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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WOW! Spaceship explodes within HOURS of today's Dual RED ALERT!

Breaking news out of NASA....a private SPACESHIP explodes just off the launch pad. This was directly predicted earlier this morning by the collective dreams and resulting linguistics from the daily DreamBot run. This sequence and level of precision by the DreamBot was showcased earlier this season with the unbelievable Dallas ebola hit, the now-famous "Holy DreamBot" run, and many more. WOW...not many other words can describe this sequence!

Today's Red Alert and resulting news is all documented here:

Note: If you are new to the NDC's DreamBot, the beginner's landing page for this Red Alert is here:

Next Red Alert and Some Background

The next red alert has to do with the meme FOOD, and that will be investigated by the NDC's P1 dream incubation team. For dream memes that surge to the level that Spaceship and Food did this morning, we typically see the manifestation of the news within days.

Some other types of memes have manifested huge headlines within 3 weeks, so the TYPE of meme it is does seem to determine when the content will manifest in real life. The DreamBot is an electronic network spider that scurries around the internet looking for dreams. When it finds a dream, it conducts a linguistics analysis and returns only the big-picture stuff (for instance, the major trends in these dreams). Well, what we've seen over the past few months of doing this project, is that when a certain threshold is reached (which Spaceship Danger obliterated), it indicates that the collective set of dreams actually "sees" something significant coming down the pike in terms of real-world events.

We saw this will the unprecedented Dallas ebola major headline. We also saw it with the Dalai Lama's unprecedented comment about not wanting to return in the next incarnation.

All this data is available at the National Dream Center. The best place to start is right here:

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