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Thursday, March 26, 2015

CERN Scientists Find HORROR

The Hadron Collider back at the 100 square mile CERN Lab in Geneva has opened up HORROR.

The original intention was to smash the tiniest of the tiniest atoms and form a black hole so that it can envelop the entire Earth and bypass the containment units which then they can celebrate and lavish in the victory of atoms spreading out into the world disintegrating everything in an expansion of quick deterioration black hole style... but instead of that success they found HORROR.

The HORROR for the CERN Scientists is that there was no black hole to be formed. CERN has failed in creating a black hole to eat the Earth. CERN is mad and scientists are terrified that no black hole happend. The HORROR of Failure! The Failure of utopian suicide is the HORROR that top physicists fear the most! Oh the HORROR.


But do not worry, our brave and smart top scientists are DETERMINED to create a black hole on this earth so that everyone living on Earth can experience the euphoria of being sucked into one as it expands and eats the entire planet including their makeshift containment measure gimmicks. Now THAT will be a success according to CERN top rated highly paid scientiists who want to feel the love of a swirling atom shredding Black Hole.

Black Holes are safe to stick your hand into one, the same as a garbage disposal, ok to stick your foot in one as long as the blades are spinning at top speed. You will feel the love and joy of atom disintegration... including light beams. If light can't escape Black Holes, then its safe to jump into one as any creature. Especially when it continues to expand.

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