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Sunday, January 4, 2015

4 Signs That This Isn’t Your First Life On Earth

by Steven Bancarz

Spirit Science and Metaphysics

Reincarnation is the spiritual belief that souls leave the body at the death of the physical body and the re-enter another physical body after spending a brief time in the spirit world. Some people come back to alleviate Karma, some come back for the purpose of further developing their souls, and some come back for the purpose of service and helping others evolve. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence for the existence for reincarnation, some of which is summarized in an article I wrote here.

How can you tell if you have lived before in the past? There are different ways you can tell if you have lived on earth before. You can visit a hypnotherapist and receive a past-life regression, you can meditate and feel that you have lived before intuitively, or you can reflect on some of the characteristics you have as a person and see if they imply you may have lived before.

It’s certainly the case that you may have lived before and do not possess these characteristics, but here are 5 that I think are pretty universal and indicative of an old soul. Here are 4 signs this isn’t your first life on earth:

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