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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Islamic Plot To Blow Up 5 Passenger Planes In Christmas ‘Spectacular’

And the response by the political elites will be this Islamic group and that Islamic group have nothing to do with Islam while the clock ticks.

EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda plot to blow up 5 passenger planes in Christmas ‘spectacular’

TERRORISTS are plotting to blow up five European passenger jets in a Christmas “spectacular”, security experts say.

November 30, 2014, By Donal MacIntyre, Express

Armed police patrol Heathrow amid warnings of a serious terror threat to UK airports


The threat has been taken so seriously it came close to leading to an outright ban on all hand luggage, a senior insider has revealed.

Mobile phones and electronic devices could still be banned from plane cabins, with the threat of a 9/11-style coordinated attack on London and other major cities feared imminent.

The warning comes as Whitehall officials admit that a terror strike on the UK is now “almost inevitable” particularly with British jihadis returning from fighting alongside the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

An airport security source told the Sunday Express: “We’ve been told that five planes are being targeted in a high profile hit before Christmas. They’ve been waiting for the big one.

“We have many scares but this one nearly got hand baggage pulled from all airlines. The threat is still alive and real.”

The plot, which has been known about for the past two months, is thought to involve Islamists smuggling bombs on to planes bound for major European destinations before Christmas.

The well-placed security insider said talks had been held about how to deal with it, with suggestions made to ban hand luggage.

The source said: “High level negotiations are continuing at Governmental level but at the moment there has been little done to respond.

“There is paralysis because of the difficulty of banning hand luggage which is one of the strongest weapons we have against the new threats.

“All electronics may be banned from hand luggage and placed in the hold, that has been considered, and there has been behaviour analysis training at airports but while it’s effective, it’s difficult to roll out quickly and is not a sufficient safety net.

“The threat is aimed at Europe. The U.S has improved their security over the summer but we have not.

“Everyone is expecting something catastrophic very soon”.

terrorist plot, al qaeda, thrat, outright ban on hand luggage, mobile phones banned, plane cabins, whitehall officials, british jihadis returningGETTY

Officials have not ruled out bans on mobile phones in hand luggage

Everyone is expecting something catastrophic very soon

Inside source

Threats of bombs hidden in toothpaste tubes caused huge disruption to travellers to the Sochi Winter Olympics and stringent security checks at UK airports will cause huge queues during what is the busiest time of the year for airlines.

Security experts also warn that future terror attacks could be carried out by sleepers – western converts as likely to have blond hair and blue eyes as dark skin and beards.

The latest threat is understood to have been uncovered by American intelligence officers who fear that despite success in taking out key Al Qaeda bomb-makers, the genie is out of the bottle and sleeper cells are currently preparing for a doomsday scenario.

David Drugeon, a 24-year-old Frenchman and one of Al Qaeda’s most trusted bomb-makers was killed by a cruise missile strike earlier this month to the west of the Alepo, Syria.

Drugeon, who was part of an Al Qaeda off-shoot called the the Khorasan group, and was said to be targeting US and UK airlines with non-metallic explosive devices, which could be concealed in mobile phones, computers and printer cartridges.

Although now dead his work remains a huge threat as his skill set is likely to have been spread among a number of terror apprentices, including an unidentified Saudi-born bombmaker.

Last night leading terrorism expert Dr Sally Leivesley said the banning of hand luggage and hand held electronic devices is unlikely to be accepted by the airlines despite the risks.

terrorist plot, al qaeda, thrat, outright ban on hand luggage, mobile phones banned, plane cabins, whitehall officials, british jihadis returningGETTY

Police recently arrested four individuals in High Wycombe for plotting a domestic terrorist attack

She explained: “Efforts to ban all electronic devices including computers from business class passengers which reaps huge revenue for the airlines is nearly unsustainable in their business model.

“However, I would contend that even a mobile phone in the hold is capable of being used as a trigger for a bomb or used as a bomb in its own right.

“The most likely scenario is a plane heading towards a major European capital.

“There is likely to have been dry runs already with terrorists testing airport security.”

Dr. Leivesley, a former Home Office risk adviser, said that terrorists are now more likely to be “white, blond and blue eyed” who are radicalized in as little as five weeks.

She also claimed that female terrorists were becoming a significant risk, adding: “Crime profiling shows that white, middle class women, who are better than averagely educated, are susceptible to the terrorist narrative.

“They see themselves at the forefront of attempts to change the world and are represent a very dangerous tool for the terrorists.

“These sleepers will have been from ordinary and not very religious families and not only is the threat from them here but also when they return battle hardened from Syria and Iraq.”

terrorist plot, al qaeda, thrat, outright ban on hand luggage, mobile phones banned, plane cabins, whitehall officials, british jihadis returningGETTY

Intelligence services fear the mass exodus through airports at Christmas put civilians at great risk

In a speech earlier this week, Home Secretary Theresa May warned that numerous Islamic militants were looking to attack the UK.

She said: “Now the threat is more diverse in terms of the number of groups out there who will be looking to carry out attacks in the West.

“It’s also more diverse in that not everybody’s affiliated to a particular group – some are self-starting groups and you do have individuals, perhaps the “lone wolves” or the volatile individuals.

‘We have to look across the board at all sorts of threats that are out there.”

Scotland Yard would not comment on the claims.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Transport, which looks after air security, said she could not comment on the specific allegations.

But she added: “We keep airport security under constant review.”

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The Big Story Isn’t What You Think It Is

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For the past six years, the mainstream has looked for the one thing that would cause markets to crash. They’ve come up with no end of ideas. Each has failed miserably. After a few wobbles here and there, the market hasn’t crashed.

That doesn’t mean that it won’t one day, but so far the mainstream has gotten it horribly wrong.

The one thing the mainstream has picked up on is the falling oil price. But even there they haven’t got it 100% right. As usual, they have only scratched at the surface. They aren’t looking at the layers beneath.

The key to understanding the falling oil price is that it’s not just about slowing economic growth or cheaper fuel at the petrol pump. It’s about understanding the knock-on effect of lower oil prices on the oil industry, on the economy, on consumer confidence, and on the rest of the financial markets.

If there’s one thing you should know about the markets and economies, it’s that everything is connected. The oil price can’t rise or fall by US$20–30 a barrel without it impacting every market sooner or later.

If the oil price stays below US$70 per barrel, or continues to fall even further, it will have a huge impact on the world’s markets. It will create an environment where stocks ultimately rise to a record high over the next four years before crashing in spectacular fashion.

