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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

6 Mindblowing Underwater Cities

Scientific discoveries - source wikipedia

Whether scientists are still scratching their head over what they have found and who build this underwater cities, this discoveries are truly amazing and they definitely deserve greater attention from the world.

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Chechnya Threatens To Arm Mexico If U.S. Sends Weapons To Ukraine

Ukraine’s voluntary militia called the Azov Battalion holds artillery training in east Ukraine’s village of Urzuf that sits west of the port city of Mariupol on the Azov Sea, March 19, 2015. Marko Djurica/ REUTERS

The Chechen parliament have threatened to send weapons to Mexico in retaliation to the U.S. Congress calling for defensive lethal aid to be sent to Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favour of sending arms – the resolution was passed 348 to 48.

U.S. senator for Wisconsin Ron Johnson branded it “absolutely necessary” that president Obama provide lethal and nonlethal military assistance to Ukraine, in light of the attacks by Russian-backed rebels on civilians in Mariupol in January.

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67-Year-Old Vet Hands It Back to a Punk

Careful, social justice warriors. Sometimes public transportation assaults don’t turn out as planned — as when this punk pushed a 67-year-old vet too far:

On a tip from Wingmann.

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MRSA superbug killed by 1,100-year-old home remedy, researchers say

Why the U.S. Gave Up on the Moon

China Building Mega Cities But They Remain Empty And In Africa

China building mega cities but they remain empty And In Africa

Anyone who has been to Luanda knows that the city lacks housing. The hotels are extremely expensive, and researchers have been known to rent a room in someone’s house for $100 a day. Angolan president Jose dos Santos pledged to build a million new homes, between 2008 and 2012. Kilamba City was part of that

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What’s Wrong With Silver?

BREAKING: Top Iranian Official DEFECTS, Drops Bombshell About Barack Obama

Putin to Head to US for Major UN Event – Report

putin obama shake

President Vladimir Putin may travel to New York City to deliver a speech at the opening of the UN General Assembly in September, a Russian newspaper reported, quoting several sources close to the Kremlin.

Kommersant Daily quoted sources “close to the presidential administration” as saying that Putin’s trip to the United States was already in the preparatory stage. The newspaper also claimed that a source in the United Nations’ secretariat confirmed this.

However, all the sources noted that Putin’s plans would become clear only in early August. They also emphasized that “everything depends on the international situation.”

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov also said that no final decision has been made on the trip.

Attending the General Assembly Session is one of the options that are being considered and in this sense it is not very important that it will be the anniversary one.”

In September the United Nations will hold its 70th General Assembly session, with many world leaders expected to participate.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses delegates (front, C) on the second day of the 2005 World Summit and 60th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York September 15, 2005 (Reuters / Ray Stubblebine HB)

Putin last spoke before the UN General Assembly 10 years ago. Prior to that he had attended in 2003 and 2000. In 2008, the speech at the UN General Assembly session was delivered by then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and over the past years Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has represented Russia at major UN events.

Senior Russian officials, including Putin have always prioritized the UN’s role in resolving major international crises and repeatedly accused the US of attempts to “hijack” the UN powers and violate the basic principles of international law.

READ MORE: Use of force in bypass of UN will cause chaos, Putin warns

Any attempts to replace the universal principles of the United Nations’ Charter by unilateral actions or some bloc agreements, or, worse even, the attempts to use force to bypass the UN Charter, never lead to anything good,” Vladimir Putin said in his 2012 speech before foreign diplomats.

Russia is currently facing fierce opposition from Western countries over the situation in Ukraine, where the pro-Western regime in Kiev is waging a civil war against the southeastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. The greater area known as Donbass has a pro-Russian population, many of whom are ethnic Russians.

The EU, the US and some of their allies have imposed sanctions against top Russian politicians and major companies. Moscow reciprocated with similar steps and has repeatedly vowed that the outside pressure would never make it change its course.

No sanctions would force Russia to make changes to the persistent line it follows in international affairs,” Peskov said in early March. He also called the sanctions “a double-edged weapon” that, while causing certain discomfort to the Russian economy, was also hurting businesses in the countries that introduced them, not to mention the world economy as a whole.

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All of the Ways Big Brother Is Watching You

By Rutherford Institute

Privacy as we once knew it is dead. We now find ourselves in the unenviable position of being monitored, managed and controlled by our technology—specifically the technology employed by the government against the American citizenry. As a result, warns John W. Whitehead in this week's vodcast, we are becoming a nation where even the most virtuous citizen risks becoming an outlaw.


