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Friday, September 12, 2014

BREAKING! Ebola could now be airborne warns doctors, CDC dumps the bodily waste into public sewage in Atlanta!!!

The death toll for Ebola has risen to 200 a day. The numbers we are receiving from the WHO are vastly underestimated! The US State Department orders 160,000 hazmat suits for Ebola. However, the main concern is if Ebola has gone airborne. If Ebola has gone airborne, then the world missed its chance to curb the disease before it spread to every country on the earth. According to the New York Times, Ebola has the ability to mutate to being airborne. The fact that news agencies are reporting that it “could” go airborne means it either just did, or is very close to mutating. 2127 news reported over a month ago with concerns that Ebola could mutate into an airborne version, and now there is a major cause for concern. Ebola, has occurred 19 times throughout the last 40 years; this is the deadliest spread because it just keeps popping up in other regions. This is an attack on the human population by the Elites.

Ebola is also spreading in sewers as we speak right here in the USA.

The CDC is seriously either the stupidest organization that ever existed, or they are literally trying to cause Ebola in the USA. Given all of their recent scandals and missing vials. This is the biggest “uh-oh” that has ever occurred. Bringing Ebola infected patients back to the US, was never a good idea. Now, we begin to learn about how they plan to spread Ebola in the US. The Ebola patients that where brought back to the USA, were “cured”. However their liquid waste was not disposed of correctly. In fact, it was dumped into the public sewage. Bodily Fluids are a major reason this virus can spread the way It has. This is a major warning that Ebola could mutate in the sewers and then pop up in the USA.

Something to think about, the Enterovirus-68 that is currently effecting thousands of kids is from sewers, according to a study done in Czechoslovakia. This study was taken in 1972. 2127News reported earlier about how Enterovirus’s had a high concentration in sewage as well. Looking at the outbreak of Enterovirus, and how Ebola victims waste is just simply being dumped in sewers is not good news. This should lead to the possible conclusion of how Ebola could spread in the US.

For more important information please watch Crusders2127 Video below.

According to the CDC website:

“Liquid medical waste such as feces and vomitus can be disposed of in the sanitary sewer following local sewage disposal requirements ( . Care should be taken to avoid splashing when disposing of these materials.”

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