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Friday, February 20, 2015

I will stand with the Muslim – Barak Obama

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Do words matter? I think they do. I think we all need to take a man at his word. Barack Obama’s words from his own life story are under debate, yet should be of interest to all of us. Many conservatives attribute these words to Obama from his autobiography, “I will stand with the Muslims.” Those were not his exact words. But his actions indicate it is exactly what he meant.

Many defenders of Obama say that is too simplistic of an interpretation and the words have been taken out of context. The reference came in a paragraph where Obama discussed prejudice against different races and religions. He made it clear that it’s unfair for people to jump to conclusions and tar all members of one race or religion with the deeds of one small group of people. Defenders of Obama believe he promised only to defend Muslims against that kind of prejudice. They interpret his words to mean he promised to defend Muslims against the kind of unfair internment faced by Japanese-Americans during World War II.

I agree Obama’s remarks are open to interpretation. The problem is his actions today are so toxic as to convince many of us that he meant the words, “I will stand with the Muslims.” Judge for yourself. Actions speak louder than words.

Obama just made the most amazing statement at the National Prayer Breakfast. He blamed Christianity for “terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

Did Obama really go there? A supposed Christian condemning Christianity for something that happened in the Dark Ages. The president of our nation condemning Christians for something all warriors for every religion did a thousand years ago: kill in the name of religion.

But today, only one religion is still killing like it’s the Dark Ages: Islam. Today, there are only “terrible deeds in the name of Allah.”

Were Americans who elected and re-elected Obama like the Jews of Nazi Germany, too naive to understand or believe a leader’s own words? Hitler said he’d kill the Jews. But Jews just couldn’t believe it. “It’s just hype and propaganda to get votes,” they thought. They guessed wrong.

Have Obama’s defenders guessed wrong, too?

Obama refuses to actually fight the Islamic State (which Obama calls ISIL) with a real plan. Yes, he’ll drop a few bombs from thousands of feet in the air, to make it look like we’re fighting ISIL. Yes, he says he’s got ISIL defeated. Results prove that’s an absurd lie. ISIL is stronger than ever. Ask that Jordanian pilot burned to death in a cage. Ask Kurds fighting for their lives.

Even decorated generals believe Obama has no plan to fight ISIL. But why would Obama make false claims when there is no plan? Is he stalling for time? The more time Obama wastes, the stronger ISIL becomes. If Obama stalls long enough, ISIL will become unbeatable. ISIL will be “here to stay.”

But why would any U.S. President have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama has no serious interest in helping Israel defeat Hamas either. Moderate Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and United Araba Emirates are giving more support to Israel than America under Obama.

But why would any U.S. president have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama has left our Southern border with Mexico wide open for six long years. Even Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein believes Islamic terrorist cells have slipped across our border.

An ISIL operative claims that 4,000 terrorists have been smuggled into Western states. What kind of a president would keep our border wide open and unsecured? What could be his agenda?

But why would any U.S. president have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama (in concert with the United Nations) has suspended immigration laws to import thousands of Muslims into America from war zones like Iraq, Somalia and Syria. He’s bringing the same violent, radicalized Muslims to America who have led to crisis, intolerance, terror attacks and crisis in Europe.

But why would any U.S. president have that agenda? In that context, don’t these words ring true? ”I will stand with the Muslims.”

Obama and the Democrats are in such denial about who our enemy is that dozens of Democratic leaders in Congress (including the vice president of the United States) are threatening to boycott the address to Congress by the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now, as if to emphasize where he stands, Obama goes back to the Dark Ages to blame Christianity for the sins of Islam today. He lectures us about “terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

Using Obama’s logic,

Should we blame all African-Americans today for the “terrible deeds in name of the Black Panthers of the 1960s?”

Should we blame all Germans today for “terrible deeds in name of Hitler in the 1940s?”

Should we blame every Japanese American for “terrible deeds by Imperial Japan at Pearl Harbor?”

Should we blame all white Southerners today for “terrible deeds by the KKK?”

Should we blame all baseball players today for “terrible deeds by racist baseball players in the 1950s?”

Should we blame all Italians today for “terrible deeds in the name of the Roman Empire?”

Should we blame all American Indians today for “terrible deeds in the name of Apache Indian raids on American settlers?”

How absurd to go back in time hundreds or thousands of years to try to twist logic and common sense, so as to deflect proper blame for something happening today.

There is one enemy of America, Christianity and good people of faith all over the world today. It isn’t Judaism or Christianity or Buddhism or Catholicism; it is radical Islam. It is Islamic terrorism. It is ISIL. It is jihad. Spell it how you want. Obama is taking great pains and irrational leaps to cover up for Islam.

Yes, Obama’s words are open to interpretation. He did not say verbatim “I will stand with the Muslims.” There was nuance. There was a second part to the statement. He couched his statement based on unfair prejudice and even internment. Obama did exactly what his mentor Saul Alinsky taught him to do- disguise your statements, distract the masses, camouflage your true intensions and hide your radical agenda. But at the root of Obama’s statement was the truth.

I believe Obama’s actions make the true meaning of his words clear. Obama may not have said the exact words “I will stand with the Muslims.” But he sure meant them.

Now we know what side he’s on. The real question is: Just how far will he go?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

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