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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Imagine A Third World War: But Not How You’d Imagine It

Imagine, the rise of a religious movement independent from any single national government or collection of governments, raising armies and waging wars in an attempt to conquer and defeat all other societies, philosophies, and cultures. That’s not hard to imagine, because that is precisely what we are witnessing across the globe today.

Furthermore, imagine that no government or collection of governments could find the will to defend themselves against the rise of such a militant religious movement, unable to coordinate tactical warfare against soldiers without borders, without flags, without rules of war, and without recognized governments with whom modern nations could negotiate. Again, this is the reality we face today.

Now imagine the rise of a counter-movement, born not of single governments, nor armed by any national military, employing tactics incomparable to any moment in human history. Imagine a world war, waged not between nations, but between groups of individuals – a global clash of civilizations. Imagine criminals and cartels, joined by Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, and Jews, international hackers, motorcycle gangs, ex-military, and passionate patriots dedicated to the sustenance of free societies, taking up what means to fight they have, and with no permission, declaring war on those who mean to do them harm.

And imagine, if you will, how such a movement would change the relationship Western Citizens had with their governments – their inept, futile, irresponsible governments.

Surely, if such a phenomenon were to take place, governments would be placed in the most uncomfortable position. You see, Western Governments believe they hold a monopoly on the use force, and as such could not allow their citizens to wage a war against foreign threats. Could these Western governments fight both their own citizens, who, frustrated by the inept failures of their own States, took their own survival and future into their hands, while maintaining some sort of public war against a miscellaneous collection of militant religious armies?

On the one hand, this hypothetical future would be exciting, to see free men and women rise up against tyrannical threats! On the other hand, with no authority issuing orders, determining who the enemy really is, and restraining the passions of those doing the fighting, real chaos would emerge and real tragedies would occur. However, in the absence of an effective strategy against the rise of Islamic Fascism, the rise of The Caliphate, this is precisely the sort of future I foresee.


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Article written by: Steven Brodie Tucker

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