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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Nimrod Technology



Many people have heard the quote from Britain’s Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli when he said that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. One should keep that in mind as they wind their way through the darkest pages of conspiracy history.

There are many in this world that are well aware of the convoluted history of the secret societies and their occult practices. Some of them include the Rosicrucians, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the P2 Lodge, the Priory of Zion and the CIA.

However in the beginning there were the Masonic Brotherhoods.

Nimrod was a king of the great city and it is still questioned as to whether or not he was just a product of mythology in the bible because he is merely a cameo figure who was a stone mason that declared himself king of the world.

For a Cameo figure, he influenced a lot of biblical prophecy and may be responsible for the organization of many secret societies that may sound familiar to those who are aware of such things.

Tradition states that Nimrod established a secret fraternity of builders. This is what is known as the ancient brotherhood of masons. According to traditional mythology Nimrod organized this order to build a great Tower. The reason for this construction was that Nimrod wanted to contact God.

He wanted to leave the Earth, and in other mythologies Nimrod was a great hunter and it was theorized that Nimrod was not the hunter of animals but the hunter of men. Religious myth says that Nimrod wanted to be God and so in order to do so he had to build a tower and then when he saw God he would aim his bow and sleigh God.

This bold attempt to crash heaven, or create a space tower to God’s presence was punished with total destruction of the tower as well as the confusion of languages.

Undaunted, Nimrod’s stonemasons were appointed to construct the Temple of King Solomon.

The temples were built as places where secret ordinances and rituals could be carried out. People went to the temple in order to learn about ancient wisdom and occult symbolism. It was a literal secret school where the secrets of the universe were revealed. The officiator would give histories, covenants and declare blood oaths as certain secrets of sacred geometry were given and the patrons were warned not to reveal these secrets to anyone who was not a fellow mason.

The inaugural ranks of Masonry were established, that of "Entered Apprentice", "Fellow Craftsman" and "Master Mason.”

While in these temples special clothing was worn, such as aprons, breastplates of precious metals, an "Ephod" and miter worn by the officiator.

The only explanation I can find to describe temple vestments for these secret ceremonies is in Exodus where Aaron wore the temple vestments which were described as a breastplate; a robe; a fringed tunic; a headdress, which included a gold plate hanging down on the priest's forehead, and a sash.

On the shoulder, pieces of the "Ephod," which was made of gold, blue, purple, and crimson yarns, were two stones with the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on them. The names were carved in reverse thus creating a seal that could be used to imprint these names in rituals. Also, one imagines that the flashy colors of the engraved gemstones had a hypnotic, evocative effect as well as they summoned God in their rituals. These took place in the Temple of Solomon, which was built on the Earth's alleged "foundation stone" (according to Jewish belief), and is meant to act as a gateway to Heaven.

Similar stories are told about the tomb of "Christian Rosenkreutz," the founding sage of Rosicrucianism, who is supposedly buried there in a death-like sleep waiting to be awakened. There is a Rosicrucian ritual, preserved in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, that describes the interior of the tomb, said to be located "in the center of the Earth" and lit by an "artificial sun." Tracy Twyman explains the layout of the ritual chamber in her article The Real Tomb of God, written for Dagobert's Revenge, where she discusses the Adeptus Minor ritual of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

In this ritual the aspirant is made to pretend that he is in fact the discoverer of Rosenkreutz’s tomb... The tomb, says the ritual, has seven sides, upon which are written “emblems”, etched on colored squares that appear to the naked eye to be “flashing.” Behind each of these flashing squares is found a drawer, each one containing a part of the sacred mystery writings which are the “Corpus Rosicianicum” of the Brotherhood.

Masons, Rosicrucians, Templars, Mormons and others who are familiar with the secrets of “the rituals” realize that these rituals are allegedly thousands of years old and they are in place to develop a sort of union amongst those who are of one mind, with one ideal, with one purpose. It all boils down to a virtual takeover of that ideal or purpose and to control and manipulate to bring about a certain goal.

Benevolent goals or malevolent goals?

It’s up for debate.

There are those that argue that this is Satanic blasphemy and has its roots in pagan ritual, and therefore is a an evil plot to control governments, religions, elections, constitutions, banking, business and the list can go on.

