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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rothschilds war in Indonesia against Bakrie Family using Airline sabotage

Rothschilds war in Indonesia against Bakrie Family using Airline sabotage

more details on this emerging story

with some background data

There is a war going on between

Nathaniel Rothschild and the

wealthy Bakrie Family of Indonesia.

It started back in 2010 when both

Rothschild and Bakrie entered into

contracts with BUMI.

Rothschild holding 18% of stock of BUMI

served as co-chair but was sabotaged by Bakrie

in a hostile takeover bid. Rothschild was ousted

from chair and promised Bakrie a war.

from Rothschild


“I am the first to admit we made a terrible mistake,” Rothschild,

41, says of his decision to partner with the Bakries.

It’s early March as he speaks. Two weeks earlier, Rothschild

had lost a critical shareholder vote he had hoped would put him

back in control of the company he and the Bakries had created,

Bumi Plc. Although defeated, he still holds 18 percent of Bumi’s

shares and says he’s not giving up the fight.

“The board needs to have their feet held to a fire,” he says.


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so now Rothschild is in a revenge war with

Bakrie and Indonesia

here's how the puzzle fits together

Malaysia Air and AirAsia both have majority

stock with public gov agencies with minority

stock held by the Bakrie Family.

so it is Rothschild desire to bankrupt Bakrie

dynasty through their holding groups

sabotage the airlines so that stock falls

Malaysia Air and AirAsia both use Boeing and

AirBus planes in their fleet

so if Rothschild can find a common denominator

for both aircraft then he has a weak link he can exploit.

He found it in the spare parts contracts for both

Boeing and AirBus.

One company who supplies both planes with spare parts


The Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co. in Chongqing passed the supplies

acceptance test by Boeing and Airbus to produce die forgings and

forging stocks for their aircraft. SWA is the ONLY company that

obtained the certification for producing precise aviation die

forgings and forging stocks for Boeing. To ensure the output for

Boeing and Airbus, SWA recently invested over RMB 1 billion to build

a new product line for producing precise aviation die forgings and

forging stocks. SWA will provide B7 series assembly for Boeing, and

supply aircraft structural parts and force-bearing frames for Airbus.


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so SWA group is the ONLY company in the world that makes spare

parts for BOTH Boeing and AirBus.

SWA Group is owned by Chinalco. Chinalco is business

partners with Rio Tinto whom Crazy Steve worked for

in their Constellium subsidiary.

Rothschild seizes this opportunity and buys stock

in Rio Tinto and then bribes 3 officials at Chinalco

to push/sell sub standard aluminum parts to

Malaysia Air and AirAsia with the full intention

of having plane crashes so that Bakrie Dynasty

loses their foot hold in Indonesia. The officials

who were bribed got caught but what they had

done for that blood money was not revealed.

This is the info that Crazy Steve probably found

out and was gonna publish it when he was murdered.

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Rothschild is trying to bankrupt his biggest

competitor. Bakrie Empire is the wealthiest

family in Indonesia and on Forbes Top Ten

Wealthiest Families.

So the faulty spare parts get shipped from China

to Indonesia and put on the planes as replacement

parts and causes the crashes of both Boeing and

AirBus planes.

So look out Bakrie family, Rothschild is out

for your blood and revenge. good luck.

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