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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Red Heifer Prophecy

Apocalypse cow


Last October during our Halloween show we held a séance. During the Séance there were many things said about the future. Tracy Twyman who was one of the mediums during the séance had indicated that the spirits had spoken about a gathering and possible event that would happen at a place called “Axis Mundi.”

Axis Mundi is a designated place anciently where people believed that a sacred pole would separate the sky from the earth. It expresses a point of connection where the four compass directions meet. At this point travel and correspondence is made between higher and lower realms.

The Axis Mundi term can apply to many places on the planet. For Judaism, Axis Mundi is the Temple Mount and Mount Sinai, Christianity has the Mount of Olives and Calvary, Islam has Ka'aba in Mecca, said to be the first building on earth, and the Temple Mount “Dome of the Rock.”

The Dome of the Rock is shared as Axis Mundi by Christians and Muslims and the Wailing Wall in the same area is used by the Jews. The Dome is the crossroads for all three Abrahamic faiths.

The symbol originates in a natural and universal psychological perception: that the spot one occupies stands at "the center of the world". This space serves as a microcosm of order because it is known and settled. Outside the boundaries of the microcosm lie foreign realms that, because they are unfamiliar or not ordered, represent chaos, death or night. From the center one may still venture in any of the four cardinal directions, make discoveries, and establish new centers as new realms become known and settled.

In January of 2011 it was reported that two onlookers who were standing on the Armon HaNatziv promenade, which is south of the old city of Jerusalem, captured on their cell phone camera footage of an orb that was hovering above the temple mount. The witnesses were facing north towards the Kidron valley some 20 minutes when they noticed a ball of light appearing in the restricted air zone over the Dome of the rock. The video was placed on YouTube, and there were several other videos from other observers of the orb. The unfortunate thing was that there were also hoaxed videos that were also online attempting to recreate the incident.

These videos managed to find themselves on mainstream news reports. One such report was on Fox News where news reporter Megyn Kelly had mentioned how eerie the event was and nervously wondered aloud whether or not “He” or “Jesus” had returned.

There was no Jesus, only reports from Haaretz news, dated February 7th, 2011, stating that a baby was found abandoned inside the temple at the Dome of the Rock. The baby appeared to be in good health when police arrived upon the scene, and he has been put in the care of social services. The story cited how the mosque is a politically contentious and religiously significant holy site in Jerusalem.

On January 11th, 2014, former Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon died after being in a coma for a little over seven years. Sharon was a man that was revered by some and considered a butcher by others. However, while his death was quietly observed and his burial received little fanfare, there was another story related to Sharon’s death that carried some remarkable significance.

In September of the year 2000 the second Intifada took place at the Dome of the rock as dozens of people were injured in rioting on the West Bank and in Jerusalem yesterday as the hawkish Likud party leader, Ariel Sharon, staged a provocative visit to a Muslim shrine at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Surrounded by hundreds of Israeli riot police, Mr. Sharon and a handful of Likud politicians marched up to the Haram al-Sharif, the site of the gold Dome of the Rock that is the third holiest shrine in Islam.

He came down 45 minutes later, leaving a trail of fury. Young Palestinians heaved chairs, stones, rubbish bins, and whatever missiles came to hand at the Israeli forces. Riot police retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets, shooting one protester in the face.

Not only is Sharon’s connection to the Dome of the Rock significant but his death is also part of prophecy with regard to the arrival of the messiah.

One of the Jewish world’s most revered religious leaders, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, claimed just before his own death in 2006 that he was visited by the Messiah. According to Rabbi Kaduri, he was told that the Messiah would not return until after the death of Ariel Sharon. Kaduri also wrote a note revealing the name of the Messiah that was not to be opened until one year after his death. In 2007 the note was opened, spelling out Yehoshua as the name of the Messiah. The name of Yehoshua is theophoric (bearing the name of God) and is the longform version of the Hebrew name of Yeshua (which means “salvation”), or Jesus in English. According to some, “Yehoshua” also means “YHWH’s Gift.”

There are scriptures found in the New Testament both in Matthew and in Romans that declare Yeshua as the gift given by god so that man will be saved from sin. This story was the subject of a book by Carl Gallups called The Rabbi Who Found Messiah” and a film that was produced in 2013.

Keep in mind that this was the alleged "only prophetic utterance" of this Rabbi was that he knew who the messiah was, that he would return soon after the death of Sharon and that after Sharon fell into a coma Kaduri himself died at age 108.

It was declared in 2013 by Ynet that the government in Israel now will be the last government. Links to a website called 871 declared that: “Only the Messiah can save Israel during the war of Gog and Magog. In the near future the world will witness terrible disasters, like earthquakes and tsunamis. Cities in Europe and the United States will disappear in the sea. The world's financial system will collapse and God will destroy the Mammon.”

