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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How To Stop Bleeding Quickly With Black Pepper

How to Stop Bleeding Quickly with Black Pepper

For some, food and water may seem like the most important items to carry with you when trying to survive in the wilderness. While they are definitely vital towards keeping you alive throughout your time spent away from the normal resources you’re accommodated to, ensuring that, should you fall wounded, you have some way to halt the bleeding, is an essential.

Having a first aid kit at the ready with bandaging, wraps, blood clotting remedies, and other various medical devices can be a handy thing to bring along in case of an emergency. In some cases, however, spontaneous disasters happen and you are left to work with you’ve got on hand, which unfortunately isn’t always a full first aid kit.

Tripping over things, bumping into objects, and even accidentally moving a body part the wrong way can result in cuts or abrasions along your skin. In the middle of a situation where other solutions are not available, as odd as it may sound, black pepper can help to prevent and stop your scrape from bleeding.

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