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Monday, March 30, 2015

John Haller Prophecy Update "I Really Don't Know Where to Begin"

Is there an invisible hand working in the Middle East. Seems that Operation Mass Confusion is occurring there, with a schizophrenic foreign policy from the US and countries scrambling for control of the region. The lack of American leadership under this administration has turned the Middle East into a hotbed of conflict, one which will not soon be extinguished, barring significant concessions. But who will have to give in? The US is demanding Israel retreat to the pre 1967 borders to institute a 2-state solution, but yet does not condemn the Palestinian Government for it's coddling of Hamas and Hezbollah, both who call for the destruction of the Jewish state. In addition, our great country has taken HAMAS and IRAN off of the terror watch list. Can you blame Israel for being a bit nervous about the US negotiating a nuke deal after our President so efficiently negotiated for the release of Bowe Bergdahl? Join John, who despite him not "knowing where to begin" as he tries to untangle the ever-changing picture in the Middle East and our country's role in destabilizing the region.

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Gerald Celente on SGT Report


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Paul Craig Roberts: An Inflationary Depression is Coming

From Greg Hunter

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Important Updates: Stocks, Gold, Silver, Economy.

from Gregory Mannarino

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Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers....


The White Dragon Society has proposed the creation of a world federation (not a fascist New World Order) in order to achieve permanent world peace and start a golden age of unprecedented progress and prosperity. The proposal was made, during ongoing secret negotiations, to the Pentagon, the Vatican, the Chinese, the British Commonwealth and other power centers.

Under this proposal, the United Nations Security council would be replaced by people representing the political consensus of seven major regional groupings. These would be Africa, China, East Asia excluding China, Europe including Russia, India, the Muslim world and North plus South America. Decisions would be made by a majority and each region would have a veto only for its own region. Each region would also have its own meritocratically staffed future planning agency and people owned central bank.

In addition, a meritocratic future planning agency would be established for planning mega-projects that transcend regions. Technocrats with good track records at existing international institutions like the World Bank and the IMF would be invited to join either this or one of the regional agencies.

The Pentagon, the Chinese armed forces and the Russian armed forces would gradually integrate to form a planetary protection force.

So far the Pentagon plus the agencies, the P2 lodge (the Vatican), the Chinese, the Russians, the Germans and the British have all given initial signs they support this plan.

The creation of such a structure would make it possible to resolve all international disputes through arbitration, court cases or sporting events instead of war.

It would also allow the release of equivalent of tens of trillions of dollars to spend on an unprecedented campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, create new eco-systems and explore the universe among other things.

In the public sphere we can find strong evidence that a new system has been agreed upon in principle. When China announced its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the cabalists in Washington told their allies not to join. Since then, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, South Korea, Russia etc have all announced they would join. This forced the IMF and the World Bank to also announce their support. In other words, the secret controllers of the Federal Reserve Board have lost control.

What is left of the old financial system is a combination of a functional retail system and a dysfunctional institutional system. In other words, salaries, electricity bills and the like are still being handled in a realistic basis at the street level but stock markets, bond markets, hedge funds and the like have left the real world a long time ago. Super computers, algorithms and their handlers are duking it out with each other using quadrillions or decadecillions (look it up, there is such a number) of dollars in complete detachment from a real world where one year of world GDB is only $100 trillion. The plug is about to be pulled on all that.

The Satan worshipping Khazarian (Hyksos) families that controlled the old system are now

circling the wagons around their ancestral homelands of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. This is what is behind the announcement of an “Arab” army. Note that this is not a Muslim army since Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and other Muslim nations are not joining because they know the Hyksos countries are actually run by Satan worshippers. The Hyksos countries are being attacked by a joint Pentagon, Turkish and Iranian force and will soon be forced to surrender. In the propaganda news this attack is being explained as two separate events, one involving a US/Iranian attack against ISIS in Iraq and the other as a Saudi/Israeli attack on Yemen.

The other Khazarian strong points outside of the Middle East are the US South West, the Western Ukraine and parts of the Russian mob. These are all being dealt with.

In the US, special forces are conducting “exercises” in Texas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and California that are in reality a move against the Satanic networks there.

In the Ukraine, a joint German/Russian task forces is dismantling the Khazarian controlled military and gangster forces.