That’s right, the downturn that happened on the ASX recently was nasty. But it wasn’t the big event. Nonetheless, that volatile period scared many investors out of the market as they thought it was the big crash. As the market settles and begins to rise, these same investors will realise their mistake and begin piling back into the market.

When they do, stocks will take off again.

That can seem hard to believe with all the scary headlines in the papers. But that’s how markets work. Sometimes they scare the heck out of investors. Investors panic and sell. Then they panic and buy back in again.

The result will be what I see as a four-year rally that will take stocks to a record high in 2018. And I don’t just mean a small advance from where the Dow Jones Industrial Average is today. I’m talking about the Dow rising another 50–100% from where it is today…and the Aussie index taking out a new high as it surges past the 2007 peak.

It could mean that the Aussie index doubles, perhaps triples from where it is today. Again, I know that may sound outrageous. It’s supposed to. Bull markets tend to begin when the market is in the throes of despair.

But you shouldn’t for a moment think that I’m cheerleading for stocks to go higher, or that I’m ignorant to the problems facing the world economy.

This isn’t about stocks doubling over the next four years and then continuing to rise forever. This is about the events that are happening today that will lead to an extraordinary stock rally and then a just as extraordinary bust.

China isn’t the only fraud

It’s not just the Aussie market and oil taking a beating — or gold, although it has rebounded recently.

The Chinese market continues to get roughed up. Despite China’s huge growth rate of 7.3%, the market still seems to be more focussed on the slowing growth rate rather than the aggregate growth.

It’s amazing. Even if China’s growth rate averages 5% in the years ahead, the economy will still double in size from where it is today in less than 15 years.

Just think about that for a second. As big as China’s economy is today, in 15 years it could be twice as big. At the moment China’s GDP is around US$10 trillion. The US economy’s GDP is around US$18 trillion. So if China grows at a 5% average growth over the next 15 years it will exceed the size of today’s US economy.

I don’t know about you, but to me that’s incredible.

And yet the mainstream can only focus on one thing, the potential for China’s economy to collapse. It explains this report in the Financial Times:

China’s foreign exchange regulator has uncovered $10bn in fake cross-border trade since April last year and has turned 15 cases over to police in a crackdown aimed at curbing hot money flows…

The gap between Chinese customs data on exports to Hong Kong and Hong Kong customs data on imports from China hit an all-time high of $28bn in March last year. The gap is viewed as a proxy for how much exporters are inflating their invoices. But by July this year, the gap had fallen to $9bn.

The outright inference is that dodgy things are going on with China’s statistics and trade numbers. I won’t argue with that. I’m almost certain things aren’t 100% above board.

However, let’s not fall into the trap of thinking China is the only economy that fudges numbers. Maybe you remember this report from 2012. But odds are you don’t, because very few media outlets reported on it at the time:

The mystery of the trainload of biodiesel that crossed back and forth across the Sarnia-Port Huron border without ever unloading its cargo, as reported by CBC News, has been solved.

CBC News received several tips after a recent story about a company shipping the same load of biodiesel back and forth by CN Rail at a cost of $2.6 million in the summer of 2010. It turns out the shipments were part of a deal by a Toronto-based company, which made several million dollars importing and exporting the fuel to exploit a loophole in a U.S. green energy program.

Well, what do you know? Import-export fraud. Only a fool would think this is the only case of import-export fraud crossing the US and Canadian borders. Doubtless there’s fraud crossing the US and Mexican border…and fraud with US and European, and US and Asian trade too.

Surely everyone must know now that any statistic that goes through the government ‘spin-cycle’ should be taken with a grain of salt. And lest anyone think that it’s only the dodgy foreigners who milk the numbers, take this from the ABC:

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey says he wants answers to the problems the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has had with unemployment figures.

Mr Hockey, who is in the US to discuss Australia’s G20 agenda, said last month’s unemployment figures were “extraordinary”.

The rate was 6.1 per cent after jumping to a 12-year high of 6.4 per cent the previous month.

The ABS has now taken the rare step of abandoning seasonal adjustment for its latest employment data.

It’s no doubt a stretch to say that fraud is in play with the ABS numbers, but it goes to show you that you shouldn’t trust a set of numbers, whichever government stands behind them.

China has problems. There’s no doubt about that. A country can’t go through a once-in-a-century growth spurt without it causing some distortions in the economy. But also remember that on its way to becoming the world’s biggest economy, the United States went through a huge growth spurt too.

It too had troubles (including a civil war) and distortions.

The bottom line is when you’re investing based on looking at the big picture, it’s important to actually look at the big picture, and not let the mainstream daily news cycle divert you from the right course.


Kris Sayce

Publisher, Money Weekend

Read the rest of this article at Money Morning

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Rob Kirby-US Dollar Money System Failing In Spades

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.


What does the extreme precious metals demand say about the global financial system? Kirby thinks, “What the western world is trying to hide from the rest of the world is the U.S. dollar centric money system is failing, and it’s failing in spades. The only reason it hasn’t failed yet is extraordinary levels of corruption and fraud have been used and employed to keep kicking the can down the road. They are also trying to keep officiating and hiding from the general public how broken the system really is. That’s been done basically by payoffs, bribes and ownership of the media; payoffs, bribes and ownership of the political apparatus; and payoffs, bribes and ownership of the biggest financial institutions. It gives things the appearance of being under control, but beneath the surface, things really aren’t under control.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

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Prophetic Overview of 2014: What Will 2015 Hold?

This is an overview of prophecies given about and in 2014, and how they've come to pass. The prophecies are listed in order based on the time that the word was spoken, and videos that have been posted. All prophecies recorded can be found on the previous videos listed. View and Share!

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Nibiru Bloodlines From Hell - Mind Control

We have been misled again. They came for the minerals, Now they will come back for Us. Nibiru's Fallen Left Here To Use, Manipulate and Control. Using Hollywood, Music, Government and Religion. They are wrecking ours minds with everything possible so we become shattered pieces with no core self.. Mind Control.

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Pneumonia Cured In 3 Hours Using Natural Medicine

The numbers are staggering. The eighth leading cause of death, in the United States, is pneumonia and influenza – killing over 50,000 people per year. Conventional medicine, in all its years of ‘wisdom’, advise people to get a flu shot for ‘prevention’. There’s only one problem – it doesn’t work!

Flu shots only weaken the immune system – especially when you consider that flu vaccines are loaded with unwanted (toxic) ingredients like, mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. Adding insult to injury, the most deadly cases of ‘viral pneumonia’ are treated with antibiotics – which are completely ineffective against viruses. Fortunately, once again, the natural health world has a solution – which has been systematically ignored by western medicine for decades.


