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Monday, August 25, 2014

Amnesty For Illegals By Labor Day Will Set The Country On Fire

According to, on the Friday broadcast of PBS’ “The McLaughlin Group,” columnist Pat Buchanan predicted that President Obama would grant amnesty for illegals by way of Executive Order by Labor Day, and that this action will “set the country completely on fire.”

My question to you is, if this comes to pass (amnesty to illegals) via Executive Order, will this trigger civil unrest, or worse, by patriotic Americans who see this country being taken down from within?


After Washington Examiner Chief Congressional Correspondent Susan Ferrechio argued that “Democrats could gain from Hispanic voters turning out, especially if the president decides to take key executive actions in this summer that would help Hispanics who are here in the country, perhaps living here illegally. That could boost popularity for the party,”

Buchanan responded “executive amnesty will set the country completely on fire. I do agree, it might get out the Hispanic vote, but you will have red state Democrats denouncing the president for doing it, for engaging in unconstitutional action. It would be a tremendous firestorm which would really polarize the nation.”

At the end of the show, when asked for his predictions, Buchanan said “Barack Obama will do some kind of amnesty for the illegal aliens by Labor Day.”

What say you?



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