system of electrical cables are installed around the circumference of ship's hull, running from bow to stern on both sides. A measured electrical current is passed through these cables to cancel out the ship's magnetic field. Degaussing equipment was installed in the hull of Navy ships and could be turned on whenever the ship was in waters that might contain magnetic mines, usually shallow waters in combat areas. It could be said that degaussing, correctly done, makes a ship "invisible" to the sensors of magnetic mines, but the ship remains visible to the human eye, radar, and underwater listening devices.

In 1955, Morris K. Jessup, an astronomer and former graduate-level researcher, published The Case for the UFO, a book about unidentified flying objects that contains some theories about the different means of propulsion that flying-saucer-style UFOs might use. Jessup speculated that antigravity, or the manipulation of electromagnetism, might be responsible for the observed flight behavior of UFOs. He lamented, both in the book and during the publicity tour that followed, that space flight research was concentrated in the area of rocketry, and that little attention had been paid to other theoretical means of flight, which he felt might ultimately be more fruitful. Jessup emphasized that a breakthrough revision of Albert Einstein's "Unified Field Theory" would be critical in powering a future generation of spacecraft.

On January 13, 1955, Jessup received a letter from a man who identified himself as one "Carlos Allende." In the letter, Allende informed Jessup of the "Philadelphia Experiment," alluding to two poorly sourced contemporary newspaper articles as proof. Allende directly responded to Jessup's call for research on the "Unified Field Theory," which he referred to as "UFT." According to Allende, Einstein had developed the theory, but had suppressed it, since mankind was not ready for it—a confession that the scientist allegedly shared with the mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Russell. Allende also said that he had witnessed the Eldridge appear and disappear while serving aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth, a nearby merchant ship. Allende named other crew members with whom he served aboard the Andrew Furuseth, and claimed to know the fate of some of the crew members of the Eldridge after the experiment, including one whom he witnessed disappearing during a chaotic fight in a bar. Although Allende claimed to have observed the experiment while on the Andrew Furuseth, he provided no substantiation of his other claims linking the experiment with the Unified Field Theory, no evidence of Einstein's alleged theory, and no proof of Einstein's alleged private confession to Russell.

Jessup replied to Allende by a postcard, asking for further evidence and corroboration. The reply arrived months later, with the correspondent identifying himself as "Carl M. Allen." Allen said that he could not provide the details for which Jessup was asking, but he implied that he might be able to recall some by means of hypnosis. Suspecting that Allende/Allen might be an impostor, Jessup discontinued the correspondence.

The Office of Naval Research and the Varo annotation

According to a 2002 book by the popular writers James Moseley and Karl Pflock, in early 1957, Jessup was contacted by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Washington, D.C., and was asked to study the contents of a parcel that it had received. Upon his arrival, Jessup was surprised to learn that a paperback copy of his UFO book had been mailed to the ONR in a manila envelope marked "Happy Easter." The book had been extensively annotated in its margins, and an ONR officer asked Jessup if he had any idea as to who had done so.

Moseley and Pflock claim that the lengthy annotations were written with three different shades of pink ink, and they appeared to detail a correspondence among three individuals, only one of which is given a name: "Jemi." The ONR labelled the other two "Mr A." and "Mr B." The annotators refer to each other as "Gypsies," and discuss two different types of "people" living in outer space. Their text contained non-standard use of capitalization and punctuation, and detailed a lengthy discussion of the merits of various elements of Jessup's assumptions in the book. Their oblique references to the Philadelphia Experiment suggested prior or superior knowledge. (One example is that "Mr B." reassures his fellow annotators who have highlighted a certain theory which Jessup advanced.

Based on the handwriting style and subject matter, Jessup identified "Mr A." as Allende / Allen. Others have suggested that the three annotations are from the same person, using three pens.The annotated book supposedly sparked sufficient interest for the ONR to fund a small printing of the volume by the Texas-based Varo Manufacturing Company.A 2003 transcription of the annotated "Varo edition" is available online, complete with three-color notes.

Later, the ONR contacted Jessup, claiming that the return address on Allende's letter to Jessup was an abandoned farmhouse. They also informed Jessup that the Varo Corporation, a research firm, was preparing a print copy of the annotated version of The Case for the UFO, complete with both letters he had received. About a hundred copies of the Varo Edition were printed and distributed within the Navy. Jessup was also sent three for his own use.

Jessup attempted to make a living writing on the topic, but his follow-up book did not sell well. His publisher rejected several other manuscripts. In 1958, his wife left him, and his friends described him as being depressed and somewhat unstable when he traveled to New York. After returning to Florida, he was involved in a serious car accident and was slow to recover, which added to his depression. He was found dead on April 20, 1959, and the death was ruled a suicide.