One vitamin kills pneumonia on contact

Since the 1940’s, proven by Frederick Klenner, M.D. plus many other medical doctors, over 30 diseases (including pneumonia) have been easily cured by taking adequate amounts of vitamin C. In truth, the benefits of vitamin c have been well documented throughout history – in the scientific literature – and NaturalHealth365 has made it a point to highlight its healing powers – for some time now.

Ask any (honest) physician and they’ll tell you that antibiotics will not help you – if you suffer from a viral infection. But, even if your health troubles stem from an ‘unfriendly’ bacterial overload – vitamin C can do wonders without damaging your intestinal flora, which (eventually) compromises your immune system. Still not convinced that vitamin C can cure pneumonia?

Read More :

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US Gold Gone, Swiss Vote Underway, Brics heavily Vested, where did it all go?[video]

Does the US have any of the 8100 tons of gold it professes to have? It seems Russia and China think not. Many experts think it does not. Why cant the FED give countries their gold back? Where has all the bullion gone. Is Janet Yellen the FEDs 'Gone Girl'?

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Swiss Gold Vote – The Count Begins

from The Daily Coin:

Here we go! I spoke with Markus Mueller, who is a contact that our friends Claudio Grass and Taki put us in touch with. Markus explains how the vote works and where we stand as we are at the threshold of the vote count.

There will be a second update just after 7:00am Central time, US

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RussiaToday: ‘Miracle’ machine turns water into gasoline


Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.

The German company says it has developed an engineering installation capable of synthesizing petroleum-based fuels from water and carbon dioxide. READ MORE:



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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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VIP paedophile ring ‘abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle’

Seems like we’re getting closer to the top of the food chain. Jimmy Savile’s mates.

A teenage boy working at Buckingham Palace revealed he was groomed and sexually abused by a VIP

Heard the one about the peado at Buckingham Palace?

Heard the one about the peado at Buckingham Palace?

paedophile ring there.

The lad was also assaulted at the Royal Family’s Scottish retreat Balmoral, according to shocking Home Office files, reports the Sunday People.

In a heartbreaking note, the boy – then just 16 – told how he was the victim of “exploitation of the highest order”.


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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Future Technology that Will Change the World ~ A 2014 Documentary

Discussions concerning all matters of humanity's ascension into a higher dimensional existence culminating in 2012

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Just Released In 2014 by Mexican Athorities, Proof of Aliens

High Resolution for full screen viewing, proof of Aliens. "While many will not consider this solid Proof, it's only because of their own blindness and unwillingness to accept the obvious. To them I would ask the following questions, Why would these people leave such documentation? Why such stories in stone? Remember the phrase "It's not written in stone"? Well, this is, and it was hidden for decades, from their discovery. Why do you suppose that is?" michaelnew1962

SOURCES: michaelnew1962

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X22Report Current Economic Collapse News Brief - Episode 529

Current Economic Collapse News Brief - Episode 529 - YouTube

Get economic collapse news throughout the day visit

More news visit

Report date: 11.29.2014

In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not stop at just confiscating your wealth they will want your life. They want to enslave the people.

All source links to the report can be found on the site

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Canadian Police are stood down, bowing to common law Revocation Order nullifying Crown Authority in Canada

US Fires Nuclear Missiles As Saudi Secret Deal Backfires

Here’s How To Clean The Lungs In Just 3 Days

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Many people have never tried a cigarette and still have problems with the lungs, while others smoke for 45 years, and even after that long period their lungs are still functioning well … it depends from person to person, and below we will tell you a few tips how you can purify the lungs within three days.Here’s How To Clean The Lungs In Just 3 Days

-Two days before the process of detoxification, it is necessary to eliminate all dairy products from use. The body needs to get rid of toxins from the dairy products before the purification of the lungs.

-Before the first day of the regime, drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. It will release the toxins from the intestines. The lungs must not be overloaded with difficult work of any other part of the body during the purification.

-Drain two lemons in 300ml of water before breakfast.

-Drink 300ml of grapefruit juice. If you do not like the taste, you can replace it with pineapple juice. These juices contain natural antioxidants that improve the breathing system.

-Drink 300ml of pure carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. Carrot juice helps you alkalize the blood during the three days of purification.

-You have to drink 400ml of juice rich in potassium during lunch. Potassium acts as a tonic for cleaning. Before going to bed make 400ml of cranberry juice. It will help in the fight against bacteria in the lungs that can cause infections.

-Take care of your body and do exercises.

-A warm bath of 20 minutes each day will allow the body through sweating to lose more toxins.

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This Is What One Drink Of Soda Does To Your Body


by Joe Martino

Coke is the most valuable brand in history, and “Coca-Cola” is the world’s second-most recognized word after “hello.” However, the beverage itself is like a poison to the human metabolism. Coke is very acidic, it’s only one point higher on the pH scale than battery acid. Consequently it can clean surfaces equivalent to and often better than many toxic household cleaners.

It’s cheaper and easier to buy Coke in some third world countries than it is to access clean water.

Coke uses “public relations propaganda” to convince consumers and entire nations that it is an “environmental company” when really it is linked to pollution, water shortages, and disease.

People who consume soft drinks such as Coke have a 48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk, compared to people who did not drink the sodas at all or did not drink them every day. A study published in the journal Respirology reveals that soft drink consumption is also associated with lung and breathing disorders including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

On top of all of this, here is what coke does to the human body after you drink it.

The chemical that should be listed on this image is Bisphenol A, as there are two phenol groups in this chemical.

Hey, name's Joe and you are currently engaged in what I'm passionate about, C ollective Evolution, where this first appeared. I am a creator of CE and have been heavily at it for 4 years. I love inspiring others to make change and am excited to play an active role in making this all happen. Hands down the only other thing I am this passionate about is baseball. Email me:

"Blazing a path to natural health and wellness. Get natural health news, remedies and tips at"

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Ebola - Fear, Lies and The Evidence

Just about everything we've been told about Ebola since the beginning of the outbreak in west Africa, is wrong. The means of transmission, the incubation period, its persistence on surfaces, available treatment methods have all been systematically misrepresented. That's an extreme claim, and extreme claims must bear the burden proof, so let's take a look at the evidence.

read more

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Nibiru: The Elite Decided Our Fate? Did William Cooper Expose 'Nibiru Cover-Up' In His Own Words?

With major Earth changes now appearing all across our planet Earth as shared in the 2nd video below from the HawkkeyDavisChannel, the 1st video, a new compilation from MichailahGMX10831, uncovers the Nibiru cover-up in the words of William Cooper...his own. Was William Cooper killed due to what he knew and shared in this 1st video? Are astronomers across the world now being killed for what they knew and might have shared with others? Are the recent Earth changes we see in the 2nd video due to what Cooper warns of in the 1st?

