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Sunday, March 15, 2015

SHTF in Russia? /Posted: 3/13/2015 7:11:44 PM EDT

I’m going to go full retard here… Something is up.

Update 11:06 Sat – Kremlin complex power restored after 3 hour black out.

First reports of black out started showing up around 7:44PM EST. Lights came back on just a few minutes ago at around 11:05PM EST.

Update 10:48PM Sat – Entire Kremlin complex has gone dark.

Kremlin as it normally looks.

Current live image as of a few minutes ago showing Kremlin blacked out

Live feed showing Kremlin complex currently blacked out

Russian Tanks Position Themselves Around Moscow?

Saturday, March 14, 2015 13:55

One Russian citizen had this to say: “The largest commotion right here now is all about the tanks and APC’s int eh middle of Moscow. With no announced official parades to be held before May 9th… ” The theory is that this could be for a Crimea Annexation Parade? Or that it’s photoshopped. I can’t say for sure as I’m in the US and all I have is the internet.

Tanks & APC’s seem to be confirmed by tweets coming from multiple sources

@tuumapomm @HumanGrip @OnlineMagazin cant say if photos are the same,but few diff sources tell military vehicles moving in moscow direction

Sagaidiju vakara jaunumus no Krievijas. “@OnlineMagazin: Tanks in front of the mayor’s office in #Moscow. #Russia

Falken66 @OnlineMagazin @stora_norrland I live in Moscow and can confirm military movement.

Other reports are saying pics are fake


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