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Saturday, February 21, 2015

They Are Coming After Your Ammunition …

223- ammunition

There is a pincer movement taking place on ammunition. The ATF is coming after it on one side and the EPA is coming after it on the other. Apparently the gun-grabbers are this time focusing on the ammunition more-so than the gun…

Here’s how they’re doing it:

The following is paraphrased from having listened to a segment of Mark Levin’s broadcast last night, and I thought that some of you might be interested to know the latest angle of attack.

Gun grabbers spend much of their time wringing their hands over so called ‘assault rifles’ which are ‘scary looking’. These same gun-grabbers often insist that they don’t want to bother us about our hunting rifles, but instead want to rid us of our AR-15s (‘assault’ rifle) – which apparently, unknown to them are typically chambered for small caliber rounds (e.g. .223) compared to many (most) so-called hunting rifles.

Here’s what’s going on now though-

The ATF is apparently reasoning towards some pre-determined specific goal – the banning of what they wish to classify as ‘armor-piercing ammunition’ (which may typically include bullet materials other than lead such as tungsten alloy, steel, etc..). At the same time the EPA is being pressured and apparently working towards banning lead bullets altogether – forcing ammunition manufacturers and suppliers to look for alternatives to lead based bullets – which are the very same bullets as those which may be re-classified as ‘armor-piercing’ – and banned.

Here’s how they’re apparently trying to do it-

First they’re going after the AR-15 ammunition (probably the most popular in the US).

Note that there are existing federal regulations regarding so called ‘armor-piercing’ ammunition. Armor-piercing ammunition, sometimes referred to as metal-piercing ammunition, is ammunition that is designed primarily to penetrate metal or armor, including body armor commonly worn by police officers (apparently defined back in 1986). Under federal law, armor-piercing ammunition is defined as any projectile or projectile core that may be used in a handgun and that is constructed entirely from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium. In addition, armor-piercing ammunition is also apparently defined as a full jacketed projectile “larger than .22 caliber designed and intended for use in a handgun and whose jacket has a weight of more than 25 percent of the total weight of the projectile.”

bulletproof Note, the armor-piercing law applies to handguns . The AR-15 is clearly not a handgun. It is a rifle. Well, apparently that’s where ‘they’ are attacking…

If you remove the shoulder stock from an ‘AR’ style rifle, it apparently is no longer a rifle. It’s a handgun (what?!). Albeit one of the clumsiest and goofiest handguns on the market. Therefore, the fact that there’s a multi-shot commercially available ‘handgun’ for those non-lead .223 rounds, means that such ammunition can be banned as armor-piercing, even though it is not armor-piercing ammunition by use or design.

These non-lead bullets (made of tungsten or steel alloys for example) are not designed to pierce body armor. They are designed to keep lead out of the environment. But their composition means they can be classified as armor-piercing rounds if the Feds can find an excuse to do it.

The ATF is apparently maneuvering to remove the sporting exemptions for certain popular kinds of .223 ammunition allowing it to be reclassified as armor-piercing, and therefore banned. Even though it is not designed as armor-piercing and has no special armor-piercing characteristics.

The reason for this is the fear that the ‘AR’ style rifle has been ‘enjoying a new career as a handgun’. What a joke…

So, everybody goes back to the lead bullet.


Now steps in the EPA. Leftest environmental groups have been pressuring the EPA to regulate and ban lead ammunition under the ‘toxic substance control act’. Organizations such as the Humane Society are also petitioning to ban lead ammunition from public lands. (Note: If you’re into donating to this type of cause, please consider donating instead directly to local animal shelters – not the Washington based ‘humane society’ which essentially funds their political activism).

What gun rights advocates fear, is that this is the beginning of a ‘pincer movement’. With the ATF banning non-lead ammunition as a threat to armor-piercing, and the EPA banning lead ammunition as a toxin.

There’s no reason to assume that this will stop with the .223 ammo – popular for that ‘scary looking’ AR style rifle. There are multiple-shot handguns (mostly revolvers) that chambers for many types of rifle cartridges, meaning that the ‘armor-piercing’ designation could be applied to all sorts of ammunition for hunting rifles.

The gun grabbers have their sites on the ammunition.

If they ban non-lead .223 bullets and if they ban lead bullets for the AR-15 which is one of the most popular guns today, what’s to stop them from doing it with another gun… and another, and another… This is the tyranny.

Thought you would like to know…


If you would like to listen to what Mark Levin had to say about it, skip forward to the 39 minute mark where he begins that segment.

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