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Delivered to UN General Assembly at around 4:00 PM today (Nov 24/14) by Ambassador Ron Prosor

Scientist Discovers US Population Infected with Alien Bacteria

carnicom institute header new

Morgellons Fibers-a

GEOENGINEERING and BIOENGINEERING: The Unmistakeable Link - Cliff Carnicom

Cliff Carnicom Retired government scientist, Cliff Carnicom's 2005 documentary, AEROSOL CRIMES continues to provide the most complete description of the destructive assault and terrorism of aerosol bioengineering and geoengineering into into the global environment.

While most aerosol geoengineering activists focus solely on the fallout of heavy metals and weather warfare, Carnicom has taken on the more frightening discovery of bio-engineered, self-replicating filaments associated with covert, aerosol spraying - aka "Chemtrails"


A May 17, 2014 description of Cross-Domain Bacteria (CDB) Isolation, by Clifford E. Carnicom


Wine/Peroxide Test For Presence of CDB Pathogens:

"I state clearly again that the pathogenic forms under investigation are repeatedly showing up in the general population, regardless of whether certain "skin anomalies" [Morgellons] are present or not." ...

" the general population is involved whether they would like to know of it or not. The pathogens found have now been discovered repeatedly across all major body systems and functions, including skin, blood, hair, saliva, dental(gum), digestive, ear and urinary samples." - Cliff Carnicom

These sub-micron sized filaments are engineered, synthetic life-forms most commonly associated with "Morgellons syndrome." - a systemic disease that manifests in a minority of victims as bizarre skin lesions.

The vast majority of victims infected with CDB bacteria may manifest no skin lesions or other noticeable symptoms. However, the Carnicom group has devised a diagnostic test to determine if asymptomatic members of the public are infected with the self-replicating filament without knowing it.

As a result, it is very disturbing that every member of the public who volunteered to submit to the test was found to be infected with the "alien", CDB bacteria when expectorant samples were examined under microscopy.

Two Important questions: 1) Is the Global population now infected with a bio-engineered, "alien" life-form sprayed from chemtrails that self-replicates inside the body? 2) Is an undisclosed vaccine available to protect the perpetrators from being infected with the CDB bacteria?

GEOENGINEERING and BIOENGINEERING: The Unmistakable Link - Cliff Carnicom


AEROSOL CRIMES - Documentary by Cliff Carnicom


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The Police in This City Haven’t Killed Anyone in Five Years

Public domain police officer

With the violence in Ferguson finally winding down this week, many folks are struggling to make sense of it all. I myself have read so many differing accounts of the events that transpired between Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, that I refuse to take a side on that incident, at least for now. What we can positively conclude though, is that the police are out of control in many parts of the country.

Michael Brown’s death aside, we’ve all seen the outrageous antics of the Ferguson Police Department this year. More importantly, many of us have seen the trigger happy nature of police in our own communities, and we’ve seen them get away with murder over and over again.

The police of course, almost never admit to being wrong. Only under extreme public backlash, will they begin to sheepishly admit that their department has a problem, and start reforming their practices. However, that’s not always the case. Some police departments have faced their problems head on, and with amazing results.

For decades, the city of Richmond, California was considered one of the most violent cities in the America. Just a few years ago, the city was among the top ten most dangerous places in America. While the city’s crime rate has seen a significant decline in recent years, it’s still a fairly dangerous city, with a total of 16 murders occurring in 2013. And like any city with a history of violence, you would expect to find an equally draconian police force to keep the population in line. However, you would be pleasantly surprised.

A spate of high-profile police shootings nationwide, most notably the killing of a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri, has stoked intense scrutiny of deadly force by officers and driven a series of demonstrations across the nation and the Bay Area. But in Richmond, historically one of the most violent cities in the Bay Area, the Police Department has averaged fewer than one officer-involved shooting per year since 2008, and no one has been killed by a cop since 2007.

That track record stands in sharp contrast to many other law enforcement agencies in the region, according to a review of data compiled from individual departments.

Many observers and police officials attribute Richmond’s relatively low rate of deadly force to reforms initiated under Chief Chris Magnus, who took over a troubled department in this city of 106,000 in 2006. Magnus implemented a variety of programs to reduce the use of lethal force, including special training courses, improved staffing deployments to crisis situations, thorough reviews of all uses of force and equipping officers with nonlethal weapons such as Tasers and pepper spray.

Whatever they are doing, it’s working far better than some of the neighboring police departments. Richmond isn’t far from several nearby cities that range in population and levels of violent crime. In fact, even cities that are significantly smaller than Richmond have more people killed by police.

In Oakland, population 400,000, 33 people were shot by police from 2008 to 2013, 20 of them fatally. In San Pablo, which borders Richmond but is less than one-third its size, four people were shot by police, two fatally.

In the jurisdiction of cities and unincorporated areas that hire the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office to patrol their streets, deputies shot and killed nine people and wounded six others during that period. Antioch had seven fatal shootings, and six people were wounded by officers. Concord police shot two people dead, and five total.

Concord is an interesting case because they have a very similar population size, and yet their crime rate is far lower than Richmond’s. Granted, the number of people their police have killed isn’t astronomical or anything. It’s just amazing that Richmond’s police force has gone so long without killing anyone in such a dangerous city. So how exactly have they pulled this off?

Perhaps most striking, while Richmond police have not killed anyone, other agencies have shot four suspects, killing two, while working special operations in the city since 2008. While anecdotes of suspects dying in a hail of police gunfire have been reported across the country — the teen in Ferguson was struck six times — the four people shot by Richmond police since 2008 were hit with a total of five bullets, and all survived.

“In training, we stress accuracy and accountability,” said Lt. Louie Tirona, Richmond’s lead firearms and tactics instructor. “We tell our cops from the get-go, ‘Every bullet has your name on it.’”

I find it especially interesting, that even though there have been a small number of police shootings, none have been fatal, or have involved more than one or two shots. Contrast that with other police departments that are notorious for emptying their magazines when danger arises. But cleaner marksmanship isn’t the only factor in reducing the number of police shootings.

More important than luck, said law enforcement expert Tom Nolan, is the culture within a department. If a chief has sent a clear message that instances of deadly force will be scrutinized, you can expect more officers to think twice before firing a weapon, or employ less-lethal means when apprehending a suspect, he said…

While police across jurisdictions have fairly uniform policies enabling them to use force when they deem there is a risk to themselves or the public, Tirona says the difference in Richmond includes the rigor of training, the emphasis on communication with armed suspects, the thorough review of all force used and the philosophy that force must only be a last resort.