Misunderstanding of documented naval experiments

While personnel at the Fourth Naval District have suggested that the questions surrounding the alleged event arise from routine research which was performed during the Second World War at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, it was previously believed "that the foundation for the apocryphal stories arose from degaussing experiments which have the effect of making a ship undetectable or 'invisible' to magnetic mines." Another possible genesis of the stories about levitation, teleportation and effects on human crew might be attributed to experiments with the generating plant of the destroyer USS Timmerman, whereby a higher-frequency generator produced corona discharges, though none of the crew reported suffering effects from the experiment

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Hollywood's Dark Secret - The Hidden World Behind Hollywood

Hollywood's Dark Secret - The Hidden World Behind Hollywood

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10 Yellowstone Sensors Turned Off!!! Shutdown!!! Why???

Why have 10 Yellowstone sensors suddenly been taken off line as asked in this brand new video report from Tom Lupshu? Is Yellowstone under HAARP attack by Russia as suggested in this previously released story? We just published hours ago facts proving Yellowstone seismic charts were going crazy. With that information now public, why have the Yellowstone earthquake sensors suddenly been taken offline? You can check out more of these seismic charts from Yellowstone here.

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Yellowstone Seismic Charts Go Crazy! What's Going On At Yellowstone?

The seismic charts at Yellowstone have gone crazy as shared in this newly released video report from DAHBOO77. Though Before It's News has been informed by our own source on site that NOTHING is going on at Yellowstone National Park, we have to ask why have these seismic charts shown seemingly taken on a life of their own? You can check out more of these seismic charts from Yellowstone here.

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Vids Show Why America Is Doomed And Russia Would Annihilate Us


In America, school children are being expelled from school for such trivial things as making ‘guns’ out of breakfast sandwiches, while in Russia, schools are teaching AK-47 assembly and safety classes as shared in the first video below. The 2nd video shares the recent story of a 7th grader in the US who was kicked out of school for twirling a pencil. These two videos clearly show why America is doomed as our politicians seek to indoctrinate a generation into their gun-grabbing agenda of mass surrender.

Compare. What do you think?

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Russian Su -24 scores off against the American "USS Donald Cook" in Black Sea

Monday, April 28, 2014

Are You Aware of Subliminal Messages Controlling You?

The word subliminal means below the perception of the conscious mind. Subliminal messages can be presented as visual, audio, or in the form of electromagnetic waves. The ultimate goal of any subliminal message is to manipulate a person by altering their perceptions to produce a change in thinking patterns resulting in modified behavior.

Some people may choose to modify their own behavior with self-help tapes which use subliminal messages to change negative behaviors or thinking patterns. On the other hand, subliminal messages can be used by others to alter a person’s behavior through a type of mind control. This may seem harmless enough, however, in the wrong hands these techniques can be used to control more than just purchasing choices.

Types of Subliminal Messages

One type of visual subliminal message consists of images with a logo, word, symbol or action depicted within it that eludes conscious perception. Another type of visual subliminal message contains stimuli repeatedly flashed across a screen at fractions of a second which is too fast for the brain to consciously perceive.

Audio subliminal messages present repeated phrases that elicit a particular response played in the background usually with nature sounds, nonsensical speech, or music in the foreground. Some of these recordings contain audio stimuli played at below or above the normal hearing ranges while others are barely audible.

Sometimes two messages are delivered simultaneously into both ears which are directed to affect a particular part of the brain. Another type of audio subliminal message is known as backmasking which occurs when phrases are recorded backwards and embedded within a song or other sound recording.

The last type of subliminal message is much more subtle than either the visual or audio. Electromagnetic waves whether they are extremely low frequency (ELF) or just low frequency (LF) affect the human body in various ways. By blasting the human body with electromagnetic waves the brain wave patterns are disrupted which can have profound effects on the nervous system. Technology is currently available to stimulate areas of the brain to produce psychological and physiological effects.

The Beginning

Subliminal messages were first developed in the United States during World War II with the invention of the tachistoscope. Air Force psychologists flashed images of friendly and enemy aircraft while gradually increasing the exposure speed and decreasing the size of the aircraft images. Pilots were quickly trained to recognize the smallest representations of different planes at 1/100th of a second with great accuracy.

In 1957 James Vicary used the tachistoscopic technique at a New Jersey drive-in theater to flash suggestions to eat popcorn and drink Coke across the screen at 1/3000 of a second at five second intervals. Although Vicary first reported a significant increase in refreshment sales, it was later determined that he did not even conduct the study. In 2007 the actual experiment described by James Vicary was conducted at the same drive-in theater using the same movie to present the subliminal messages to the audience. Interestingly enough, refreshment sales did increase after all.

