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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

'Ancient Aliens' Debunked, Real Ancient History Beyond Speculation 3 Hour Documentary

Published on Sep 29, 2012

A great scientific look at the speculation and assertions made in 'Ancient Aliens' and a fantastic look at real ancient history. More info under this, references included. We only know so much, maintaining history's integrity that we know of is important. Selling books/making money and temporary fame is obvious. It's all about the money sometimes, not truth.

Ancient Aliens Debunked is a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens. It is essentially a point by point critique of the "ancient astronaut theory" which has been proposed by people like Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin as well as many others.

☆As for Zecharia Sitchin, feel free to read the Sumerian Texts yourself:


Direct link:

Sumerian language history:

☆Sitchin FACTS:

The film covers topics like:

Ancient building sites: Puma Punku, The Pyramids, Baalbek, Incan sites, And Easter Island. Ancient artifacts: Pacal's rocket, the Nazca lines, the Tolima "fighter jets", the Egyptian "light bulb", Ufo's in ancient art, and the crystal skulls. Ancient text issues: Ezekiel's wheel, Ancient nuclear warfare, Vimana's, the Anunnaki, and the Nephilim.

All the claims are sourced at the website:

It was produced by Chris White and includes commentary from Dr. Michael Hesier.

It is distributed for free on the internet and is a completely non-profit project. Viewers are encouraged to share, and burn copies to DVD, as long as they do not profit from its distribution.

Feel free to upload this to your Youtube channels and similar sites without any permission, but beware of potential copyright claims from the History Channel (A & E) I believe that all the material used from them in this film is legal under "Fair Use," as it is non-profit, and for the purpose of critique. But they still may try to take the video down from the various site you have uploaded it to, and it could be one of the three strikes against your account (Youtube). You have Chris White's permission to challenge them if they do this through a counter claim (they ask if you own the video, so you have Chris White's permission to say that you do), I believe that they will back down and reinstate the video if you challenge their claims.

You can download the video by using sites like (just add the site to favorites (top right you''ll see), some of you may have issues, I did. Be sure to 'save as' and select your folder of choice)

After you download a copy you can also burn it to DVD by using a very simple and free program like Freemake Video Converter:

See it all in one section, or check references at or to see the individual sections click time signatures below:

Intro ( 0:00 )

Puma Punku ( 3:38 ) or

The Pyramids ( 22:41 ) Or

Baalbek, ( 37:40 ) Or

Incan sites ( 55:33 ) Or

Easter Island ( 1:01:33 ) Or

Pacal's rocket ( 1:05:36 ) Or

The Nazca Lines ( 1:13:10 ) Or

Tolima "fighter jets ( 1:21:16 )

Egyptian "light bulb" ( 1:27:01 )

Ufo's in ancient art ( 1:36:08 )

The crystal skulls ( 1:46:38 )

Ezekiel's Wheel ( 1:58:17 )

Ancient nuclear warfare ( 2:11:16 )

Vimana's ( 2:20:50 )

Anunnaki ( 2:32:52 )

Nephilim ( 2:54:37 )

Conclusion ( 3:07:10

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