Richmond officers undergo firearm training monthly and role-playing scenarios for disarming suspects four times a year, a higher average than many other departments, Nolan said. The role-playing exercises, in which officers bark commands while holding their guns and make split-second decisions when confronted by armed residents, began in 2008, the same time that officer-involved shootings in the department plummeted. Richmond cops shot five people, one fatally, in 2006-07.

Since then, violent crime in the city has plunged, no officers have been shot, and no suspects have been killed by officers’ bullets.

And most important of all, they quit acting like an occupying army, and started to foster a healthier relationship with the population they were policing.

Richmond police Lt. Shawn Pickett says Magnus changed the department from one that focused on “impact teams” of officers who roamed rough neighborhoods looking to make arrests to one that required all officers to adopt a “community policing” model, which emphasizes relationship building.

“We had generations of families raised to hate and fear the Richmond police, and a lot of that was the result of our style of policing in the past,” Pickett said. “It took us a long time to turn that around, and we’re seeing the fruits of that now. There is a mutual respect now, and some mutual compassion.”

What we as average citizens should take from this, is that most police involved shootings are completely unnecessary. Despite the cries of “officer safety” we hear so often from the media, the cops aren’t in as much danger as they’d like us to think. The ball is entirely in their court when it comes to the number of people they “have” to kill to protect themselves.

When the cops are better trained, face tougher scrutiny, and stop being so damn paranoid about the people they’re supposed to protect, nobody has to die.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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Caravan To Midnight - A Passionate Prophecy Play

Episode 160 – A passionate prophecy play. Historian and Professor of history Dr. Paul Merkley is with us the first hour. Then Charles Coppes. Finance, Stand by for reset.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

25 Most Radioactive Places On The Face Of The Earth You’ll Want To Avoid

list25 presents 25 Most Radioactive Places On The Face Of The Earth You’ll Want To Avoid. "In some form, shape or other, we are exposed to radiation everyday. However, these 25 places have a substantially higher concentration of radiation making them part of our 25 of the most radioactive places on the face of the earth. If you decide to visit any of these places, don't get mad at us when you look at the mirror and you see an extra pair of eyes staring back at you."

Radioactive Materials Stolen From Government Lab in Mexico

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Anonymous Operation: Bureau of Land Mismanagement

By Anonymous

Recently the BLM has been caught having 'public' meetings that do not conform to 'public meeting' laws. Are we surprised? Of course not! They are operating, as are all FOREIGN CORPORATE AGENCIES, under Color of Law and Fraud.The goal is to create areas of Critical Environmental Concern, meaning human-restricted management areas. These restricted areas have been a way for the federal government to gain further control of large masses of western lands and the resources. As proposed, nearly 3 million acres in Southern Nevada will be locked away from the people.


No Foraging in the King's Forest Because It Hurts The Peasants

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Juice that Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 1 week

by park jeery, Natural News:

These Following recipes will help to reverse your Type 2 diabetes in 1 week, especially when these juices are combined with the Death to Diabetes plant-based Super Meal Protocol; and, you avoid eating pasta, rice, potatoes, corn, and processed foods made with flour, wheat, gluten, sugar, corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats).Spinach and Celery JuiceIngredients:

3 Handfuls of spinach

2 celery stalks with leaves

1 carrot

1 green apple

1 cucumber (optional)Directions:

Wash and peel the carrot and green apple and remove the apple seeds. Juice the carrot and green apple together with spinach and celery.

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Why Does The British Royal Family Refuse to Visit Israel?

You won’t find the British royals in the holy land. The bizarre story of the refusal of British royals to visit Israel, while they are constantly in the Arab world, continues

“The Queen has never set foot in Israel and Prince Charles set foot there briefly only once, for the Rabin funeral,” Abrams, a former deputy national security adviser in the George W. Bush administration, observes.


“By contrast, in just the month of November 2014 we found Prince Andrew and Prince Harry at what the Foreign Office must have considered a diplomatic necessity: the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Prince Andrew also visited Saudi Arabia (at the request of the Foreign Office, it was announced).

“And Prince Harry also visited Oman. Now with all due respect, Oman is a country of 3.6 million people with a GDP of $80 billion. Israel is a country of 8 million people with a GDP of about $300 billion. No point in laboring the comparison, but one might add that Prince Charles visited Oman in 2013 and the Queen herself visited there in 2010.”

According to Abrams, there are 3 reasons to explain why the British royals refuse to visit Israel. ..

Read the rest of this story on The Weekly Standard…

The post Why Does The British Royal Family Refuse to Visit Israel? appeared first on Now The End Begins.

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Just Released In 2014 by Mexican Athorities, Proof of Aliens

High Resolution for full screen viewing, proof of Aliens. "While many will not consider this solid Proof, it's only because of their own blindness and unwillingness to accept the obvious. To them I would ask the following questions, Why would these people leave such documentation? Why such stories in stone? Remember the phrase "It's not written in stone"? Well, this is, and it was hidden for decades, from their discovery. Why do you suppose that is?" michaelnew1962

SOURCES: michaelnew1962

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Black Friday Flash Mob, Mall Riots 2014 (Video)

By Josey Wales

Right on cue, American's mob mentality continues. Year after year America starts the Christmas season off with gangs of people rushing to get Black Friday deals. They trample each other, beat each other and start small roits just to save a few bucks on Black Friday deals.

What would happen if diseaster struck slowing food supplies or in a grid down espisode? It's sad to watch America decay to this level. Our country is being divided right before our very eyes and the American people continue to feed right into it.

I am unable to name the town where this mall beating took place, but it happened right as the mall open at midnight.

Black Friday 2014 Urban Outfitters Massive Crowd Fight 11/28/2014

Black Friday 2014 Angry Man Attacks & Fights Kids Pulling Prank In Walmart

Mark Dice on Black Friday Zombie shoppers.


The Worst Black Friday Disasters

Critical Reads: More News Mainstream Media Chooses To Ignore By josey Wales, Click Here!

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“There Will Be Blood”: Petrodollar Death Means A Liquidity And Oil-Exporting Crisis On Deck

from Zero Hedge

Recently we posted the following article commenting on the impact of USD appreciation and dollar circulation among oil exporters, as well as how the collapsing price of oil is set to reverberate across the entire oil-exporting world, where sticky high oil prices were a key reason for social stability. Following today’s shocking OPEC announcement and the epic collapse in crude prices, it is time to repost it now that everyone is desperate to become a bear market oil expert, if only on Twitter…

Continue Reading at…

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How Will Obama React to This CIA Whistle-Blower?

