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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NEW finding on 9/11/01 discovered 04/20/15 - STRANGE.


Believe it or not - NEW information on 9/11/01 discovered on 04/21/15 by Houston Skywatch.  I never thought there would be any stone left unturned on 9/11 research, and while doing my typical astronomical research which is mostly unrelated, I stumbled upon this.  I have seen it all on the web but have never seen this information anywhere else before.  It is a small bit of information but its point is VERY telling to the supression of the truth we are told.


Specific part in the clip about 9/11/01, coincidentally (and I'm not kidding) is at 9 minutes and 11 seconds into the clip:

I should mention as this has now been pointed out to me - I edited this video in the order of my findings in a specific format that I follow for all of my videos, with no time guidelines in place - and I assure you I did not at all control the fact that part 3, where the 9/11 discrepancy was, is 9:11 into the video.  This is a stunning coincidence in itself and I have no idea how this happened.  If you can't tell I presented quite a bit of information before even getting into the 9/11 info.  I have total control over it but do not keep track of my seconds and only go off of general minutes of time to keep the clips of reasonable size.  I do not place anything at certain time frames.  I only edit for reasonable length clips.

This is not the sort of typical work we do, rather, we stumbled upon this by happenstance.  It was only discovered in the past day or two and is very bizarre info.  There is no logical explanation why is blank on all news sites leading up to 9/11.  The only reason I searched news sites was to illustrate how the site works, and I was shocked to see that all of the records are missing.  I also figured, there is a rumor that Donald Rumsfeld, at the time, said the day before that trillions of dollars went missing - so I was naturally curious to see if I could find a news report on it.  It is apparently extremely difficult to get anything removed from and you can only do so with a legitimate court order.  They treat their information like the Library of Congress and an official record of history.  

I'm not sure what you would call the fact that it just so happens to be at 9:11 into the clip, info about 9/11, perhaps, premonition?  Sheer chance?  I do not believe in coincidence and so I am honestly not sure.  Please do not let that take away from the evidence.  This is not the sort of work we usually do.   

Again, the fact that the relevant 9/11 portion is 9:11 into the video - being that I created this video from scratch - is beyond what I can put into words.  Houston Skywatch does not typically do this type of work, and so, it's very bizarre to me to say the least. 


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