There has also been more information provided by the Russians about the mystery of Vladimir Putin. In the video at the link below (in Russian) you can see clearly that not only are there multiple Putins but there were also multiple Boris Yeltsins and multiple copies of the same Czar.

The various Putins can be seen in the picture below:

This latest information from the Russians has allowed this writer to finally figure out a mystery. Over the years, multiple sources including the Chinese, the Yakuza and the Pentagon have talked about how Western leaders were being replaced with clones. I never wrote about it because it seemed too weird.

Now however, checking the historical sources, I found out what is behind the clone business. The predecessors of the Hyksos were the Hittites in what is now Anatolia, Turkey. The Hittite leaders were being constantly killed in never ending power struggles. The Hyksos solved this problem by placing puppets on the throne and keeping the real leadership secret. The puppets could be replaced by look-alikes whenever they were killed.

The Japanese Yakuza once told me they killed George Bush Sr. and he was replaced by a clone. I heard something similar from the British. I also heard that North Korea’s Kim Jong Il was replaced by a clone. There is no need to invoke the supernatural or unknown science to explain how this could be possible. It would simply be a matter of finding several identical people and grooming them to act like a leader during public events. The real leaders could then write the “acting presidents’” scripts from behind the scenes without fear of assassination.

The question then of course becomes one of finding out who the real script writers or secret leaders are. Thanks to the internet and the ongoing global awakening, a lot of them have already been flushed out. We all know about the Rothschilds, the George Soros types, Freemasons, the gnostic Illuminati, the P2 lodge etc.

What these various secret groups all have in common is that highly influential people gather in secret and form a consensus. They then force the public puppets like Prime Ministers etc. to carry out whatever decisions were made in secret.

However, there also now exist benevolent secret groups fighting for the average man and not for the benefit of a Satan worshipping elite. They need to stay secret in order to avoid assassination by the Satanists.

The battle has now reached the point where the Satanists are negotiating a surrender to the Red and Blue, the White Dragon Society and their allies.

According the MI5 sources “the negotiations will be conducted against a backdrop of a rolling banking and financial meltdown in EU with massive calls on UK finances to bail out Germany, Italy, Spain etc. This scenario is likely sooner than later certainly over the summer.”

Furthermore according to the same source “Parliament was proroged (suspended from power) last Thusday in preparation for the election campaign. In effect the country is now being run by Cabinet Office and Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service, until putatative ministerial oversight returns with a new Government sometime after May 7th. I need say no more.” In other words, the UK now has a meritocratic government.

The US is also now under a de facto meritocratic government headed by the Pentagon and the agencies. In Japan, meanwhile, preparations are also underway for regime change. The Emperor’s US based handlers contacted the WDS after the Japan Independence Party called for the arrest of cabal stooge Shinzo Abe. The Bushes want to make a deal.

NESARA- Restore America - Galactic News

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Swiss Fund Manager Warns Unprecedented Fed Intervention Leaving “Markets More Distorted Than Ever”


Be prepared for a difficult market, prolonged and distorted by nearly unlimited liquidity, printing and intervention on the part of the Federal Reserve and other central banks.

Billionaire Swiss fund manager Felix Zulauf sounded off about the instability of the market and the potential for major ups and downs as currencies go volatile and the impact of loose money takes hold. Investors today face a difficult landscape due to the possibilities for major currency devaluations and economic conditions that are manipulated to a level the world has never before seen.

Zulauf warned:

“The current cycle is very unusual, because never before have we seen authorities, central banks in particular, intervening on such a large scale and pumping so much money into global financial markets. Hence, global financial markets are more distorted than ever before and accordingly, the risks are very high.”

The money pumping is enough to distort not only the landscape, but to change the gravity as well.

The new frontier seems to be holding to value, with negative interest rates offering not a race for return, but for safe harbor. Foreign investments could be shaky, or even crumbling with a stronger U.S. dollar crimping trade, and potential devaluations of the Euro and Yuan each a ticking time bomb.

As Zero Hedge posted, Zulauf explains that these problems cannot be corrected by pumping more liquidity into the system, even though that is exactly what nearly every major central bank is doing:

“Global demand has weakened due to structural reasons. This is a situation that cannot be improved by pumping liquidity into the system. Zero or even negative interest rates have distorted the valuation and pricing of virtually all assets.” “Investing becomes very difficult in such an unprecedented environment, as it can’t be compared to previous situations.” “We know that the longer a distortion prevails, the more investors get used to it and it becomes the “new normal” to them. That’s where the problem lies!”