In the 1950s, consumers, scientific researchers and government officials found the use of subliminal messages in advertising unethical. The controversy died down until the 1970s when the first commercials aired on television used subliminal messages. The FCC then issued a statement prohibiting the use of subliminal messages in electronic communication although there is no legal penalty associated with a violation.

Subliminal Message Usage Today

Many people use self-help products that incorporate subliminal messages to bring about an improvement such as weight loss. The key to this is people purchase programs to use on computers or to display on websites with full knowledge of the intended outcome.

Television is the perfect medium to use subliminal messages to control a population. Americans are a captive audience because we cannot afford to go out anymore. With the financial hardships of most Americans today, we are forced to rely on the television news channels for information that we used to get from newspapers.

Before the 2008 presidential election, Fox News flashed images of John and Cindy McCain onto the screen at the beginning of the program. It is one thing to have subconscious messages persuading you to buy a product, but to have a news channel use hidden images to influence an election is quite another issue.

Today subliminal messages can be found in television shows, movies, commercials, and video games flashing propaganda to persuade the public of many disturbing facts. Even the ticker text that scrolls along the bottom of the screen on many news channels now contains some type of subliminal message.

Invisible Subliminals

Because the brain only perceives these messages subconsciously, they can be used to influence behavior without the knowledge of the person subjected to them. Melvin D. Saunders states in “Are We Already Learning in a Subliminal Way” that humans “sense, perceive and react to a lot of consciously undetected stimuli.

Ultrasonics, infrasonics, radar, microwaves and various forms of radiation can produce bodily reactions without conscious awareness….Even while asleep or with certain brain areas anesthetized, other brain areas can perceive certain things and cause the body to respond to stimuli.” Any message not apparent to the reader or listener can be used to control them.

The United States government is currently using HAARP to interfere with the earth’s magnetic fields and your brain waves. The wave patterns in the ionosphere are identical to human brain waves. Therefore, interference in the earth’s magnetic fields can affect the human body’s magnetic field as well. Many patents that specifically state the intention of mind control, use these invisible waves to influence subjects.

HAARP is short for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program consists of antennae that emit electromagnetic waves into the ionosphere. High concentrations of these waves have shown to cause mood disorders. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves can cause people to hallucinate, hear voices in their heads, develop psychic abilities or even to physically rock back and forth.

Dangers of Subliminal Messages

Since the beginning of civilization, those in power have tried to control people. If someone hears the same mantra over and over for an extended period of time, they will begin to believe it or react in the prescribed way. Cults frequently use this type of manipulation in brainwashing their members. Jim Jones’ Guyana tragedy is a perfect example of how repetition and constant auditory stimuli can make people believe anything.

Jim Jones constantly bombarded the members of his church with recordings persuading them of their paradise-like environment and righteous lives. Even though several members who escaped the mass suicide disagreed, only a handful actually tried to escape. Most of them did so only after observing fellow church members drop dead from the poisoned Koolaid.

Technology exists today that can track us, bombard us with invisible waves to control anything from sexual behavior to induce hallucinations. The implications are scary but real.

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X22Report: The Economic Recovery Is Falling Apart, Be Prepared For An Event

X22Report "The Canadian housing bubble looks like its worse than American's housing bubble. Pending home sales in America rise but still down 7.9% from a year ago. Oath Keeper's states Attorney General Eric Holder has approved drone strikes against the Bundy ranch."

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Gerald Celente: No Crash Required

by Cody Willard

Market Watch

I had the honor of interviewing legendary futurist/forecaster, Gerald Celente, publisher of Trends Journal, on my first ever, one-on-one interview for my podcast, Cody Underground.

Topics we covered included:

1. Do we have to have a crisis and crash for change to come?

2. How do we get past partisan politics and Republican/Democrat radicalism?

3. Gerald’s new movement: Occupy Peace.

4. Can the Internet Revolution save us?

Gerald starts off by giving us his forecast on the economic front: “Well, everybody knows the story. If they follow you, everybody knows the deal. As long as they keep dumping in cheap money into the system, whether it’s coming from China, whether it’s coming from the European Central Bank, whether it’s coming from the Federal Reserve, as long as they keep pumping dough into the system, it’s going to keep going on. It’s a Ponzi scheme. The other thing is, of course, these record low interest rates.”

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Putin Is About To Unleash Terror On The West

from King World News

Today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years warned King World News that Putin is about to unleash terror on the West. He also warned this could end up in disaster for the West, particularly the United States. Below is what John Embry had to say in this powerful interview.

Embry: “I’m watching a number of things but first and foremost I’m focused on this Ukrainian situation. I really don’t think there is anyone in the world dumb enough to start a world war but I do think we stand a very real probability of an economic war developing….

