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Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Is The Year The Fantasy Dies

“But for the moment the people who believe in the fantasy of central banks delivering economic Nirvana, and that they can levitate financial markets forever, those people who believe that are winning the battle, and those of us who say that this is going to end in disaster aren’t.

Cascading Dominos And A Stock Market Rout

But I think it (disaster) will (start to unfold) pretty soon because the dominos that are going to fall from the oil patch will mean credit problems in fixed income markets, be it government or fracking, exploration or drillers — anyone who used too much debt because they thought it was so cheap and ridiculous and nothing could go wrong. I think there are going to be a lot of dominos that will cascade on the back of that.

The reason I alluded (earlier) to how fast oil broke (to the downside) was because that shows you in this environment that we live in, especially with algorithmic and computerized trading — how quickly you could have a rout in the stock market. In the space of virtually no time you could see stocks drop 25 or 30 percent. I know the whole thing is a fantasy.”

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