As it stands, a number of truly global forces are bending events to their will. Asset bubbles will form and shape around the central bank interventions. Zulauf writes:

“Inflation and bond yields rise and begin to prick asset bubbles.”

Market investors will respond to these currents, and likely drive prices to unnatural and “unsustainable” highs according to the Swiss billionaire. Meanwhile, pumping liquidity to stay afloat in Europe is also creating a false sense of normalcy that is due, at some point, for a reckoning.

And then there’s China.

The yuan, while gaining momentum a new world reserve currency, is also weakening significantly and could set off a tidal wave of “deflationary pressure” that could knock down the global economy.

It is clear that individuals are caught up in an overwhelming and unforgiving system. Without a sophisticated understanding of changing currencies, one could easily be caught off guard and take a serious hit in the market.

This article has been contributed by SHTF Plan. Visit for alternative news, commentary and preparedness info.

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Retired American Colonel : Ft Lauderdale Extraction Exercise and Jade Helm Psyop An Act Of War On American People


Published on Mar 29, 2015

(Apparently, someone removed the video of the SOCOM Exercise in Ft Lauderdale from the web! Whoever, or whomever did this, is a traitor no matter what the excuse!! The info is more important than any one person's claims to the information.) SOCOM conducted an extraction exercise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which has direct connections to Jade Helm 15. The US Government is conducting what amounts to acts of war on the American People. This video explains some of it. The links below are important, and the Ft. Lauderdale link I refer to during our presentation is first. Military and Police must remember and honor their oaths and help stand against these encroachments on the People of the United States and the Supreme Law of the Land, The Constitution Of The United States. Most of all, stand and declare that you will protect our Liberty and the lives of our wives, our children, and our peace.

Fort Lauderdale SOCOM Extraction Exercise

MSM and Pentagon Caught Lying

Beyond Denial: Preparations For Martial Law In America

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BREAKING: Top Iranian Official DEFECTS, Drops Bombshell About Barack Obama

Secret Evil Truth Behind the Medical Doctors Oath

Onder Koffer IV

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Nuclear Super EMP - The Super-EMP weapon exists, and we apparently know that at least Russia, N.Korea, and China have them

Nuclear Super EMP

The Super-EMP weapon exists, and we apparently know that at least Russia, N.Korea, and China have them. Perhaps others? Are Iran’s nuclear centrifuges (apparently thousands of them are enriching uranium) – spinning up a Super-EMP?

emp_100 A Super-EMP is a miniaturized nuclear warhead requiring far less ‘fuel’ than today’s conventional nuclear bombs. It is believed that the effects of a properly deployed and detonated Super-EMP will do far worse damage than a salvo of conventional nuclear explosions near or on the ground.

Because of the recent reports that the US is ‘giving in’ to Iran with regards to some of the key demands surrounding a nuclear deal (U.S. negotiators are said to have given up ground on demands that Iran be forced to disclose the full range of its nuclear activities), one wonders if they might already have sufficient materials and centrifuges to continue their probable bomb-building (and/or Super-EMP) efforts…

According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, “Miniaturization to develop a nuclear warhead is not difficult to do, and can be accomplished even without nuclear testing.”

“North Korea and Iran both have strategic reasons to mislead and conceal from the West the true status of their nuclear and missile programs. They intend that the U.S. and its allies will underestimate those programs, fail to act in time to stop them, and be strategically surprised when North Korea and Iran become nuclear super-powers,”

According to Dr. Pry, “In fact, almost certainly, North Korea now possesses a highly advanced third generation nuclear warhead that could destroy the United States with a single blow.”

A Super-EMP weapon would perhaps be a perfect means for Iran’s regime to put an end to ‘the Great Satan’ (as they call us).

Why? Because a Super-EMP will devastate the nation’s electrical power grid. And I believe that you all are smart enough to know what will happen next…

One nuclear Super-EMP attack could collapse the nation’s electric power grid which in turn would bring down most of our critical infrastructure systems –communications, transportation and distribution systems, banking and finance, anything that needs electricity to ‘work’. Modern civilization would end, as would the lives of tens of millions who depend upon these systems.

A Super-EMP attack on the U.S. would cause much more damage than a primitive nuclear weapon, and will likely result in catastrophic consequences that will be irreversible. A Super-EMP attack would inflict maximum damage and virtually ensure a world without America.