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The War Against Dark Forces (Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy)

from The Victory Report:

Conspiracy fact and witnesses to the dark side of aliens, reptilians, illuminati and personal links to the pleiadians are all discussed with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. We discuss the silver star, illuminati, and many of the connections between the higher orders of influence and both light and darkness. The vatican connections to illuminati, chakra work, and whistleblowers alike are examined with the veteran interviewer in the uncensored talk with Sean Stone for Buzzsaw.

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How to Make Pinhole Glasses with Duct Tape

duct tape pinhole glasses

If you wear glasses eventually at some point you will end up breaking them, especially in a shtf situation and if you don’t have a spare set you could be in a world of trouble. Pinhole glasses aren’t some new discovery, people have known for some time now that looking through a tiny hole can sharpen your vision. So if you find yourself with broken glasses you can make a pair using some duct tape, so check out the video below by the survival doctor showing you how to go about it.

The post How to Make Pinhole Glasses with Duct Tape appeared first on Preparing for shtf.

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James Turk says They're Not Going to be Able to Save the System This time

Published on Apr 27, 2014 When the spot price of gold is higher than the future price, it's a rare occurrence called "backwardation." James Turk from says, "The weird thing that has happened and it's never happened in history, when the gold price was driven down last year to its lows in June 2013, gold went into backwardation, and since then, it has been in backwardation more than 50% of the time. The only other times backwardation occurred were in 1999, with the lows in gold, and 2008, with the lows in gold. After both of those backwardations, the gold price soared."

Turk, who recently co-wrote a book called "The Money Bubble," goes on to say, "Sooner or later, we are going to go over the cliff as we did in 2008. They saved the system, the system in 2008, but I don't think this time around they are going to be able to save the system. So, you have to prepare for it."

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with gold expert James Turk.

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Vids Show Why America Is Doomed And Russia Would Annihilate Us

In America, school children are being expelled from school for such trivial things as making 'guns' out of breakfast sandwiches, while in Russia, schools are teaching AK-47 assembly and safety classes as shared in the first video below. The 2nd video shares the recent story of a 7th grader in the US who was kicked out of school for twirling a pencil. These two videos clearly show why America is doomed as our politicians seek to indoctrinate a generation into their gun-grabbing agenda of mass surrender.

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The NDAA: What They Don’t Want You To Know


The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Sections 1021 and 1022, authorizes the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of any person, including an American citizen, and applies the “Law of War,” to U.S. soil, making the United States legally a battlefield.

People Against the NDAA (PANDA) was founded by Dan Johnson in January 2012. Johnson is a remarkable young man – he’s only 20 years old, and is already a nationally known writer and speaker. PANDA is the largest organization of its kind in the world, and has worked on over 18 pieces of state and local anti-NDAA legislation.

The PANDA Mission Statement, from the organization’s website:

Our Mission is to nonviolently block, strike down, repeal, stop, void and fight the indefinite detention provisions, Sections 1021 and 1022, of the National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year of 2012, to fight for American civil liberties, to combat laws restricting liberty in the interest of National Security, to support current government officials that are doing so and to engage a younger generation in the politics of the United States so this cannot happen again.

Johnson spoke at the Freedom Forum in Santa Cruz, CA on March 19, 2014, where he broke down the law and discussed its impacts on citizens:

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'No Help Coming: State Preps Citizens For EMP Attack

'God puts a watchman on the tower for times like these'



WASHINGTON – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed legislation to require the state’s Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to prepare materials outlining what citizens need to know to deal with either a natural or man-made electromagnetic pulse event that could knock out the vulnerable electrical grid system over a wide geographical region.

The legislation, SB 1476, was introduced by Sen. David Farnsworth, R-Mesa. It includes the type and quantity of food, water and medical supplies that each person should stockpile in case an EMP occurs over the U.S.

The legislation, however, doesn’t require actual hardening of the grid within the state.

“In our lifetimes the emergencies we’ve seen have been local emergencies, and really all we have to do is be prepared enough to hang on until help arrives,” Farnsworth said at the time he introduced it last February. “With an EMP, there’s no help coming.”

Under the legislation that now is law, the Arizona Division of Emergency Management is to post on its website recommendations such as the type and amount of supplies residents should stockpile to be prepared for an EMP event.

Farnsworth’s more immediate concern was the prospect of an EMP triggered by the detonation of a high-altitude nuclear weapon. The EMP would have the effect of knocking out the vulnerable grid system and any unprotected electronics.

“My hope is that by bringing this out, we’ll start discussions and come to the realization that as a government we can’t feed all these people, but as responsible citizens we need to do our part and make individual preparations,” he said at the time he introduced the legislation.

A co-sponsor of the legislation, Don Shooter, R-Yuma, had criticized the federal government for not taking a similar public education program.

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