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Saturday, October 25, 2014

American ISOLATION: “We’re in the End Game Now” — Jim Willie

from Perpetual Assets:

Perpetual Assets interviews Jim Willie editor of The Hat Trick Letter on Golden

We are a raped and pillaged nation exploited and colonized with hidden control strings and deep cables. The only way to get out of it is to go back to a gold standard.” – Jim Willie

Join our hour plus discussion about toxic versus honest infrastructure. Jim rattles off a list of current news headlines that set the stage for our current world. We discuss at length many topics in Jim’s recent article, QE Failure & Folly of Paper Mache. The US is heading fast towards complete global isolationism. The SDR is an unlikely solution to the collapsing petro dollar. Jim believes the BRICS currency/ metals fund will be the final winner.

Derivatives have been hidden in plain site. Jim believes there are potentially 100s of Billions of dollars a month in derivative monetization, going on for years now. US debt ceiling raise indicates a default, potentially with the involvement of China, which now owns a nice chunk of Manhattan, including a stake in the US Federal Reserve.

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