In 2004, the Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Commission was warned by a delegation of Russian generals that Russia had developed a “Super-EMP” nuclear warhead, and that design information for this weapon had leaked to North Korea. Given Iran’s alliance with Russia (and having apparently forged some alliance with N.Korea), who’s to say that Iran does not have the ‘know-how’ to build their own? Answer: One would be sticking their head in the sand to believe that they don’t ‘know how’…

Russia also has something called the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS), that would use an ICBM like a Space Launch Vehicle to put a nuclear warhead into orbit, like a satellite. They have apparently shared this with North Korea (and who else?). Instead of using the ICBM to lob a warhead on a more accurate arcing ballistic trajectory, the FOBS would loft the warhead into a partial orbit. FOBS could reach any nation or threaten any target anywhere on Earth.

The primary purpose of FOBS is a surprise attack. The first warning of the attack would be ‘lights out’. North Korea and Iran have made clear in their threats that they wish to take down the United States. They perceive themselves to be at war with the U.S. and would like nothing more than to destroy the largest and most successful society on Earth.

Remember when it was thought that a particular satellite which N.Korea had launched was really an orbiting Super-EMP? Who’s to say that Russia (for example) does not have any similar orbiting ‘satellites’ which are instead Super-EMP weapons?

I feel that we sometimes need to talk about such subjects (being a preparedness blog and all…), because by ignoring it we are fooling ourselves that these risks do not exist. Given the recent escalation of tensions between the US (NATO) and Russia, and now the upcoming nuclear ‘deal’ with Iran (which evidently will be ‘weak’ and enabling them to continue), and given the hatred toward the US by many others – it seems that one well placed Super-EMP could make for a very bad day. Who’s to say that all of those who have the capability to ‘launch’, are all sane? Clearly, there are those who openly say they will do it!


BLACKOUT USA – A Real Life Nightmare Nearer Than You Think

After an EMP Attack – How To Get Home When it’s 700 Miles Away

Is America prepared for the DAY AFTER DISASTER? (shockingly realistic dramatizations)

EMP Attack On The Power Grid Deemed Significant Threat

Immediately After The Nuclear Explosion

10 Signs That Russia Is Preparing To Fight (And Win) A Nuclear War With The United States

Vladimir Putin Responds To Obama’s “Hostile” Acts: Warns of Nuclear Consequences

How To Prep if You Live Near a Nuclear Power Plant

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16 Famous People Killed by the Illuminati

by Conspiracy Club | Additions by

List of famous people killed by the Illuminati, with information about of each death and sacrifice. The Illuminati is a secret society that is rumored to control all world events.

The Illuminati and members of their organization are especially influential in the entertainment industry. It is alleged that members must make a blood sacrifice to the clan in order to gain fame and reach higher ranks.

Many famous people have allegedly been killed by the Illuminati for failure to comply with the plan. Still others were killed as part of one of these Illuminati blood sacrifices and for the greater good of the organization.

These Illuminati sacrifices are very hard to prove, so we will present the facts and it will be up to you whether you want to believe them or not.

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Every Day is Earth Day

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Max Keiser interviews Egon von Greyerz – March 27

RT, March 27, 2015 – ‘Max Keiser interviews Egon von Greyerz

In this double interview for Russia Today (the Keiser report) and StartJoin TV, from his production office south of Tower Bridge in London, the brilliant broadcaster, financial market hawk and comedian Max Keiser asks some pertinent questions.

About Capital controls in France and more..(12 minutes)

A lively discussion (13

Read the rest

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Who was on the plane?


Here is the scenario they decided to peddle

One pilot left the cockpit and could not get in. The other pilot was not responsive until the plane crashed. An arab type terror scenario has been implied, that the pilot in the cockpit suicide crashed the plane ON PURPOSE. PROBLEM. HUGE PROBLEM


This was their “flight recorder discovery” and if you believe that line, I have a bag of moon rocks.

Bottom line? They know they are nailed and this is the only scenario they have other than a remote controlled crash that can possibly fit what happened – an autopilot disabling followed by a perfectly controlled power descent straignt into a mountain. Either they explain it this way, or the are FORCED TO ADMIT THIS WAS A REMOTE CONTROL WHACK JOB. FAT CHANCE THEY EVER WILL

If they try to back peddle from the “pilot crashed it on purpose” angle and just say the pilot passed out, that is a fail because autopilot was in control and even in the extremely likely event it was not in control, absent a pilot a plane will keep flying straight and level until it runs out of fuel. It will not go into a dive by itself.