Things Are Totally Breaking Apart! Dr. Jim Willie Thanksgiving Special 2014

Dr. Jim Willie joins Mephistopheles Lux and the TF Metals Report for a special Thanksgiving update of everything going on around the world and warns us right off the bat that we have reached "accelerated breakdown...we're seeing it in spades." Willie goes on to tell us what he's seeing as things are totally breaking apart in 4 areas. "They're playing with fire" our host warns.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Real Mind Control Sex Slaves We Know

Real Mind Control Sex Slaves We Know

By Red Pill Reports

Jamie Hanshaw, self confessed 'Conspiracy Theorist' goes deep into the rabbit hole and talks about the history of mind control sex slaves and the many current manifestations. She delves into the music industry's connection and key players. She also gets into Monarch programming. Nazi scientists brought in after WW2 in 'Project Paper Clip', followed by 'MKUltra', with experiments using LSD, psychotronic weapons and mind control. Jamie writes,

If you believe that slavery is a thing of the past, you are still a slave. The continuity of the practice of slavery on planet earth is staggering. The idea of owning another person is as old as civilization itself, going all the way back to ancient Sumer. Predating all other forms of coerced labor, not only is it ancient, but it is oh, so contemporary…and fashionable!

Some individuals, abused at an early age, begin the cycle of victimization and complete it as adults. Misdirection, confusion and fantasy play are used to confuse victims until they are not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality, creating disassociation in their minds.

The process used to create split personalities has to do with trauma-torture. By stressing the brain to a degree that it causes amnesiac barriers. If this protocol has been generational, the torture begins very early. This goes so far as a mother who carries the child is being tortured during pregnancy.

Signs and symbols we see in popular culture are clues to the widespread use of this. Listen to this riveting YouTube interview below, and decide for yourself. Are some of our most popular 'Pop Culture' icons really 'Mind Control Sex Slaves'?

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The Two Warning Or Precognitive Dreams

I've had a couple of dreams recently that turned out to be ... well, I suppose you'd call them warnings. As if someone was saying, "You'd better pay attention to this."

The first was on the night before we went on a holiday to Tenerife. We went to bed at the normal time, knowing that our flight wasn't until 3pm. So we had plenty of time, even though it takes virtually 3 hours to get to the airport at Bristol,

During the night, at about 2 o'clock, I woke. It was as if someone was saying I'd got the flight time wrong, "What me?" I thought, "Surely not, I'm so careful with this sort of thing."

But the feeling was strong enough to get me out of bed and look at the flight paperwork.

Yes, I had got it wrong. The flight was at 1pm not 3pm.

My rummaging about woke Karin, she said, "What on earth are you doing?" I told her the news and how we had to alter our plans.

Thanks to the dream warning we arrived in plenty of time for our flight.

The second dream was the night before last. Thinking about it perhaps it's more precognitive than a warning.

Again I woke up during the night. This time someone was saying there was a problem with my blog. "You won't be able to log into it," said ... I don't actually know if someone/thing said it or if it was just in my head. But either way it unsettled me.

First thing in the morning I had an email from Google stating:

"Your account is currently in a suspended state, meaning that you can not use the service. Log in to and follow the instructions to fix the suspension issues."

Suspended!!! What on earth for!!!

I was none too happy, especially when I clicked on the link (I knew it wasn't spam by the way) and couldn't get into Google admin. "What the ****!"

The email also stated:

"We believe that your account is a business account, which includes corporations, affiliates, sole traders, self-employed merchants or professionals, and partnerships."

I do earn a few pounds from Google ads on this blog, but hardly a fortune. It just helps to cover my Internet and phone connections.

Anyway, I still couldn't get into Google admin so I did a Google search. It appears that other bloggers, going back to 2012 have had this problem. To cut it short, I eventually found a (complicated) way to access the pages I needed.

That's it! Two dreams where I received messages. I must try and keep a Dream Diary, perhaps I'm missing a lot of other stuff! Who knows.

P.S. The image at the top of this post is for illustrative purposes only. I do not wear a nightcap in bed, neither do I snore or sleep with my mouth open ...

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Father And Daughter Re-United Through Coincidence

The UFO Timetable And The Melting Man

Black Bart And The Stage Coach Robberies Which Started As A Joke

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Pope meets secretly with Russians; “Rampaging” RCMP ordered to stand down by International Court Order

Caravan To Midnight - A Passionate Prophecy Play

Episode 160 – A passionate prophecy play. Historian and Professor of history Dr. Paul Merkley is with us the first hour. Then Charles Coppes. Finance, Stand by for reset.

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Freemasonry is the Common Denominator

Harry Truman in Freemason Garb

(From Sept 30, 2002)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the past, I have ascribed humanity's woes to a conspiracy of inbred British aristocrats, their American toadies, Zionists and central bankers. So far I have overlooked the most important ingredient, the "Freemasons" the world's largest secret society with five million members (including three million Americans.) Only their inner circles are aware that the "Craft" is in fact devoted to satanism.

The conspirators all belong to it. George W. Bush is a member. As a student at Yale Bush joined its "Skull and Bones" chapter and referred to it in August 2000 in these terms: "My heritage is part of who I am."

Dick Cheney and Colin Powell are also high level Freemasons. So is Al Gore and Ariel Sharon. Past Presidents FDR, Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan and Lyndon Johnson were also members. So are Henry Kissinger, Allen Greenspan and World Bank President James Wolfensohn. In fact devil worship seems to be a prerequisite for power and success today.

Freemasonry has been blamed for many cases of child sexual abuse and ritual murder. There are at least three books out about people who claim to have been brainwashed and sexually exploited as children by certain members of our power elite. "The Franklin Cover-Up" (get the 2nd. Edition, 1996) by John W. DeCamp describes a homosexual and satanic child sex ring based in Omaha, which serviced members of the Reagan administration. In "Trans-formation of America," (1995) Cathy O'Brien describes her experiences as a mind-controlled sex slave with members of the current and past administrations.

It gets more bizarre. In addition to oil, the war against Iraq is part of a long-term plan to establish the rule of satan on earth. The New World Order is Masonic in character. Sadaam Hussein (and Islam in general) represent an obstacle to the Masonic plan to rebuild Solomon's Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This will be the seat of a new world religion subtly devoted to Lucifer.

The war is the latest in a step-by-step plan to enslave humanity. For example, the United Nations' true character is revealed by the fact that the only religious chapel at its headquarters is run by a satanic cult, the "Lucis Trust." The name was changed from Lucifer Trust to make the nature of the organization less conspicuous. For more background, see an online article entitled "The Real History of Satanism."