After the Tower Of Babel the ancient Old Testament texts say nothing about any type of attempt to harness cosmic power and use it as a weapon or a way to communicate to God.

The apocryphal Book of Jasher recounts details about the Tower of Babel that are quite insightful and alarming when one considers the implications of a civilization that may have been technologically humble at the societal level, but advanced in terms of being in reach of some kind cosmic scale technology or weapon of mass destruction; a result of the scattered, or perhaps lost technology from the antediluvian world. No matter the finer details of how such a technology or science might have looked in the days before the great flood, the greater point is to recognize that we are living in the days of Babel once again, where some kind of technology and science will redefine our world and spark a new age, and with it a new level of power than man can wield to destroy itself.

The Book of Jasher also records the destruction of the tower itself, soon after the dispersion of the people:

And as to the tower which the sons of men built, the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up one third part thereof, and a fire also descended from heaven and burned another third, and the other third is left to this day, and it is of that part which was aloft, and its circumference is three days’ walk.

Here, we see God bury a third of the tower, burning a third of the tower by reigning fire down from Heaven.

Back in 1952, just seven years after WW2 and early in the development of the breakaway civilization, the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, or more commonly referred to as CERN (Council for Nuclear Research) was formed. The mandate of the group was to establish a world class fundamental physics research and organization in Europe. CERN has come a long way since the idea to formulate such a group was proposed back in 1949 when the focus was purely on understanding the inside of the atom, hence the name nuclear. Today, its main focus has been on particle physics, which includes looking at antimatter, and searching for the Higgs Boson, more commonly known as the “God Particle.” In order to conduct this research, its main tool has been the LHC or the Large Hadron Collider. What’s interesting to note is the size of this world-renowned particle accelerator:

The LHC consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way. Inside the accelerator, two high-energy particle beams travel at close to the speed of light before they are made to collide. The beams travel in opposite directions in separate beam pipes –- two tubes kept at ultrahigh vacuum. They are guided around the accelerator ring by a strong magnetic field maintained by superconducting electromagnets. The electromagnets are built from coils of special electric cable that operates in a superconducting state, efficiently conducting electricity without resistance or loss of energy. This requires chilling the magnets to ‑271.3°C -- a temperature colder than outer space. For this reason, much of the accelerator is connected to a distribution system of liquid helium, which cools the magnets, as well as to other supply services.

It is interesting that they would create conditions colder than space itself; however, the more pressing issue is the size of this accelerator. With a circumference of 27 kilometers, or 16.777 miles, this is a fairly large construction for simply testing particle beams. Furthermore, aside from trying to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang, the folks at CERN are quite literally trying to rip into the fabric of space-time and see into other dimensions. In an article published on January 1, 2013 by the The Guardian titled, Higgs boson was just a start for CERN’s atom smasher -- other mysteries await, Andy Parker, a professor of high energy physics at Cambridge is quoted as saying:

“What you’d expect is that as you reach the right energy, you suddenly see inside the extra dimensions, and gravity becomes big and strong instead of feeble and weak…There could be a whole universe full of galaxies and stars and civilizations and newspapers that we didn’t know about…That would be a big deal.”

In an article published by The Telegraph in 2008 titled “Time travelers from the future ‘could be here in weeks,’” coinciding the launch of the LHC, many comments about the potential of this device creating wormholes were made. In one such example:

“Prof Aref’eva and Dr Volovich believe the LHC could create wormholes and so allow a form of time travel. ‘We realized that closed time like curves and wormholes could also be a result of collisions of particles,’ Prof Aref’eva says.

Then there was the mention from the website in an article titled “CERN Challenges the gods,” that there are apparently, “three dangers inherent in the CERN insistence on going full speed ahead despite all the warning signals: strangelets turning the planet into a smoking asteroid the size of a baseball park, a micro black hole swallowing the earth from the core outwards, if not the sun, and/or the generation of a huge amount of energy equivalent to a thermonuclear bomb per second.”

