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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Charlie Sheen: ‘I May Run for President as a Republican!’


by Scott Osborn

Actor Charlie Sheen, star of FX’ Anger Management, spoke candidly on the new TV comedy show The Flipside with Michael Loftus this weekend and came out strongly as a Constitutional Republican who has considered running for President! Who would his running mate be? His dad, Martin Sheen of course!

“Sheen and Sheen in 16!”, says Sheen!

Charlies platform is simple, Skilled Veterans guarding our schools, 10% flat tax across the board, everyone relax, and put the constitution back in place!

He said he gets 100% “YES” votes when he personally polls himself.

First reported at the Washington Times, the news has gone viral, reaching Fox, The Daily Mail, and Twitchy!

See the interview from the latest episode of The Flipside below:

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Contributed by Joe Wurzelbacher of Joe For America.

Joe for America Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher crashed on the scene in 2008 when a chance run-in with then candidate Barack Obama allowed Joe to confront the soon-to-be president on his tax-and-spend Socialist philosophy. It was then, in a moment of clarity, Barack Obama let slip his real agenda; “I just want to spread some of that wealth around…” In an effort to inform the public Joe created the Joe for America web site, where you can find commentary, videos and ideas covering a wide array of topics from leading thinkers. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

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