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Monday, February 23, 2015

Whistleblower Karen Hudes...The End of the Dollar System

Whistleblower: The End of the Dollar System - Karen Hudes Interview

The End of the Dollar System

World Bank Whistleblower talks Bitcoin & End of the Federal Reserve System

.....Let me tell you who's supporting me now, because we're been talking about something called the "power transition model," which is 90 to 95 percent accurate. It predicts how coalitions will form.

This power transition model predicted that the rule of law would prevail and that coalitions would form for the rule of law that is exactly what has happened. When you look at the BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, they are no longer using federal reserves notes to pay for their international trade.

When I say, "federal reserve notes," many people don't know that that's what the United States dollar is. The normal thing that should have happened is that the Treasury Department would issue our currency, but that doesn't happen. There's a scam going on which is that the federal reserve issues the currency and changes interest on it.

This currency of the federal reserve system, which calls itself, "US dollars," instead of currency that would be issued directly by the government. This scam, anybody who has tried to stop this scam, has been assassinated, that's why it continues.

There are a couple of countries that have nevertheless managed to escape. One of them is Iceland, one of them is Hungary, although it's very difficult for these countries to entirely escape, because they are part of the international economy and they have to pay for their goods and services.

They are having a difficult time of it. They're waiting for the rest of us to get rid of this scam. Let's get back to the elected official. I went to Japan, because I've had people from the military to contact me. In particular, I had a man named Robert O'Banyon send me a book, which I've put up on the Internet. I've had people calling me. I asked one of the people calling me.

I asked one of the people who called me, I said, "How many people in the military know that you've got these traitors that are [laughs]marching to the banks and their waiting to have the federal reserve note crash, so that means that the United States surrenders unilaterally. It takes down military strength." That just takes all the military strength and just obliterates it.

It's like unilateral surrender is what it is. I said, "How many people in the military understand that this is what's going on that that's what the banking cartel is expecting to happen?" They said, "About 50 percent of them."

I said, "Well, why are you guys just sitting on your hands then?" They guy didn't have a good answer for me. I figured I had to do a little work for the military. What I did is I went to Japan, because the military is occupying Japan and there's something called "the Joint US Japan Committee," under the status of Forces Agreement. I interacted with that committee.

I also met with somebody in the Japanese Diet, that's their parliament and I met with a number of other people, as well, economists, their civil society. What I did one day was I got in touch with military attaché in the Tokyo Embassy of the United States, our ambassador is Caroline Kennedy. I wrote to her many, many times. I asked many US citizens to contact her, as well.

I called up the military attaché and I said this power transition model is saying that Germany is going to stop being our ally. I had an interview with a very large business website in Germany. They have 1.5 million readers per month.

At that end of that interview, I asked a question, I asked, "Is there something that I didn't touch on that I should be mentioning?" They said, "Yes, why don't you speak to the fact that a German helicopter buzzed the US Consulate in Frankfurt."

I said, "OK," I did a little research. I found out that a German government spokesperson had said that the reason they did, it broke all the china in our consulate. The spokesperson for the German government said that this was a shot across the bow to get our attention.

This power transition model is saying that all of the United States allies are going to leave the United States and we are going to be isolated. That's where we are right now. Henry Kissinger just finished writing an article in the "Wall Street Journal" explaining this.

There was a meeting in June of something called, "The group of 77," that's actually 133 developing countries. They said that they were going to join the BRICS in refusing to maintain the US federal reserve note as an international currency.

Getting back to what I called up the military attaché, I said, "This power transition model is predicting that Germany is no longer going to be our ally." You realize that Angela Merkel was spied on and made a lot of protests about this.

I had actually warned the Treasury Department back 2008, which is when I found out that when they were firing the World Bank board, was firing Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Wolfowitz had arranged to get information on the executive directors, their ambassadors that are on the board of the World Bank.

There are 25 of them, and they were complaining that they were being blackmailed. Some of them had gone to a house of ill repute that Eliot Spitzer patronized, and they were being threatened that this information was going to be made public if they fired Paul Wolfowitz.

I knew this because I speak Dutch, having studied development economics at the University of Amsterdam. I have a PhD without thesis in development economics, and I was in Holland when the man on the board of the World Bank, Herman Wijffels, who represented the Dutch government wrote about this in the Dutch newspaper.

I went back and I told the US congress. I told the people in Senator Lugar's office, and they told me to contact the treasury department, and I contacted Kenneth Peel. I said, "The United States is going to lose its leadership. This power transition model is saying that we have to respect the rule of law. You cannot blackmail ambassadors when they're trying to fire Paul Wolfowitz for giving a pay raise to his girlfriend."

Anyway, and of course, you know that Germany had asked for its gold to come back from the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Reserve said it would take seven years. Then they only, they, Germany negotiated and they said that it would only be 300 metric tons. In the first year, the Fed only gave five metric tons back to Germany, and it wasn't the same gold that they had given for storage. It's not the gold that was stamped by...this is an act of war.

Anyway, I said, "I know a way that Germany will remain our ally," and the military attaché that was a General O'Leary wrote an email to me, and at the foot of it he said that this email was unclassified. What I did was in that day I issued a press release to this joint committee, it's half Japanese military, the Japanese department of defense, and it's also got the governor of Okinawa on it, and it's half United States........

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