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Thursday, September 4, 2014

WW3 Imminent, the draft board is hiring!!


The draft... the inevitable day when unprepared men and women go to war to fight for their country because of impending attacks on America. The draft has been used throughout history. However with this draft we know the truth. This one is not about serving your country anymore, it's about the global elites plan for depopulation. They plan to make the world a nightmarish mess, by unleashing the third world war upon it. The draft has fortunately not been enacted yet, however the government is hiring board members for the draft. This means those that are on the draft board will select who is able to go to war and who cannot when the draft is enacted.

draft board

a board of civilians charged with registering, classifying, and selecting persons for U.S. military service.

This picture below was posted on September 3rd 2014. TeX34jx 7OAn3pM Would the government be hiring for these positions if a war wasn't imminent? The Ukraine crisis is continually spinning out of control which could cause world war 3. As well as in the middle east, ISIS has taken over Iraq and will continue to destroy counties around the world. Crusaders2127Video


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