Those behind the website, who regularly publish warning signals in the Israeli network, are unknown. The majority of Israel’s society does not take such websites seriously, but still they appear on Israel's largest Internet portals, such as Ynet.

Meanwhile, there was mounting concern last year over the significance of what is called the “blood moon” appearances that happened during the Jewish feast days in both 2014 and will again this year 2015.

The first “Blood Moon” appeared twice last year, once during Passover and again during “The Feast of the Tabernacles. The sequence will appear again in 2015 on the same Jewish feast days

Traditionally, blood moons are harbingers for significant change in Israel. Usually they are omens of war and hardship. There are now a few prophetic speculations that perhaps we will be seeing the abomination of desolation at the Temple Mount or perhaps more messianic revelations?

On March 5th,

2015, The USA Network premiered a miniseries called DIG. The television show may be a foreshadowing or a bit of revelation of the method with regard to the significance of the Dome of the Rock and a 2000 year conspiracy that the producers say will be revealed about the Temple mount.

The series begins in Norway where on a rural farm a white van full of Rabbis and Hassid Jews arrive and anxiously file into a farm stall where a farmer pulls a red heifer out of a mother cow.

A rabbi inspects the heifer for black hair. He sees none and declares that a prophecy has been fulfilled.

Then the focus is on Israel and the Temple Mount, the site of Ariel Sharon’s provocative visit that set off the intifada, and also site of the First Temple of the Hebrews. Destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar, and then again by the Romans, according to Jewish traditionalists the Third Temple will be built by the Messiah, who will be not only king of Israel but also high priest of the rebuilt Temple. To the Muslim Palestinians, and their co-religionists worldwide, this is the site of the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine, the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the place where Mohammed mounted a white horse and galloped straight up to heaven.

A large number of Christian fundamentalists have also marked this spot with importance. According to a popular “dispensationalist” view, Jesus Christ will return to earth to do battle on the plain of Armageddon and triumph over the Antichrist only after the building of the Third Temple.

The cornerstones for the third temple to be built in Jerusalem have already been selected by a group known as the "The Temple Mount Faithful." They have also created priestly vestments that meet scriptural guidelines and have been attempting to breed an unblemished red heifer in anticipation of the coming dedication ceremonies. It was commanded in the book of Numbers that no unclean being could enter into the temple. The only way to purify anyone that was to set foot on the temple mount was to sprinkle the ashes of a red heifer on them.

This according to The Book of Numbers, Chapter 19:

Speak unto the children of Israel that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke.

The red cow is to be slaughtered, burned and then its ashes are to be turned into a paste and used in anointing the builders of the Third Temple.

News of the red heifer's appearance would not bode well with Muslims. All of the sites of the old Jewish temples are occupied by one of Islam's holiest shrines, the Dome of the Rock. Extremists have wanted to destroy the Dome and the adjoining Al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for the new temple. If a red heifer is born and found to be clean this would be a signal that perhaps it is time to destroy the Dome of the Rock and begin the building of the new temple in Israel.

If the heifer were born the Middle East it would be seen as a sign that a new era in history is beginning. Wealthy fundamentalist Christians and Zionist Israelis aren't leaving anything to chance. They want to conjure the beast themselves and give that little nudge to God by using the modern miracle of genetic engineering to create the unblemished red heifer for the sacrificial rite.

It has been reported long ago that a Mississippi Evangelical preacher by the name of Clyde Lott has been working with Jewish rabbis on a project that uses genetic tinkering to breed a red Angus cow and send it to Israel.

Lott's project is not the only one in which Israelis and Christians are working together to birth red heifers in the Jewish state. At least two other American Christians are breeding similar cows in the United States in hopes of bringing them to Israel.

If the effort of these fanatical Christians and Zionist Jews become successful and a red heifer is born, it would be the political and religious equivalent of an atom bomb. There were fundamentalist Muslims who allegedly brought down the twin towers. Now fundamentalist Christians and Jews could be responsible for the birth of a beast that would give the signal for Armageddon and the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple.

Now the idea of hastening the apocalypse with this red heifer is only part of the plot in the TV series “Dig.” There is a subplot of the unearthing of the ark of the covenant that is believed to be buried under the Temple mount and a fundamentalist Christian cult in New Mexico that is raising a child to be the new messiah or elder that could be a candidate to receive the ashes of the calf when he enters in the Third Temple.

The theme that is examined is that those who are nudging God are mocking God. Those who claim to be supportive of Israel are truly opportunists who want to place their counterfeit high priest on the throne of the new Temple.