The biggest problem they can never overcome is the fighter jets that followed it until it hit the mountain, and then, rather than assess the situation, they bugged out. THAT SAYS IT ALL, they cannot back track from that cold hard fact.

They really are stuck with the suicide crash option. Will people believe it? NOT IF THEY KNOW ABOUT THE FIGHTER JETS. ARCHIVE AND POST!

It looks to me like Germany paid some “holocaust reparations” with an airplane!

Germanwings downing a legitimate black op

This is easy to tell, because now there are many theories popping up to divert and distract. There is one new theory, however, that got my interest and may actually be a clue if it is legit. This theory is that the fighter jets shot the A320 right before impact with the mountain and it was smoking as it hit. This could be plausible for the following reason:

The A320 is a full fly by wire aircraft. If a pilot pushes a pedal or pulls a lever, it is not hooked up to the mechanics in any way whatsoever. And if this A320 was equipped with collision avoidance, this full fly by wire attribute most likely would not have allowed it to hit the mountain, most likely it would have pulled up on time and missed. If this is the case, then the fighter jets would have been needed to shoot the tail flaps out, which are needed to make the aircraft pull up and if the tail is disabled, the collision avoidance would not have been able to stop the crash.

Absent the tail, the plane could still proceed at full throttle into the mountain and whatever debris came off the tail would most likely have simply followed the plane into the mountain and not left a separate debris path. This fits the eyewitness scenario quite well, and would explain the roaring sound people heard continue for several seconds, this could have easily been caused by a missile launch to blow the tail out.

Other scenarios, such as a laser brought it down are in my opinion just diversions, but I will certainly give the scenario of smoke coming from the aircraft after it was shot while approaching the mountain fair consideration. Fighter jets and collision avoidance disabling certainly fit that scenario.

After all

Why would the fighter jets be there to begin with, and then leave the scene immediately after a crash that would have been obvious to them? No aircraft, even an ultralight, would go unnoticed by a fighter jet designed to hunt and kill, THEY KNEW THAT CRASH HAPPENED, WHY DID THEY LEAVE THE SCENE IMMEDIATELY? If they did not cause it, it would have been their job to stick around, assess the situation and report back to the base what the situation was. They did not do this, BIG QUESTION: WHY NOT?

Mails being tampered with – if you are trying to get through with information and are not seeing it here, it is because it got blocked. I have found what might be a good mail provider and will try to circumvent this problem.

“It is inexplicable how such a thing could happen to a technically perfect aircraft with experienced, trained at Lufthansa pilots” – Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr


New info on Germanwings crash

It has now been determined that the descent was a perfectly controlled full throttle dive of a perfectly working aircraft straight into the side of a mountain. And I know how it happened, details below.

Why no identifiable bodies? I got the answer:

Many people on the web are asking where the people are and how an airplane can just “vanish” into such tiny pieces. I have the answer. The crash was done in a way that caused the bodies to be erased so no person outside the controlled group of investigators could possibly identify anyone on the flight.

How do you cause bodies to vanish and an airplane to turn into such small pieces?

By having the crash occur at a very high speed. And this particular crash happened at 600 plus MPH.

A 600 plus MPH impact is proven by how badly the plane shredded. And 600 plus MPH crashes do not happen outside of willful intent.

Chris wrote:

About the remote control capabilities of the 757/767 aircraft, you are right. They were revolutionary aircraft, and Popular Science covered their release in detail in the early 1980’s. In one of the many reports they did, they talked about how the aircraft were hijack proof and ground controllable. I cannot find anything on this now, it seems 911 has done away with history and the report that mentioned this is not on the web. Someone is going to have to dig through the basement to find it in print.

My response:

I had a subscription to Popular science at that time and remember this. Additionally, in 2002 I accidentally got into a secure area of the Boeing web site where pilots were posting about this system and how it had been removed from all the aircraft after 911. Those who had experience with airbus said the system was still in A320 aircraft because Airbus had not been compromised (their coding was more secure).

And this would explain why the fighter jets which accompanied this Germanwings flight all the way to it’s death and then left the scene did not shoot it down, even though it is more than obvious they were either responsible for the crash or ordered to witness it. If erasing bodies and making them unidentifiable to all but a very controlled group of investigators was needed to conceal who was on that flight, remote controlling the aircraft into a mountain after a steep dive at full throttle would be the best way to do it, and now investigators at the scene have said the largest body part they have found is the size of a briefcase. Absolutely no one can be visually identified.

