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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Ins and Outs of Prepper Home Security

Prepper Home Security

There is a difference between home security and home defense. Security involves preventative actions you would take to reduce or to deter action by others and of course defense is reacting once a threat presents itself.

The title “ins and outs” is named thus, because you have to think about keeping others from coming in and if confronted by a threat how you might get out if you need to.

However, keep in mind unless your home is targeted for a specific reason, it will simply be one of many homes in the area. Attacks or attempted intrusions would likely be random events, unless once again, you are targeted for a specific reason.

Why Would Your Home Be Targeted (Security)

Something is inside your home that others want, but how do they know there is something inside they want. Usually people know because you tell them. People brag about firearms, they brag about being prepared, and often times try to bring others into the prepping fold, and soon everyone knows you are a Prepper with a large or it is assumed it is a large supply of firearms and other gear and materials just sitting there at your house.

Already some are saying let them come “I want them to know I am ready, so I am going to brag to anyone I see about how well armed I am because then they will stay away.” Good luck with that, because that does not work, and in reality only makes you a bigger and yes easier target.

Once someone knows something about you and about your security and defense then they can devise a plan to counter your security measures and defensive actions.

It is the uncertainty that is planted in a persons’ mind that may stop them from targeting your home. People with information will execute their plans based on information about you and usually given by you, by your actions and words. When are you home, what is your work schedule, and so on, is all information that can be used against you.

If a group knows you are armed then they may come with a larger, better armed group because now they know who and what you are. The point is if they know who, what, when and where then they can plan better to invade your home. Do not give anyone information that can be used against you.

If you brag about firearms that do not exist then you are in even worse shape, because someone may show up at your door wanting that so-called expensive rifle that you do not have to use for your own defense. Do not brag or bluff period, because someone somewhere will call your hand.

The guy at the pawn shop or at the gunsmith’s all talk to others, and while not being malicious they are still telling others about what you have and who you are. A pawn shop employee may comment on so-and-so buying a specific firearm or a number of firearms, harmless chatter usually, but some people remember harmless chatter.

Social media websites are hunting grounds for some people and they explore the sites sucking up clues and identifying future targets. You may think only your so-called friends are seeing all that you post, but do you really know, and there may be more to your friends than you imagine.

Security is often times about flying below the radar. If no one knows your home is there then he or she cannot target it. Of course there are people who know your home is there, but in most cases, they have no interest in your home, but those who troll websites and drive by your property are making assessments, deciding on whether your home should be a target, a target for them, so why make it easy.

Keep things to yourself and keep things offline, there is no reason that the whole world needs to know you just modified your AR-15 and have 1200 rounds stored for said weapon. No reason at all. Enough people already know.


You do not want people inside your home with firearms that plan you harm. Close quarter combat with firearms is like a knife fight, all parties come away bloodied. You want to avoid it and you want to avoid prolonged sieges where you are sniping at them and they are sniping at you.

You need an early defense system to let you know someone has breached your perimeter. Surveillance cameras, motion activated lights and motion activated alarms are some options, as well as, noise makers strung along trip wires. Once you have information early enough, you can plan to defend your property or escape if needed.

Professionals of course would expect defensive measures and will determine what the measures are and then develop a plan to counter the measures. It is not likely you would be attacked by professionals however. You could be surrounded by governmental agencies as well, and frankly you will lose the battle in either of the cases presented.

Your home will be isolated, power disrupted, water shut off and electronic signals would be jammed. This is an extreme case, but some of these measures could be used against you by anyone.

You have all seen the movies where the criminals cut the phone line, and possibly disrupt the power supply. This could happen, and once it does, you are under siege and you need a plan to get out. Keep them from getting in if you can and if not, know how to get out when you need to.

There is more to home defense than just shooting at intruders. Many people’s understanding of what would likely happen comes from television and of course the Internet is full of experts that gladly explain in detail what would happen. People can only express however, what they think they would do if they have never experienced it before, so keep this in mind.

Your objective is to be better trained than your opponent is, and when it comes to home defense your opponent is a criminal who wants inside to grab what valuables they can. You simply cannot stand and fight if attacked by governmental agencies that have gone rouge once the SHTF, or against a well equipped and well trained unit military or otherwise. Those that imagine themselves holding off a well armed group will end up dead, captured or otherwise put out of commission.

You have to know when to cut your losses and escape, so you always need an exit strategy and you are the only one right now that can determine the best one, because unless an expert has walked your property and evaluated avenues of approach and escape they really do not know either.

The information presented here is not a plan but a reminder. Stay rooted in reality. Many home defense articles today are based on when the SHTF. When society has collapsed and it is the Wild West 2.0. This is not a likely scenario, and even if it is, there will continue to be break-ins and home invasions that have nothing to do SHTF situations. These are right now the most likely situations in which you would find yourself.

You are not going to be slaying zombies or fighting the mad rush of refuges from large cities or marauding bands of militia. You will be countering burglars and looters that are for the most part opportunist. They will rattle door knobs until they find one unlocked. This is what you would be dealing with. This is not to say that you should ever underestimate their abilities however.

Their advantage is your fear, and so they push hard and fast to create fear and confusion. You simply have to be better trained, and equipped, and have a better plan, which all means you have confidence that quells the fear and then you can react appropriately.

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