The Satanists disguise their agenda in warm and fuzzy buzzwords like "economic justice" and "international peace." They are drafting a new world constitution called the "Earth Charter" which will have the authority of holy writ. Later this year, the Earth Charter will be presented to the United Nations in a pantheistic 21st Century replica of the Ark of the Covenant. Stephen Rockefeller and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is behind this initiative.

According to Joseph Farah, "these are dangerous and diabolical folks making long-term plans to seize even more power and destroy any vestige of freedom left in the world." World Net Daily, Sept. 24

I don't have the heart (or stomach) to explore the philosophy of Freemasonry in detail. I refer you to an excellent web site that contains articles and a list of over 50 books. It is called "Freemason Watch")

I only want to point out the essential difference between a true religion like Islam or Christianity and a naturalistic cult like Freemasonry. A true religion believes that God is the ultimate Reality (Truth, Love) and that man has the Spirit of God within. "God is a spirit and we worship him in spirit and truth." (John 4:24) Liberation is defined as overcoming the limitations of ego. This is what it means to be "born again." Jesus said, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32).

Collectively mankind is in a process of transformation, of becoming more God-like or "Real." By loving God and obeying our "higher" self, we outgrow our baser instincts. "Be ye therefore perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect," Jesus said. (Mathew 5:48)

Civilized life and culture involve a respectful debate about how to find happiness. I believe everyone must approach God individually, and therefore must be free to choose his own path.

In contrast, Freemasonry is a pagan cult that pretends to embrace all religions in order to negate them all. It says there is no God but man. Man not God is the measure of all things. Our lust for more power, money, and sex is unleashed. The lower instincts become the higher.

For the last century or more, the world has been subject to a subtle process of Masonic indoctrination. Religion is portrayed as irrelevant and "liberation" is defined as being able to have sex with anyone and to talk about bodily functions in public. Have you noticed how much toilet humor and stupid sexual jokes permeate prime time? This is the slippery slope of consciousness.

Recently a reader emailed to object to my "religious fundamentalism" saying that God could not exist or else He would not permit so much suffering.

We are God's agents. We embody His spirit to create heaven on earth. God can't do it without us, and He certainly can't do it if we succumb to satan.

Modern history is understandable only in terms of the ongoing campaign by the Illuminati (which infiltrated Freemasonry in 1781) to destroy Western Civilization and enslave mankind. Nesta Webster's book "World Revolution" (1921) and John Daniel's "Scarlet and the Beast" (Vol. 1, 1994) both describe this process.

Communism has been the main instrument of the Illuminati. (The Communist anniversary May 1st refers to the date the Illuminati was founded in 1776.) The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was probably an Illuminati document disguised as a Jewish one. Certainly, Jews like Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky dominated Communism but they were Freemasons first. They did not represent the Jewish people.

John Daniel believes that Bolshevik Russia was a French Orient Masonic state. He says the slaughter of millions of Russians by the CHEKA was Masonic ritual murder. He points to "the numerous Masonic symbols carved into the flesh of victims' heads, faces, necks and torsos." (495) The assassination of Czar Nicholas II and his family was also a Masonic ritual murder (512).

We don't hear much about the "holocaust" of educated Russians between 1918 and 1922. The Bolshevik Freemasons slaughtered 3,200,000 people. Husbands, fathers and brothers were compelled to watch as their wives, daughters and sisters were brutally raped. (497)

Published in "The Scotsman" on November 7, 1923 are the following counts of the slaughtered to bring about the Craft's "dictatorship of the proletariat":

"28 bishops, 1219 priests, 6000 professors and teachers, 9000 doctors, 54,000 officers, 260,000 soldiers, 70,000 policemen, 12,950 property owners, 535,250 members of the intellectual and liberal professions, 193,290 workmen, 618,000 peasants." (495)

John Daniel believes that the Second World War was essentially a civil war between two branches of Freemasonry. The English Grand Lodge built up Adolph Hitler in order to destroy Communist Russia, French Grand Orient Freemasonry's creation. After Hitler double-crossed his sponsors and made a pact with Stalin (threatening England), power swung from (English Grand Lodge Mason) Neville Chamberlain to (French Orient Mason) Winston Churchill. Nevertheless the English branch and its Wall Street satrap continued to back Hitler and later helped Nazis war criminals escape.

G.K. Chesterton said the study of history should be a study of power elites. Instead historians obscure and deny the truth. The more I read, the more I am convinced that the function of the news media, the arts, education and entertainment is to deceive and make us stupid. While we are numbed and distracted, our leaders carry out their orders under occult discipline (or blackmail.) As human life becomes degraded, it seems less worth saving. The devil is afoot and all-powerful. As long as he uses deceit, good people seem helpless to resist.

Three things give me hope. 1) The Constitution gives us the right to own guns. 2) The Internet. (Tyranny has never had to face instant communication.) 3) Our ingrained habit of freedom.

We must force the Satanists out into the light of day.

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"We Are In A Race For Time!" Thanksgiving Message From Ron Paul

Former presidential candidate Ron Paul joins us for a Thanksgiving message, a quite hopeful one at that, as Americans 'awaken' across the country at a greater rate than ever to our civil liberties being thrown away and the tyrannical government which seeks to further enslave us. While warning that we are in a race for time against the forces that seek to squelch humanity, Paul shares a sentiment we strongly agree with, it's great to live in America and our 1st Amendment and alternative choices to get and share information with others are a shining beacon of light for humanity.

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Scientists Discover Impenetrable Star Trek-Like 'Force Field' Surrounding Earth

Chuck Bednar for - Your Universe Online

Researchers using NASA’s Van Allen Probes have discovered a nearly impenetrable barrier that prevents the most energetic electrons from reaching Earth and protects both astronauts and satellites from potential harm.

A team of experts from MIT, the University of Colorado and elsewhere discovered the invisible shield approximately 7,200 miles above the Earth. The barrier blocks dangerous ultrarelativistic electrons from bombarding the planet by allowing them to get no closer than 11,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface.

According to Jennifer Chu of the MIT News Office, ultrarelativistic electrons comprise the outer band of the Van Allen radiation belt, and can travel around the entire planet in just five minutes. As they do, they bombard anything in their path, and exposure to such high-energy radiation could pose serious health risks to space travelers or damage satellite electronics.

However, the newly discovered invisible barrier prevents that from happening, keeping the high-energy radiation at bay thanks to a phenomenon known as “plasmaspheric hiss,” which the researchers identify has extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves in the upper atmosphere that resembles static when played through a speaker.

