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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Real Reason Yellen Freaked Out Yesterday

Dovish Fed Chief: “Everything Is Great! Just DON’T Audit Us!”

by Brittany Stepniak

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Welp, I had a super stimulating start to the day yesterday. I tuned into Yellen’s congressional testimony for as long as I could stomach it.

I’m not gonna lie — it was hard not to feel a bit bad for the lady. The questioning procedure was intense, fast, and critical. The House Panel hurled angry allegation after angry allegation, demanding specific answers to tough questions.

And while Yellen held it together, I can’t say she looked completely unfrazzled. The Fed Chair was definitely on the brink of losing her patience.

She answered questions seemingly technically — she used a lot of specific references, “Title 1 says this, Section 1:64 says that…” etc.

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