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Friday, January 2, 2015

Did Nostradamus Predict 3 Bush Presidencies?


Several hundred years ago, Nostradamus predicted many things in his quatrains including air travel, submarines, space stations, and nuclear war. Some prophecy experts say Nostradamus predicted the rise of Adolph Hitler, the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the assassination of John F. Kennedy (and his brother Senator Robert Kennedy), and the ascendance of a third Presidential brother.

Famous Christian evangelist Ray Comfort reminds us of all of this in his 2001 writing for–and that America was identified by name in Nostradamus’ quatrain C4 Q95.

But while the world is fixated on Camelot and the Kennedy family, and many were expecting three Kennedy Presidents (with Bobby Kennedy being the second and Ted Kennedy being the third), they tend to ignore the fact that we’ve already had two Bush Presidents–with the very real possibility of a third Bush Presidency. Nostradamus indicated that a third brother would become President of the United States. Could that third brother indeed be Jeb Bush? He’s coming on strong in the polls. Time will tell. George H.W. Bush had four sons, including President George W. Bush and a possible President Jeb Bush; but there also are two other Bush brothers who hardly get any mention in the news: Neil Bush and Marvin P. Bush.

It’s even possible we may see four Bush Presidents one day. If so, one of these three could be the President of prophecy: Jeb Bush, Neil Bush, or Marvin Bush.

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