Normal plane crashes do not have such small debris and erased bodies because pilots slow the plane down and it crashes at around 200 mph, not 600 plus.

Beyond all doubt, the fighter aircraft were responsible for this crash and whoever ordered this crash wanted the bodies erased. This is why the fighter jets did not shoot the plane down even though they were clearly responsible for it’s demise. If they had shot the plane, it would have fallen in large pieces and would have had the bodies be intact. By using remote to crash the plane after a full throttle dive, they ensured a perfect crash scene with obliteration of evidence.

This is why no communication with the pilots happened, they were totally blacked out even after the tower declared an emergency and made repeated attempts to contact the pilots long before the crash actually happened and received no response. This is highly unusual, if not completely unprecedented except for the other obvious government jobs, – 911 and flight 370.

They are testing conspiracies to see what will work to fool the public on forums and blogs right now, before releasing “what the black boxes said.” The most prevalent theory for why the pilots were silent is slow depressurization blacked everyone out with no one noticing. This is bunk.

FOR THE RECORD: The plane peaked out at 38,000 feet, stayed there for ONE MINUTE, and then did it’s death dive. That is not long enough to black out everyone from a loss of cabin pressure, or “slowly depressurize the cabin” and once the plane hit 25,000 feet, people would have woken up even if this theory is what happened. It is an obvious hoax theory. The plane was simply not high enough long enough for this theory to hold any water.

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Hello, Jim. This info. ought to be good for a sarcastic comment vis-a-vis sep 11 – might want to consider the remnants look like confetti, but the plane in 5 side polygon was claimed it drove through multi-foot thick reinforced concrete walls in a row and 2 others punched through steel framed towers, too. Shouldn’t we then see a 40 foot deep divot hole in the mountainside? tim


Come back to you again with this. Check the flight path radar. At video 016 it is getting hazy (why?). At 019 you still see the big plane on the right of GWI/18G …. At 020 this plane is vanished. AWAKS could do that – you know that better tan me cause you are the specialist. Looks for me like a warning to Merkel concerning not following US instructions concerninbg WW III ….. Please check ….

P.S.: The flight had been directed over the Alps, pretty far away from the direct route. There, where the plane came down, no French citizens could be hit.


you asked the question Who was on the plane?

In the news moments ago they said that there have been two engineers of Delphi on board of this plane.

Maybe it might be a small piece of info but to get the full pic we need to put them all together.


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Another spaceman caugth in mars, watch NOW

More information:


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Former NASA engineer claims he saw a NINE FOOT alien on 1991 space mission


A former NASA engineer claims he saw a nine-foot alien while monitoring a space mission in 1991.

Clark McClelland was allegedly part of a team based at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, when he spotted the extra-terrestrial humanoid.

The ‘entity’, he says, stood on two legs and approached two U.S. astronauts, that he would not name, for one minute and seven seconds in the space shuttle bay.

His story has been hailed by supporters as the most conclusive evidence that intelligent life exists in space.

McClelland claims the U.S. government has stripped him of his pension and forced him to live on social security, despite insisting he has served on more than 800 NASA missions.

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Moderate earthquake – Lila, Philippines on March 30, 2015

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Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 4.8

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-03-30 09:48:02

GMT/UTC Time : 2015-03-30 01:48:02

Depth (Hypocenter) : 81.4 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
USGS Lila, Philippines Mar 30 01:484.8 81MAP I Felt It INFO



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MMI II (Very weak shaking)?
People :

Felt by persons at rest, on upper floors or favorably placed.

MMI III (Weak shaking)?
People :

Felt indoors; hanging objects may swing, vibration similar to passing of light trucks, duration may be estimated, may not be recognized as an earthquake.

MMI IV (Light shaking)?
People :

Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.

Fittings :

Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.

Structures :

Walls and frames of buildings, and partitions and suspended ceilings in commercial buildings, may be heard to creak.

MMI V (Moderate shaking)?
People :

Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.

Fittings :

Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.

Structures :

Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.

MMI VI (Strong shaking)?
People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.

Fittings :

Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).

Structures :

Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.

Environment :

Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.

MMI VII (Very strong shaking)?

General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.

Fittings :

Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.

Structures :

Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.

Environment :

Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).

MMI VIII (Severe shaking)?
People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.

MMI IX (Violent shaking)?
Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.

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