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Monday, April 13, 2015

MK-Ultra Manchurian Candidate Reveals Assassination Training (VIDEO)

I published an article an article on how the mind control technology, present in the contemporary move The Kingsman, has already been in play for a long time. The extreme misuse of this technology is on display in the following video in which a lady, from Tucson, AZ., beginning at the age of four was terrorized by people associated with MK-ULTRA mind control techniques. She claims she was trained to be a super spy much like what we see in the Kingsmen movie. She was trained to have a photographic memory, pick locks and to assassinate selected targets.

After listening to this testimony, I am convinced more than ever that Sirhan Sirhan, the man who helped to murder Robert Kennedy, was just such an assassin.

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular weekly talk show, The Common Sense Show, which airs on Sunday nights from 9pm – Midnight (central) on the Republic Broadcasting Network and its 29 affiliate stations. Dave also hosts a website ( in which he writes daily articles on the geopolitical state of affairs both nationally and internationally. The theme of Dave’s show and website centers around exposing the corruption and treason which has invaded the presidency and Congress as well as their corporate and banking benefactors. Dave is an award winning psychology, sociology, statistics and research professor. He is also a former college basketball coach who retired as the winningest coach in his college’s history. A mental health therapist by training, Dave brings a broad based perspective in his fight against the corrupt central banking cartels which have hijacked the US government. Dave and his wife, Nora have one son and they presently reside in rural Arizona approximately 25 miles north of the greater Phoenix area. Dave was drawn to the fight for freedom when the globalist central banking forces, led by Senator John McCain, attempted to seize his home and property and that of 300 of his neighbors, without one dime being offered in compensation. This attempted public theft of private property was conducted for the purpose of securing cheap land in which the globalists intended on putting in an international highway through their area known as the Canamex Corridor. Dave’s community appointed him the spokesperson and eventually his community won their fight against the bankers and their front man, Senator McCain. This event launched Dave’s career as a broadcaster and an investigative journalist. Dave’s website presently enjoys over a half a million visitors every month.

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