The apocalypse and the rebuilding of the kingdom is an allegory for becoming whole. It is a story in which you must come to realize that there is a spiritual nature to man and a materialistic beast nature as well.

Ever since Israel came into possession of old Jerusalem, in 1967, a fanatical group of Israeli nationalists have tried to kick-start the end of the world by plotting the destruction of the Muslim shrines and busily constructing the various ritual objects for use in the rebuilt temple.

ISIS seems to be doing a great job of destroying all Muslim shrines as they just destroyed the ancient artifacts in the ancient city of Nimrod.

What is most unsettling is the report that an alliance of Christian Fundamentalists is now saying that ISIS is hastening the Apocalypse and the coming of Jesus.

The barbaric actions of the Islamic State, which beheaded 21 Coptic Christians over the weekend and posted the slaughter online, should come as no surprise because these radical Muslims are evil and their depravity is “fully in keeping” with their goal of “hastening a final apocalypse,” said Reverend Franklin Graham.

Graham also placed on Facebook the following:

The evil of ISIS really shouldn’t shock us -- it is fully in keeping with their ultimate agenda of hastening a final apocalypse.

Franklin’s statement triggered thousands of ecstatic replies on Graham’s Facebook page.

The statements reveal that many Christians are thrilled by the drama brought by ISIS. Here are some examples:

  • Amen, we know the day would come and it’s here!!!

  • Amen!!! Praise God…thru Christ we have the victory! Our brothers, the Coptic Christians that were beheaded for their faith in Jesus, are now in the arms of Jesus in Heaven!

  • Amen, the second coming of Jesus is near. All Christians rejoice.

  • Yes, Rev. Graham, they are trying to accelerate the Apocalypse… although we know how the story ends… Amen.

  • Have been to Israel, have seen the valley in which this final battle will take place , true not vacant , beautiful fertile fields as far as the eyes can see… Awesome just awesome….

  • With each event that happens my mind thinks how close we are to the coming of the Lord… and hearing the trumpet sound, that its time to go home.

  • ISIS just doesn’t know they they are laying out the red carpet for my Jesus.

  • Amen and these are truly exciting times, to know that soon we shall behold his glory.

  • You are so right. We are staring the end times in the face. Very exciting!

  • Amen.. time to make sure of having extra oil.. exciting times.


  • My spirit is just singing and lifted up… Thanks for the boost today.

  • So true and praise the Lord for that Great Day that is coming!!

  • Let not your heart be troubled for when you see these things come about look up for your redemption draweth nigh.

  • I’m looking forward to that!!

  • –Me too! I just get SO excited to see that.

  • So why should we worry? Our calling is to go.

  • Woohoo and AMEN!

Pope Francis, remarking on the murder of the Egyptian Coptic Christians, said that all Christians, including Orthodox, Coptics, Catholics, and Protestants, who are killed because of their belief in Jesus Christ are "martyrs." "They are Christians! Their blood is one and the same. Their blood confesses Christ," he said.

The Christian groups are saying that they will triumph over ISIS and that the radicals will bow to Christ as ISIS is a clear sign that his coming is near.

What kind of theological rationale exists for hurrying Apocalypse along?

Is this a sign of fundamentalism and extremism brought on by a cult of Islamic extremists?

According to the group “Christian Zionists” in America -- a red heifer has been bred, and pronounced pure.

It has also been rumored that After Benjamin Netanyahu visited the United states and literally declared war on Iran, that the dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei collapsed and two days later died of pancreatic cancer.

Meanwhile most mainstream orthodox Muslim websites are already predicting Jesus' return as early as 2022, starting an Islamic prophetic clock set to run over the next 7 years, in the purportedly rapidly approaching run-up to Armageddon.

So the question is, is the event of Armageddon that soon? Does it feel as if we will all be assured of a second coming by this date or do you feel that there are radical Christians, Zionists and Muslims that are hastening the return?

Meanwhile the good Christians at Facebook are now participating in reverse causality by declaring the win in the epic battle before it happens.

  • This will be a battle that Christians win! Praise the LORD!!

  • We know the end of the story. Praise God!

  • Read the end of the Bible. We (Christians) win.

  • Read THE BOOK!!! We Win.

  • We know the end of the story. Praise God!

  • Where are the Christians who are willing to stand for their faith in America and die for it?

  • I’ve read the book.we win!I know how the story ends do you?

  • I am so thankful I know the end of this story.

  • I read the book and WE WIN.

  • I read the end of the book – the good guys win.

  • Hey y’all, I read the end of the Book……..we win!!!

…And to think that all this began because of an Apocalypse Cow.

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