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Monday, March 23, 2015

Here Comes Another Unconstitutional Executive Order

Fellow Conservative,

A new Obama executive order is coming and this one is going to be a doozy. The President plans to increase taxes by executive order!

Barack Obama simply doesn’t have the authority to do this, but members of his administration are adamant that the President is going to unilaterally close tax ‘loopholes’ in order to increase tax revenues.

Obama may have campaigned on this issue, but he always promised to accompany closed loopholes with tax rate cuts. Regardless of what he may have promised, he does NOT have the power under the Constitution to levy taxes on his own.

Democrats want the President to use executive orders to raise taxes by $100 Billion. Instead of working to draft legislation, Congressional Democrats are working with the White House to find loopholes that allow the President to act without Congress.

The American people didn’t elect a king or an emperor… they elected a President. The majority of Americans polled – 57%, to be exact – in a recent CNN poll admit that they want the next President to roll back Obama’s policies.

Yet, instead of accepting this reality and choosing to govern from the middle, Barack H. Obama has moved even further to the Left and doubled down on his radical agenda!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from unilaterally raising taxes! Obama’s plan is IMPEACHABLE!

Right now, the Federal government is bringing in record-high tax revenues. But that still isn’t enough to balance Obama’s budget. The government is still spending more than it brings in.

That is at the heart of Obama’s tax-and-spend agenda.

And where Republicans refuse to fund his agenda, President Obama has promised to expand the Federal government “by hook or by crook.”

“Where [Congressional Republicans] are not willing to work with us, we will do it administratively,” Obama told the Huffington Post. Unfortunately, you see this happening all over the place.


Congress refuses to pass gun control? Obama’s ATF tries to ban some of the most popular ammo for the AR-15…

Congress won’t pass new environmental regulations? The President announces a crackdown on hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) on Federal lands…

Congress shoots down the DREAM Act and other attempts to legalize illegal aliens? Obama just legalizes them on his own by executive order…

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive and it all points to a President who completely disregards the limitations the Constitution places on the office.

But now, we have a President who actually wants to take more money from taxpayers by executive orders.

Only Congress – specifically the House of Representatives – can create revenue-generating legislation. The Constitution is clear on that.

During a press conference last week, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told Conservatives “to not lose any sleep over” the President’s plan to raise taxes by executive order.

Really? Here we have the most unconstitutional President in U.S. history threatening to unconstitutionally raise taxes on the American people and the best they can offer is to tell us not to “lose any sleep” over it?

You work hard for your money. We all do. You should be furious that this Imperial President is now reaching his hands into YOUR pockets to fund his radical Leftist agenda.

This is the worst thing that Obama has done yet. He believes that he is a king. He believes that he has the power to raise your taxes whenever he wants.

It is up to YOU and the millions of patriots around this country to prove him wrong!

Impeachment may be a long-shot, but it is a shot that we must take. This President cannot be allowed to operate unchecked. Every day that Congress stalls is another day that Barack Obama can shred the Constitution without recourse.

You need to rise up. You need to DEMAND that Congress impeach this President once and for all. And if they won't you need to tell them that you won't rest until every RINO and Obama-sympathizer in Congress is defeated and replaced!

Tell Congress that the only one way to stop this out of control President is IMPEACHMENT! If you won't demand it, who will?


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily

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