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Friday, March 20, 2015

White House Prepares For War - Pray


William Mount

White House Prepares For War - Pray

Wed Mar 18, 2015 17:44

Several days ago the Obama Administration ordered the deployment

of our Nuclear Forces.

Please Pray - (Visualize) that the war is stopped and those responsible become so sick they can never move again for he rest of their lives)

Nothing happened.

The 5 star went to the 4 star.

The 4 star went to the 3 star.

The 3 star went to the 2 star

The 2 star went to the 1 star.

By now over 150 people are in the loop calling around to find out why the Nuclear Forces did not moves

The one star went to the Navy Captain and found out what had happened and promptly relieve the Navy Captain and re-assigned her

to the CNAP Staff.

Apparently Naval Captain Heather E Cole ran the organization who's aircraft allowed the President and Secretary of Defense to communicate with the Nuclear Forces of the United States Corporation - the "Strategic Communications Wing 1" out of Tinker Air force Base in Oklahoma.

Affirmative Action at it's finest.

Obama and his staff lost total control of our Nuclear Weapons for days

- Days.

Think about it - they lost total control of 65,000 Nukes for days.

Captain Brian McCormich was instantly assigned to get the communications network operational.,

As we speak over 65,000 US Nukes are being deployed around the world.

What should bother you is the 6 Nuke Submarines being deployed on the US West Coast.

Think about it.

A US Submarine with 12 missiles containing 144 Nuke Warheads with

a range of 1,500 miles off of Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.

1,500 mile range - not even far enough to hit Hawaii.

Four more off the East Coast and 4 along the Gulf Coast.

This means that 14 Nuke Submarines containing 2,016 Nuclear Warheads are being posted off of our coasts ready to launch.

So where do you suppose the targets are?

An Old Submarine Commander I knew had no clue where he was to go or where he was to launch his 144 Nukes if he was deployed for WW3 but if he was deployed off the US Coasts he was told the targets are in the Unites States --- 2,106 Nukes --- 15KT Nukes --- pointed at the United States by US Corporate Submarines.

This also means that the Communications Cables that run out 200 miles into the ocean - like the several cables next to "The Elephant" at Coronado Bay (CA) , the one at Pacific Beach in Washington, etc are all running at full capacity.

This means that all up and down the coasts these cables are in full operation blowing up hte brains of Whales, Porpouses, Dolphins, fish, etc.It is, at best, a mass slaughter of whatever sea life is left and at

worst the end of Planet Earth.


Navy Strategic Air Wing Commander Fired |

Does it not appear that the Obama staff is utterly mad and suicidal?

It also appears that the Secretary Of Defense can launch Nuclear Missiles as well as the President. That is utterly insane and beyond incompetent.

Time to really pray for help.

Dr William B. Mount
NESARA- Restore America - Galactic News

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