The shield was discovered in the Van Allen radiation belts, a pair of two doughnut-shaped rings above Earth that are filled with high-energy electrons and protons, University of Colorado professor Daniel Baker said in a statement. Baker and his colleagues report on their findings in the November 26 online edition of the journal Nature.

“It’s almost like theses electrons are running into a glass wall in space,” explained Baker, the study’s lead author. “Somewhat like the shields created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien weapons, we are seeing an invisible shield blocking these electrons. It’s an extremely puzzling phenomenon.”

The researchers initially believed that the highly charged electrons, which travel around the Earth at speeds topping 100,000 miles per second, would slowly drift downward into the upper atmosphere and gradually be wiped out by interactions with air molecules. However, the impenetrable barrier stops the electrons before they get that far.

“When you look at really energetic electrons, they can only come to within a certain distance from Earth,” said Shri Kanekal, the deputy mission scientist for the Van Allen Probes at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland and a co-author on the Nature paper. “This is completely new. We certainly didn't expect that.”

They analyzed several scenarios under which such a barrier could be created and maintained. They considered if the Earth’s magnetic field lines, which trap and control protons and electrons, might have something to do with it. In addition, they examined if radio signals originating from transmitters on Earth could be scattering charged electrons at the barrier, preventing them from traveling downward. Neither explanation proved to be an adequate solution.

Instead, it was the plasmaspheric hiss that was found to keep the radiation from getting too close to the planet’s surface. Based on their data and calculations, the study authors believe that this phenomenon deflects incoming electrons, causes them to collide with neutral gas atoms in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and ultimately disappear. Furthermore, they said the barrier appeared to be extremely rigid.

“It’s a very unusual, extraordinary, and pronounced phenomenon,” said John Foster, associate director of MIT’s Haystack Observatory. “What this tells us is if you parked a satellite or an orbiting space station with humans just inside this impenetrable barrier, you would expect them to have much longer lifetimes. That’s a good thing to know.”

Image Above: A cloud of cold, charged gas around Earth, called the plasmasphere and seen here in purple, interacts with the particles in Earth's radiation belts — shown in grey— to create an impenetrable barrier that blocks the fastest electrons from moving in closer to our planet. Credit: NASA/Goddard

NASA explained that, in addition to the radiation belts, there is a giant cloud of charged particles known as the plasmasphere that fills the outermost region of the planet’s atmosphere. The particles at the outer boundary of this plasmasphere cause particles in the outer radiation belt to scatter, removing them from the belt.

“This scattering effect is fairly weak and might not be enough to keep the electrons at the boundary in place, except for a quirk of geometry: The radiation belt electrons move incredibly quickly, but not toward Earth,” the US space agency said. “The Van Allen Probes data show that in the direction toward Earth, the most energetic electrons have very little motion at all – just a gentle, slow drift that occurs over the course of months.”

“This is a movement so slow and weak that it can be rebuffed by the scattering caused by the plasmasphere,” NASA added. “This also helps explain why – under extreme conditions, when an especially strong solar wind or a giant solar eruption such as a coronal mass ejection sends clouds of material into near-Earth space – the electrons from the outer belt can be pushed into the usually-empty slot region between the belts.”

> Watch an animation of the radiation belts with confined charged particles and plasmapause boundary.


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Keiser Report: Goodbye, Wealth! (E685)

▶ Keiser Report: Goodbye, Wealth! (E685) - YouTube

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that we are all Jack Johnson now - bankrupted by those we trust or, in the case of the central banks - distrust - all in the name of property speculation and other non-wealth producing speculative pursuits. In the second half Max interviews the founder of Nanex, Eric Hunsader, about high frequency trading, market making and scalping markets.

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Obama: 'I Can't ... Oh, Wait, I Did'

See video of reversal on using executive orders to address amnesty



Barack Obama has been talking about amnesty and using executive orders to do what Congress has refused to do for years.

It started even before he was president, when in 2008 he said, “I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that’s what I intend to reverse when I am president of the United States of America.”

A few years later, he said, “There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system.”

July 25, 2011, he said, “I know some people want me to bypass Congress, and change the laws on my own.”

In 2013, it was, “If, in fact, I could solve all the problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so.”

And then, “For me, to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.”

And he said, “With respect to the notion I can just suspend deportations through executive order. That’s just not the case.”

Further, he continued, “This notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. There are laws on the books that Congress has passed. There are laws on the books that I have to enforce.”

And, “We’re also a nation of laws, that’s part of our tradition.”

And, “I am not a dictator, I am the president.”

Then this year it was different: “I’m going to do what I can do through executive actions.”

And finally?

“There have been significant numbers of deportations. But what you’re not paying attention to is the fact I just took an action to change the law.”

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Gold? What Gold? Knox empty? Fed Empty? No Comex Gold? [video]

Does the US have any of the 8100 tons of gold it professes to have? It seems Russia and China think not. Many experts think it does not. Why cant the FED give countries their gold back? Where has all the bullion gone. Is Janet Yellen the FEDs 'Gone Girl'?

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GAIA PORTAL: Stabilization of release protocols is now complete

Musings On The Finite Statist Machine

Stabilization of release protocols is now complete

by √ČirePort

Stabilization of release protocols is now complete.

Preparation for "mass release" is now complete.

Attendant Gaia Light Influx is concomitant.

Fluctuations are finished.

Flames of Higher Transformation soon visibilizes for all hu-manity.

Prepare in Consciousness for Mass Expansion.

It is done.

√ČirePort | November 27, 2014 at 10:10 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

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Stage 4 Cancer Gone With Baking Soda Treatment


When Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, his options were few. The standard treatment required him to submit to bouts of chemotherapy and hope that the poisonous drugs that will be fed into his body can kill off cancer cells faster that they can kill off healthy, normal cells.

Chemotherapy represents a drastic measure that oncologists are all too eager to recommend and an option patients dread with good reasons. Often times, chemotherapy leaves the body drained and the immune system damaged.

When it fails, and it does fail often, chemotherapy severely reduces the chances of success of any subsequent treatment options. Yet 9 out 10 cancer patients turn to chemotherapy first.

In Vernon’s case, the prostate cancer was already advanced and had metastasized to his bones. Chemotherapy would have been long and expensive and there was no guarantee that those drugs would work.

So, Vernon took matters into his own hands. On his brother’s advice, Vernon decided to raise his body’s pH to combat the cancer spreading in his body. To do this, he sought to obtain cesium chloride.

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Every Day is Earth Day

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