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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Illuminati Bankers Getting $2 Billion Pardon By Obama-Holder For Obama Library!


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Stew Webb is putting out a RED ALERT message to the alternative media.  He's just been informed by his sources that President Obama is preparing to give a Secret Presidential Pardon to two Illuminati Bankers - Larry Mizel and Leonard Millman, both from Colorado and worth more then $30 Trillion each!    Stew reports that Leonard Millman actually faked his own death and relocated to an exclusive community in Cuba where many other mafia kingpins are also living.


Eric Holder has stayed on all these extra months in preparation for his final act treason to America.   Stew's sources report that Obama took a two billion dollar donation for his Presidential library in exchange for giving these Illuminati kingpins complete immunity for stealing trillions of dollars from America!  So Obama and Holder just sold out America from ever getting justice from two of the biggest trillionaire banker crooks in history!  This pardon will be kept secret and Holder will then ride off into the sunset to his $70 million a year lawyer job!   Stew talks about his latest intel in this blockbuster broadcast from


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Illuminati Bankers Get Obama/Holder Pardon!


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