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Monday, March 30, 2015

John Haller Prophecy Update "I Really Don't Know Where to Begin"

Is there an invisible hand working in the Middle East. Seems that Operation Mass Confusion is occurring there, with a schizophrenic foreign policy from the US and countries scrambling for control of the region. The lack of American leadership under this administration has turned the Middle East into a hotbed of conflict, one which will not soon be extinguished, barring significant concessions. But who will have to give in? The US is demanding Israel retreat to the pre 1967 borders to institute a 2-state solution, but yet does not condemn the Palestinian Government for it's coddling of Hamas and Hezbollah, both who call for the destruction of the Jewish state. In addition, our great country has taken HAMAS and IRAN off of the terror watch list. Can you blame Israel for being a bit nervous about the US negotiating a nuke deal after our President so efficiently negotiated for the release of Bowe Bergdahl? Join John, who despite him not "knowing where to begin" as he tries to untangle the ever-changing picture in the Middle East and our country's role in destabilizing the region.

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