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Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Night at the Movies – The Survivalist


Happy Weekend one and all. You are out and about the net on a Friday night, looking for some action. Naturally you are in the right place to find it. This IS the Real Revo Theater and you just can’t find more fun than a barrel of monkeys just anywhere. Sometimes it is just overpowering in here. People lose their equilibrium here. It’s like having an internet induced case of Vertigo almost. It’s hard to explain so stick around and you will see what I mean.

It’s good to be able to select movies for our viewing pleasure in an unconstrained manner. I know that it’s also very cool to find a movie that has something to do with current events. It can actually be VERY cool. Then sometimes it’s good to just get out there on the net and let the horses run. It’s good to just go find something really freaky and bring it on in here. Tonight I think we have something that borderlines on those parameters.

Of course the crowd that frequents this establishment does often enjoy any Pockeelypse Survival movies. We have spanned several decades of such. 70s survival movies are quite good but the 80s did take it up a notch or two and it is from this era of survivalist movie that the movie with the most straightforward title in all of survival movies is from.

I did my due diligence and subjected this wonderment to the Ten Minute Test. I found the cheesiness to be up to the level we all here expect. There are a lot of things I liked in the short bit I have previewed. There is a television news anchorman who is out of this world funny. For some reason when I watch him I think of Mr. R.D. Walker. It’s not that they really look alike but the whole shtick is like something RD would do if he were doing a spoof of the news. For some reason I just found the news guy to be hilarious.

There is one serious flaw that I saw in the plot early on. No man who is put over as prepared as our main character would make the error in judgment that this guy does, for which he pays a heavy price. It was just all around wrong and if you are the lead character in a movie entitled “The Survivalist”, nonsense like that can’t be happening.

There’s a lot of bad acting and thus far as I have seen, a fairly bad plot going on. Sweet. I can’t get enough of this kind of thing.

Canned Spam and vacuum canned water will sustain us as an in flight snack and beverage for our night’s journey.

Our Friday Night Flight takes us to the Pockeelypse with The Survivalist…

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