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Monday, September 1, 2014

This is a Financial War Going on Underneath the Surface


In this segment of the conversation with Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors and Dave Kranzler, Chief Investment Strategist, Investment Research Dynamics, we cover three crucial topics–the economics of the new marijuana laws, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and we wrap up with Fukushima. Fukushima is a global problem that is getting zero coverage. There is so little information being transferred about this ongoing nightmare that it is appalling. Eric shed some light on the situation as he lives just inland from the upper West Coast. This is where a lot of the radioactive, cesium filled water passes due to the tidal currents of the Pacific Ocean. Thank goodness for dilution otherwise, our friend along with many thousands of other American citizens, would be glowing, and not from the love they feel coming out of Japan.

We start the conversation out with the economic impact of the new marijuana laws. Dave lives in Colorado and has first hand information regarding how the economy is in a state of transformation. The influx of money from around the country is staggering. According to the tax records for the state of Colorado, there have been multi-hundred percent increases in all categories of tax receipts related to marijuana.

Eric explains, that along with Washington State having updated their laws at approximately the same time as Colorado, that Oregon has recreational marijuana on the upcoming ballot in November. This could be a game changer as Oregon would be the third state to pass recreational marijuana laws in the country. Why is this significant? Other states SHOULD see the trend. If we can see the tax revenues, literally, explode to the upside it is going to be hard to ignore. Would you prefer to be on the road with someone high from marijuana or someone who has just stepped away from their third cocktail–third glass of wine–third beer? That’s a no-brainer. People high on marijuana usually are real interested in traveling around so much.

We quickly turn to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Dave explains that the SCO is the Eastern version of NATO, with one major exception. Eric picks up and details how the SCO will encompass somewhere around 50% to 65% of the global population and three-fourths of the global mineral wealth, including oii. To all you scum-sucking bottom feeders in New York, Washington DC and London–put that in your pipe and smoke it!! This plays a big part in the current events in Eastern Ukraine, Syria and Iran.

We wrap up Part 2 of this hour and half fire side chat with Eric explaining what is happening with Fukushima. We get into the latest developments, that we can find, and review some of the implications for the Great Northwest. Eric does a magnificent job of delivering much needed information regarding a global nightmare that is being completely ignored and covered up by “leaders” from around the world.

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Contributed by Rory Hall of The Daily Coin.

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