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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The World Is Falling Apart All Around Us

The World Is Falling Apart All Around Us

Once in awhile (more lately) my instinct shouts that the world is falling apart all around us. It’s as though many world events coupled with failing economies are culminating into a coming disaster or series of disasters. And these are all man-made. The more that I read and research while searching for underlying truths in current events, and economic and political policies, there are times when I’m astonished that the world has held together so far – both at home and abroad!

We are certainly in a mess, and the following are just a few bullet-points that come to mind:


The Middle East

It has always been in turmoil, however polices by the puppet-masters have created huge ‘vacuums’ of power, resulting in civil unrest and civil war among the many nations there as governments are overthrown and replaced by ‘puppet’ regimes. The Shiite (Shia) and Sunni Muslim sects are battling for dominance.


The Yemen situation has recently developed into an apparent proxy war backed by Iran – the Shiite (Shia) Muslim sect. Saudi Arabia is the holy grail of the Middle East (massive oil) while Yemen is strategically located directly south, and more importantly the ‘Bab el-Mandeb’ strait which connects the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden: it is the fourth-biggest shipping choke-point in the world by volume (3.8 million barrels a day of oil and petroleum products flowed through it in 2013) and is just 18 miles wide at its narrowest point.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has just commenced bombing (as of this post) and is deploying 150,000 troops. On one side of the latest proxy war in the Middle East are Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebel forces and their prominent backer, Iran. On the other side are the Suuni states led by Saudi Arabia. Where will this lead? No where good – that’s for sure…


The apparent center and puppet-master of Shia aggression permeating the Middle East while furthering their apparent goal of building a large Islamic ‘state’ (region). As confrontation between the United States (the west) and Iran escalates, they are forging alliances with Russia and China, making the situation that much more sensitive.

Iran nukes

The Ayatollah (Khamenei) has repeatedly vowed to wipe Israel off the map and Iran has declared the US as the great Satan. Iran has been on a road to nuclear weapons for many years, and may even already posses the ability. Regardless of their current timeline, they WILL (unless stopped) get there and it WILL radically affect the region’s stability. Saudi Arabia is also (apparently) now on a mission to procure nuclear capabilities since US policies have been ‘allowing’ Iran to continue. This will lead no where good.


Ever since the heavily Russian populated eastern Ukraine has essentially split from western Ukraine (as a result of western backed regime disruption policies counteracted by Russia itself), there has been a dangerous series of provocations and ‘one-upmanship’ by the puppet-masters in charge. We’re talking nuclear armed super-powers (NATO vs. Russia). This is not good.

EMP04 Russia Sanctions

The west has increasingly and now heavily sanctioned Russia. The US is seemingly anxious to pick a fight with a dangerous bear who is now backed into a corner. The question is, why (the ‘real’ reason)?


The fragile EU currency is apparently at a tipping point if Greece actually defaults. Everyone knows that Greece is entirely bankrupt – but it ‘cannot’ be allowed to default – else probable domino collapse scenario. We’re seemingly at the cusp.

EU currency

The currency has lost 35% of its value since last May! If it unravels (and it won’t take much), then LOOK OUT BELOW! Imagine the follow-on effects if EU nations revert back to their own currencies. You think this won’t affect you? You would be very wrong about that. Can you say, economic collapse?

China’s IMF equivalent

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is going to change the world. It is the IMF (International Monetary Fund) equivalent for the ‘East’, and it’s ready to launch. This AIIB is going to be a competitor to the IMF and the World Bank. The United States has been putting pressure on its allies not to join but one by one they are joining anyway.

The Dollar is going to lose

When you look at the development of the AIIB, and the BRIC nations as well who are going with the AIIB banking systems, you can see this is more and more of a move away from the United States and the dollar as a reserve currency and the United States as a world power. It’s a new millennium shift to the East that’s being overlooked by the mainstream media, but the implications of this are enormous.

Gold has moved to the East

For anyone who has put in the effort to understand Gold, you already know that most of the ‘west’ gold has moved to the ‘east’. It is unlikely that there is much gold remaining in western vaults. When the SHTF, the east will be in control of world ‘money’. It seems like this process has dramatically accelerated.

Stock Market bubble

For anyone who has put in the effort to understand the underlying reasons ‘why’ the stock market has roared ahead (although showing dangerous signs of popping), then you KNOW that the real reasons have little to do with ‘real’ economic health and prosperity. Therefore you know that this will end badly, and perhaps sooner than most think.

Propaganda is failing

There are cracks in the armor of the propagandists who have been repeating for years how well our economy is. More of the public are realizing that they’re mostly full of hot air and twisted numbers and statistics. While there is a sector of our society who have been benefiting well from the money pumping policies of recent years, the majority of people are not experiencing this prosperity.

False numbers

If you repeat a lie long enough, people will start to believe it. Therein lies the motivation for the propagandists to preach false numbers. Again, for those who have researched the various changes that have been made to how various statistics are now reported – you know exactly what I mean…

We’re broke

Not only are we broken, but we’re ‘broke’, as in no money… Any reasonably intelligent person knows that there’s absolutely no way this debt can be paid off and we’ve been recklessly borrowing into the future. We have lived so far beyond our means as a nation that the only thing keeping it going further is the dollar’s reserve status (which is rapidly failing), and keeping the blinders on the sheeple who continue to buy into the lies. One day this is going to collapse into a heap.

Head in the sand

The many important world and national events are NOT being reported, or not being reported in a way that gives you the ‘scary’ truth. Instead they fill you with distractions in their ongoing success at keeping your head in the sand. Okay, maybe not YOU who are reading this and are likely preparedness-conscious, but certainly MOST have no clue.

I could go on and on with more supporting concerns that our world is falling apart all around us, but I’m already at 1200 words in this article so I will stop here and let you comment regarding your own concerns…


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