Hollywood has attempted to show how us just how powerful and dangerous a facility like CERN can be. One of the few examples TV shows and films dealing with the power of CERN or a collider was the one season TV series “Flash Forward.” The series revolves around the lives of several people as a mysterious event causes nearly everyone on the planet to simultaneously lose consciousness for two minutes and seventeen seconds on October 6, 2009. During this blackout, people see what appear to be visions of their lives on April 29, 2010, a global "flash-forward" six months into the future.

It turns out the mysterious event is the powering up of a large supercollider.

There is also a supercollider that creates the horror in the movie Stephen King movie The Mist. The Arrowhead Project, being carried out in a military facility opens a doorway to another dimension which allows in flying serpents, mantis-looking insects and other frightening creatures through the portal and they eventually invade New England.

Though it was never made certain in either the novella or the finished film whether or not the Arrowhead Project truly was what released the Mist and the creatures in it into our universe, the original script for the film included a prologue scene. In it, the scientists and military at the Arrowhead Project base successfully opened a portal to another dimension inside a tank.

However, lightning from the storm struck the base, causing the portal to begin to expand and the Mist and the creatures began to pour through. Despite the Arrowhead Project personnel's attempts to close the portal, the creatures broke out of the tank which the portal was contained in, allowing the Mist to flood into the base and then presumably begin to spread across the country.

The creatures were everywhere attempting to destroy the world.

On the Campus of CERN is Shiva the Destroyer of Worlds. Shiva is the same or the equivalent to the Babylonian Bel. Bel is "another name for the horned god Baal," and the name Satan was also used to describe the God Baal. The magnetic helioscope used at CERN was called SATAN. SATAN was an acronym for the Solar Axion Telescopic Antenna.

CERN is located in Geneva. Geneva and "Saint Geniis" are similar to the word "Genesis.” The purpose of CERN is to find the Origins of Man and the Universe. They want to open a doorway to another dimension and find God. CERN can also be taken from the ancient term Cernunnos meaning the horned one. It makes one question the true purpose of CERN and what God or power they wish to harness.

Some believe that this indicates that the mission of CERN is to open a hole or abyss and bring back Apollyon. Apollyon or Apollo is the god of destruction.

Nostradamus may have predicted a possible wormhole or electronic vortex event in Geneva when he wrote in Century 9, Quatrain 4:

“Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you, Saturn (Satan) will be converted from gold to iron, RAYPOZ will exterminate all who oppose him, Before the coming the sky will show signs.”

Many people have tried to interpret RAYPOZ as being the name of the antichrist. But as you can see CERN has used SATURN/ SATAN or CERNUNNOS as a RAY BASED POSITRON SOURCE. This power can be used against the Earth.

Could there be an underlying agenda to bring through a dimensional doorway entitles that can be described as “aliens” when in reality they are demonic entities brought forth from the underworld?

Imagine the real tangible appearance of entities that do not belong in this world. Imagine how the possibility could be abused and the fear of such entities would create a need for a world entity to combat the menace.

We now can see that the there are some very curious things about the ancient Tower of Babel concerning what they were building, why they were building it, and who might have assisted in the development of such technology. The implications suggest that there was help from the “Watchers,” “Aliens,” Demons or other forms of intelligence that guided in the process. And while this idea echoes throughout ancient mythologies, it is remarkable to consider the possibility that something very similar is happening today.

Could the development of such devices as the Large Hadron Collider be a strong indication, that we live in the times before Noah, where cosmic technology may have existed and mankind was in contact with fallen angels?

CERN has now thrust us into discovering an occult science that can be seen as dangerous as it literally is meant to cut through the veil of dimensions giving it the power of a stargate.

Some people actually believe that the use of the Large Hadron Collider could trigger or force the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.

In essence the powers of the world are using their machinery and occult rituals to build a better antichrist presence on the planet and insure that the people will follow the administration of the new order blindly and fully as they fear a demonic world.

The intelligence corps that has kept secrets regarding a possible demonic alien presence from us knows exactly when and how to implement the reality for their own proposes.

We may receive information telling us that the time barrier has been conquered and that the dimensions will reveal that there are more things in Heaven and Earth that can be dreamt of in any philosophy -- or any dimension.

The future will be forged with new revelation, wonder and a war of what we should or should not be doing with our scientific leaps.

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