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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The USA has Fallen!

This proclamation should be headlining every newspaper and every newscast around the globe. However, it is not and it will not because this fall was a creeping slow fall that began not just in the last six or seven years but over many decades. Its fall has quickened in pace over the last several years without a doubt but that is to be expected of a dying patient, a patient on life support. At the turn of the previous century, many laws, and amendments to our Constitution were made in order to start the process of this slow fall or death of the United States. The two most egregious were without a doubt the 16th and 17th amendments to our Constitution. The 16th amendment opened a Pandora’s Box of evil and corrupt political tools and toys to begin the enslavement of a once free nation. The 16th amendment’s stated purpose was for the creation of the income tax, which led to the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve. Both the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Service are unconstitutional even though approved and passed by Congress. The 17th amendment to our Constitution halted the Constitutional process of individual state legislatures voting for and sending to Washington DC senators to represent those individual legislative bodies and the people they represent. The original concepts conceived by our Founding Fathers, initiated, and practiced for a long time was the best and most honest method but it did not work for the growing oligarchy, and therefore, by them it had to be taken apart. Since that time, we have undergone a systematic and contrived effort of undermining and weakening the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our borders having been swung wide open on purpose, our Constitution torn to pieces by the oligarchy, our individual decisions on personal matters such as health and privacy taken away from us, a virtual police-state set up to monitor and direct our moves. These efforts had to be undertaken and crafted very slowly over time even over generations to be effective. Until we reached the point that, we tragically find ourselves in today. If all of these usurpation's, including the ones under Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barrack Obama had happened in a few years… there would have been massive protesting against such violations to our Constitution our Bill of Rights our very lives and livelihoods, but since it was done in the slow methodical ‘frog in the pot’ method, few took notice. Therefore, today a once vibrant, thriving nation and beacon of hope to other nations, is on life support clinging to strands of what remains of a bygone era of greatness and glory. It will not be able to maintain this for much longer, the body grows colder every day, and death is snarling at the door. More tragic than the fall or death of the United States is what comes afterwards… what follows it? History is full of many has been great nations, even former world powers that are no longer. Therefore, to get some answers to that question of what follows? Just what comes after the fallen United States? Well, just look at history to get your answers to that question.

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