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Saturday, August 30, 2014

30 Natural Cancer Protocols by Michael D. Finley, CNHP


Michael D. Finley, CNHP, JD, author of The Tesla Conspiracy mikefinley

Michael Finley has compiled this list of 30 natural protocols for self-treatment of cancer. This is not an exhaustive list. Also, this is not a diagnosis or treatment of any specific condition. The FDA recommends that individuals consult their physician before beginning or discontinuing any treatment.

Additional resources: Mayo Clinic Expert on Curcumin Cancer Benefits Cancer Tutor for Self-Treatment Tips Natural News Cancer Cures List Book: “Killing Cancer, Not People” by Dr. Robert Wright of the American Cancer Institute Documentary: “Cancer: the Forbidden Cures” Documentary: “Cancer is Curable Now” Documentary: “The Gerson Miracle” Documentary: “Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime” Book: “The One Minute Cure” by Madison Cavanaugh Click for full size, higher resolution graphic

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