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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Step Out Of The Car, Son – It's Ours Now

Lawmakers hatch new plan to 'police for profit'



150103policeofficertrafficstopOn a dark stretch of Stony Lonesome Road near West Point, New York, a young cadet from the United States Military Academy sits at the side of the road, pulled over for a careless speeding ticket.

The cadet knows he has nothing to fear but the ticket – he’s sober, responsible and the designated driver for his more tipsy friends in the backseat.

But when the police officer returns to the car, he spots one of the cadet’s pals with a rolled up joint.

Now it’s not just a ticket. Now the cadet’s car is impounded. And even though the cadet was charged with nothing but speeding, his car is sold off at auction, and the police department just got themselves a brand new copy machine.

Sound like overkill for the crime?

Had lawmakers in Orange County, New York – where West Point is found – gotten their way, this scenario could have played itself out over and over again, until the police station was fully fitted with new copiers.

Police departments across the country have been occasionally accused of “policing for profit” by seizing the property of people charged with crimes, even when they’re acquitted, but Orange County had planned to take it to a whole new level.

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