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Friday, January 30, 2015

Novorossia/Ukraine update 1/30/2015..Well, that did not take long

Ukrainian shelling has hit people as they were queing for humanitarian aid in Donetsk.

East Ukraine Conflict Casualties: Six civilians killed in suspected militant shelling attack

18+ | Donetsk - Kuybishevskiy district, 5 killed Jan 30th

18+ VPE | Donetsk - 5 people killed in shelling of aid distribution point

EU extends sanctions against Russia

US threatens Russia with new bans; welcomes new EU embargoes

EU extends Russian sanctions as talks between Moscow and Kyiv due in Minsk

EU extends Russian sanctions despite Greek objections

Well, that did not take longGreece voted for sanctions against Russia. The dream was nice while it lasted. Now lets forget SYRIZA. The Saker

Minsk Peace Talks: Militant leaders, Russian and Ukrainian representatives meet on January 30

Ukraine Chaos: Dozens of Protesters Killed by Unknown Sniper In Kiev

Ukraine troops called up ahead of fresh talks announced for Friday

Ukraine Mobilisation Underway: Ukrainians answer call to join armed forces

Ukrainian Army Recruits Train near Lviv: Recruits to join troops after 26 days of drills

Alexandr Zakharchenko gives interview under sniper fire in Uglegorsk

Uglegorsk outskirts. Interview with militia crewman of the recently captured trophy tank

Ukrainian artillery fire thwarts rebel plan to surround government troops in Debaltseve

Supply Road to Debaltsevo's pocket Blocked by Novorossian Military

Frontline East Ukraine: Situation around Debaltseve and Mariupol remains tense

Ukrainian Army 'Destroys Ten Tanks': Russian-backed insurgent offensive continues in east Ukraine

Military map of ATO in DPR and LPR 29.01.2015

Militiamen and local citizens in Yelenovka tell about tank attack

Donetsk pro-russians militias positions near the village of Peski.

Military Report of Novorossia. Latest news of Ukraine, DPR,LPR

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