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Friday, April 10, 2015

Iran Calls Obama Liar, Yemen War Intensifies, Economy Dives Again

The Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran has weighed in on the Nuke deal, along with his subordinates, and has said that the White House and the President are liars. There is going to be no inspections of their military facilities, and they are not going to stop enriching uranium. Also, the President said the sanctions would be lifted gradually as the Iranians complied with the deal, and Iran now says they demand sanctions be lifted at the signing of the deal; otherwise, there is NO DEAL. They had me at “liar.”

Iran is now reportedly sending warships to the Yemen coast. Egypt is also sending warships and troops. Egypt and the rest of the world has much to lose if the Strait of Mandeb is shut down by either war or terror. If the Mandeb Strait is closed, that means the Suez Canal will not produce revenue to Egypt, and things like oil shipments will stop and be forced to go around Africa to get to Europe.

The economy showed yet another sign that it is in trouble. Wholesale sales have plunged and are joining the declining factory orders. The March Fed minutes were released, and the Fed is reportedly split on raising interest rates. My friend Gregory Mannarino of called me and said the Fed has turned into a “circus.” Mannarino contends the Fed knows that if it raises interest rates, the economy gets killed. I agree.

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